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  1. And a very merry Christmas to you my fellow member! GAH! Excalibur in your profile pic?! FOOL! XD

  2. Hey, thank you so much for the nice comment! I'm glad you enjoy my series. :)

  3. Oh you mean Nia disappearing and Simon becoming an old lonely bum? :(

  4. No i did not. Nice fun fact! Why was the ending bittersweet?

  5. I know right?! The Anti-spirals stood no chance against Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann! XD.

  6. See Gurren Lagann? you're telling ME to watch it? haha. I'll have you know GL is one of my favorite anime's ever!! Orewo dareda to omotte yagaru?!! XD

  7. Hey your inbox is full so I can't send you the info. -Thanks

    --Tohkann T.O.A

  8. Happy B-day dude! Sorry im a bit o' hours late ;)

  9. Hey your Pm inbox is full again. empty it a bit eh? XP

  10. Thanks. I was actually suprised how it turned out myself. :)

  11. Cool. It seems your a Tsubasa fan. I had just started to watch it yesterday. Im on episode 3 currently. Seems like a good series :)

  12. YAY its Barry! Oneof my favorite characters in FMA:D

  13. Hey, clear your inbox so I can send you the BRC script for ep 4.

  14. Kurotsu-taicho! :o What happened to your memories? lol if you know what im talking about

  15. Just send me a link to it via a PM.

    Thanks in advance! :D

  16. I can't find the short ver. either. Just send me the full one. I'll edit it.

  17. Yes, actually I just finished watching the lastest episode of the arrancar arc(Jap w/ eng subs) and now they are planning to do another filler T-T

  18. Yes im a major Bleach fan! In fact, u & I have many things we like in common: Terminator, Zelda, KH, The office, Heroes, etc. lolz :D

  19. "Itsugo!"

    lol, Neliel is the best.

    Nice av!


    ...arg sorry im late! Had a busy day yesterday.

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