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  1. Funnily enough, I think I might've had the two penguins on the left as a kid, or at least ones that looked very similar. Nice collection!
  2. Hey, so I'm going to try something different here; instead of posting a story one chapter at a time, I'm just going to link to the Google Document and have this open for comments and reviews. So without further ado, let me introduce my latest story... Dark Core: A Hero Factory Story This is an ongoing story I am working on for NaNoWriMo. Today I'm posting the chapter I wrote up last year (although only recently got around to proofreading) but the story has a long way to go, so hopefully I will be able to provide plenty of other updates in the future. And in the meantime... well, the Epic forum is not as flush with activity as it used to be, so let's contribute something to the library! As for the story... in case it wasn't obvious, this will be a bit of a darker take on the Hero Factory story. While I am taking a lot of names and concepts from the original theme, I have reinvented the universe it takes place in to have a darker setting, allowing me to explore some concepts that Lego wouldn't have wanted to. The story will focus on the exploits of the latest crew of recruits, Evo, Nex, and Rocka, and follow them as they journey to become true Heroes. Anyway, feel free to comment here or in the document. And fair warning, it's a lengthy read, as I had to hit 50K words to make it qualify for NaNoWriMo, and I'm hoping to have another 50K finished by the end of this month! Plenty of room to explore this new Hero Factory universe I've put together! Thanks again for stopping by!
  3. The strangest situation I can recall was I was working at a campground and checking in an older couple and somehow referenced BZPower and they knew about the site because their kid was a member. Don't remember all the details of the conversation but it was quite the coincidence. More recently, I had a gas station attendant recognize my Kanohi bumper stickers as Bionicle masks.
  4. If you consider the start of the Internet to be in 1983 (when TCP/IP officially became the standard for connecting computer networks) then one could make the claim that the BZPower forums have existed for over half the lifespan of the Internet.
  5. Almost enough entries for two polls, but not quite. Also surprising how many of these are BioCup MOCs too. A lot of great ones here, very hard to choose. Can't wait to see who pulls out ahead!
  6. xccj

    Green Stuff

    Oh no, you have both a coyote and an owl hanging around in your garden! So dangerous!! Anyway, looks pretty cool. Nice job! Hope you get some big pumpkins!
  7. Of course Andrew has the limited edition recolored set, XD. Hope you enjoyed the build.
  8. End of the month snuck up on me, heh. Well, it's not water themed, but last year I had this idea for the 20th Anniversary of the Rahkshi, so why not.
  9. Oh no, it's already time for this! I have ideas but no idea how to properly make them into reality! 😮 Looking forward to seeing what people submit.
  10. I dunno, at this rate we're potentially looking at a Tahu vs Kopaka showdown with Lhikan as a third wheel. But hey, maybe the numbers will change this time; they already have less of a lead than when I checked this morning.
  11. Ahaha, the Nuva Pens. I don't even remember them being advertised back in 2002, and I was hyper focused on the theme back then. Crazy. They have not been easy to track down. Black Six found Pohatu Nuva at one of the BrickFairs once and I bought it from him, and two years ago Onua Nuva and Kopaka Nuva popped up on Bricklink at fairly expensive prices and like a fool I purchased those too. Still, I've been keeping a tracker on Bricklink for these for almost 10 years now and have hardly gotten any hits. (Although looks like Pohatu, Onua, and Kopaka pens were purchased on Bricklink last December, but that wasn't me. So I guess they do periodically pop up now.) If you can browse thru vendors at Lego conventions, that's probably the best way to locate them. I can think of three or four different occasions when vendors have had Bionicle pens (mostly the Mata, but as I said earlier Black Six found a Nuva). They seem to be a novelty item that most of the fan community didn't pick up back in the day, so hard to tell if a lot of folks have em here still. Best of luck in your hunt for em! (Nope, not selling mine, sorry ) :music:
  12. I mean, not particularly. I got most of the sets when they came out (because who needs any other hobbies in the 2000s?) and the ones I missed out on I'm fine with. And since my sets are parted out for MOCIng, it doesn't really bug me that I don't have a full Mahri collection. I have all 72 masks of the Toa and Turaga (plus gold and silver) which was a huge goal of mine as a kid and I'm super pleased to have pulled it off a decade later. And I have all 144 of the krana. I had started on the Nuva, but I dislike those masks so I gave away most of them a decade ago. The kraata never really interested me either. I do have 12 of the 14 misprints, but the ones I'm missing are so expensive nowadays that I doubt I'll ever get them. I have a handful of prototypes, but it was more fun to spread those out to the community at Conventions. (Even found the original Mata pens so I have those pen masks! Technically only have half the Nuva pens but they're less interesting.) There are other things that I am missing but I'm cool with it at this point. In truth, I'm more interested in current sets (CMFs and Ninjago) to spend much time looking back on Bionicle. I'll buy the occasional piece for MOCing but that's about it. So I'm pretty set with my current Bionicle collection as is.
  13. Very neat. The artwork for Hahli Mahri didn't make her the easiest character to make a mosaic for, but looks like you're getting a good start on it. Hope to see the final design!
  14. Historically, it's been the first option. (With deals like Only Star Wars or Only Ninjago). The GWP will pop into your cart on the website once you've qualified for it, so if you don't see it, then you're probably missing. And if you visit a Lego Brand Retail Store, the employees should be able to help you figure things out.
  15. The Toa were selected as sets, so that's why there are seven different entries for Tahu, and why there's one option that has Lewa vs Lewa. But there's no standard for making the choice; if there's a storyline reason you like one set over the other, that would still be valid.
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