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    Well, I am an animator and love to draw lots.<br />I like all types of art, and enjoy the expression of Bionicle through it.

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  1. how is your project going?

    (it looks amazing so far)

  2. Thank you for still wishing to see some more 3d art from me. I work on Matoro Inika in my spare time. EDIT: Here's a quick look at his organic kanohi! That mouth is an interesting one to rig. In the set, it is sealed shut. But in my version, it will open up to lip movements as best as I can possibly do with that mask. --Tohkann T.O.A
  3. Inika Matoro is next~ And thank y'all for the nice comments! --Tohkann T.O.A
  4. That is correct. It is the Modeling, texturing, and rigging phase that takes the longest. But once you have done that, you don't have to do it again (except when modeling other characters of course). Animating is my specialty, so that doesn't take much. But then rendering... now that can take long. It all depends on the scene you are trying to render and how many passes you have to go through (diffuse, AO, Alpha, etc). And thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
  5. I'd like to thank BZPower for featuring this on the main page! It has always been a dream of mine to see my artwork featured since I joined this site 10 years ago! So thank you! And thank you all for the lovely comments and support. I am glad that when it comes to voice acting, I can always find a helping hand here. I might add a better look at Mahri-Nui later on. Thank you for also checking out 'The Arrival'. I only really intend to work on the years we didn't get any sort of story animation for those years (2006 - 2008). 2001-2002 had the flash animations and then the Miramax movies came out for 2003-2005. But never say never! I've had requests to see the Toa Mata in movie form. I used 3DS Max for the Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, and animating Matoro. Zbrush for modeling the platform of Mahri Nui, and After Effects for compositing and sound design. Thanks for also checking out my other stuff as well! It took me about 3 months for "The Arrival", and 1 to 2 for "Downfall" --Tohkann T.O.A
  6. Thank you all for the nice comments! I am glad you are enjoying it! I've added some turnaround renders in the main post for a full view of the character -Enjoy! --Tohkann T.O.A
  7. After working on "The Arrival" short, I immediately had many ideas on what to do next. Truly I would love to make a 30-40 min movie of the Toa Inika, but so far I have not yet reached a conclusion on how I will approach attempting that. Instead I decided to create another short in the meantime. The idea for this new animation came about because of my love for the ice toa. Matoro is one of my favorites, if not most favorite ice toa from the original generation. I wanted to create a piece that would highlight what the mood and mystery of the underwater location of Mahri Nui, and incorporate Matoro in it. And since he had a major role to play during this saga, it was a perfect fit. I hope you enjoy my latest video! --- Turnaround Renders Here are some renders of the full character, including his weapons. With these you can now see details on the character that I couldn't fully show off in the animation. Also, If you haven't yet seen the first animation I did with the Miramax style, please see the following link to check it out. Along with turnaround, Toa Jaller Inika, and Toa Hahli Inika renders/screenshots! -Enjoy! --Tohkann T.O.A
  8. Thanks guys! It's nice to see a lot of you are willing to help out providing voices. Yes, it was always a dream of mine to have movies with these already known characters continue on and follow their new adventures. Btw, I began modeling Toa Hahli and rendered some new still frames. The main post has been updated with em'! -Please take a look! --Enjoy
  9. If I began making this into a whole thing, I would change things to make it more accurate to the books. With this short, I was just testing out the waters, based on said scenes, but weaving it together in a matter that would make sense for the short amount of time I had to work with. I appreciate your comment. Thanks you so much. I'm glad people liked it.
  10. Thanks you, to the new people who commented. Oh wow. Awesome. Thank you guys so much for the exposure on this. It's that that will help me see if there is enough suppport to make this into a full length thing.
  11. Thank you all for the nice comments! I'm glad it was nostalgic for you all as it was for me. All by myself looking at various references. Some parts were more difficult to get than others, and some I kinda just had to guess. lol A full turnaround of the Matoran Jaller model has been posted on the main post, so check that out as well!
  12. So for the past few months, to keep it in my head and practice on my 3D modeling/animation skills, I work on a few fun projects on the side. I thought to myself "Why not practice, but also create some cool Bionicle artwork?". Which led me to work on creating MoL / LoM / WoS styled characters! I always wanted to see a movie about the Inika, but unfortunately it was never made. So I decided to make it for myself. With how busy I am, of course I only made a short (lol). This one took me around 2-3 months to make, but I am glad on how it turned out. I actually started everything by creating Matoro Mahri in MoL style. He is fully modeled, rigged and everything! Just need to get some good renders. But the idea of this short (which is focused on Jaller) halted everything else because I wanted to get an animation done first. Look out for Matoro in the near future though! And without further ado, here it is: -Enjoy! --Tohkann T.O.A EDIT: A Turnaround of the Matoran model: EDIT 2: Some more renders I created. These would take place in Karzahni and Voya Nui respectively.
  13. If you take the spaces out of your name, it looks like "toa o farts". Thought you ought to know.

  14. Member name: Tohkann toa of arts Entry image: Link to entry Entry topic: Entry Topic
  15. Here is my entry for the Journey to Netflix Contest. I went with the original Bionicle comic look, but with the new 2015 characters. I hope you all like it! Deviantart link(It is at a higher resolution over here): LINK
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