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    Buzz off X3
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    Friendly<br />and just loves to be an <br />artist and hangout with <br />friends.Likes video games etc.<br />Sprite editing artist<br />Base artist<br />and traditional<br />artist as well as a writer.<br />Thats just some info about me.<br /><br />Gonna barely be on BZP anymore.<br />So please pm me if you would like to<br />talk to me. I stop by time after time.<br /><br />Avatar made by: xelloss100<br />Images and character Chanethedemongirl<br />in avatar<br />Sig <br />and photo<br />are copyright and owned by me.<br />Do not use. Additional note:<br />All comics Characters, and stories <br />belong to me. I have official copyrights <br />to all my ChanesComic Series. Do not <br />use any of my OC's or characters or copy <br />re-distrubite my comics anywhere<br />without my say so. Thank you.

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    Not Teeeelllling.:p

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  2. Oh my goodness I remember you. Come baaaack

    1. vataki


      She stopped getting on. I believe I recall her mentioning that she forgot her password, too.

      Idk if you use deviantART, but she still gets on there.

  3. ... hello?... i never get love...

  4. what happened to live comments

  5. Hi X/uploads/emoticons/default_smile.png" /> PARTY TIME!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hopefully you'll be able to fix it :D

  7. I like your mother shes like butter.

  8. Who said I had a laptop? <: i still have a regular comp in my room. the harddrive top just needs to be taken off and need new small fan so it can cool down.>

  9. Your harddrive doesn't fit in your laptop?

  10. I'm doing fine thnx :D nm been going on cept VK & trying to fix my comp XD

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