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  • Birthday 08/25/1993

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    .... Deep south?
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    Comic making, spriting, writing, etc.
    You can find me over Xbox Live playing Halo 3, and starting September 14, Halo Reach. My GT is NotoriousVen.
    I own an electric guitar, and I'm pretty decent with it.
    I've collected BIONICLE sets since 03, along with Transformers, Halo figures, and what ever else that's cool that may cost a fortune someday.

    Venom is my favorite comic book villain. (Even though he's actually labeled 'Anti-Hero'.)

    Transformers is awesome. I loved all three movies, even though the second one was close to fail.

    I like Linkin Park. They're my favorite band, mostly for the reason that they're moving to a much more distinctive sound. Which I like.
    I'm into rock in general, and I'll also listen to other bands of course such as Foo Fighters, A Day To Remember, Three Days Grace, Guns N' Roses, Bon Jovi, etc.

    I don't get mad too easily on the internet. (It's the internet, lol) Though I can get annoyed.

    Making comics is to be done for the heck of it. To express your creativity. Not to make yourself some kind of popularity-magnet which alot of BZP members, mostly new comic makers, mistaken it to be.

    Spriting is another hobby of mine, and I have my own sprite kit known as The Acer Kit. I occasionally sprite other things, such as fan-work for the RZ kit or Rayg Kit, and at times I'd work on Transformer sprites.

    I'm currently working on my 3 (Almost 4) year old comic series V.3.
    I've made comics on BZP since 2006, with my first series called The Venom Chronicles.
    I closed it in 2008, and started ~V.3~ shortly after. (Called ~V~ at the time.)
    I've made comics off of BZP since 2004, for a different forum, and they failed. So yeah.

    The Editorialist inspired me to make comics on BZP.
    And so here I am. Just doing my thing.

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    None. Mwahahaha!

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