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  1. The life jacket makes for some really nice color layering on the second one—and I do love the teal. Is that ... Galidor? Mad props if so. The whole foot-less aesthetic has always intrigued me, though I can't say I understand it.
  2. If Lego decides to bring it back, for sure they'll go with another generation. If you're asking about a fan-driven reboot, it seems that we're all pretty comfortable working in the universes already created (or alternative versions of them), so pulling in the same direction for an unofficial G3 would be worse than herding cats.
  3. I still think of you every time I see a teal piece.

  4. Yooo S-Dawg! What's up?

  5. I made it up when I was eight years old for my first MOC. My second MOC was a "Toa of Sushi," so I kinda dodged a bullet there.
  6. You've managed to recontextualize a happy-go-lucky smile into the grimace of someone paralyzed in the kind of nightmare where you can only use your eyes to cry for help, and I'm not entirely sure how to feel about that
  7. If only the rubber band holders' gray were the same as the rest of the gray ... nice work on using those, by the way. They make neat landing gear. Love seeing Mata torsos getting some love too, as in the second one.
  8. Frankly it's just nice to still have forums somewhere on the Internet. I miss forums. Can we sacrifice social media to have more of these? The BZP heyday was something to behold. EDIT: Holy moly I've been on this site for over 13 years. That's over half my life
  9. Oh man there was this one comedy that just ... blew up. It was at the top of the hot topics list for weeks, if not months. All I remember is the premise that various characters were working at a McDonald's. Can't for the life of me remember the name of it, other than that it got shut down very suddenly one day.
  10. The more hindsight I have, the more I've gained a distaste for the Piraka. I don't mind prefab torsos and the Inika torso is incredibly versatile, but the Piraka torso is hard to use, doesn't have many connection points, juts out at weird angles in certain places, and largely only came in metallic colors, which limits it use in MOCing. The spines were a neat idea but limited arm and head poses, the big feet on half of them were just odd, and why did they have to have arms of two different sizes? Is there some T-Rex blood in their families? Plus Avak's head never worked right and that always upset me.
  11. Have we considered the possibility that the Piraka themselves wrote and recorded it
  12. Sumiki

    My grandmother

    My grandmother died this morning at the age of 77. Words can’t even begin to describe the misery she went through in the past several years of her life. Her immense medical record was just about as long as the list of doctors who were mortified at the prospect of having to navigate the murky medical waters of a woman who, by all rights, should have been dead five times over. Between her assisted living facility, the various wards of the hospital, and rehab facilities spanning across several counties, she was a threat to sap the combined medical resources of the greater Charlotte area. 77 is not an old age, but aside from her thinning, yet stubbornly black hair, her body might as well have been 97. I don’t know, at this point, what finally did her in, but I can venture a guess that it’s something to do with the all-too-uncommon perils of someone with her comorbidities: her stage 2 kidney failure prevented her from taking the full dose of diuretics necessary to get the inevitable fluid buildup away from her heart and lungs, while her stage 3/borderline stage 4 heart failure had a hard time keeping up with the volume overload. People in her condition walk a thinner and thinner tightrope until they (or their loved ones) are forced into choosing death by kidney failure or death by heart failure. It was getting to a point where we would have been forced into making a difficult decision on her behalf. While she never suffered from any sort of neurological conditions (other than lifelong anxiety and depression), she was so tired—especially in the final months—that she could barely lift up her head, and her generally high creatinine levels (a byproduct of kidney failure) led to many a moment when the vivid imagination of her dreams got to her in her few remaining waking hours. She would have been in no condition to weigh the awful choice which was coming her way; a nursing home would have been the next step, and that process would have been an unimaginable emotional anguish for everyone involved. Her passing, while undeniably sad, is a weight lifted. Her condition would have killed a lesser person, and her life is a testament to a strength of willpower so strong that the rest of us would do well for ourselves in life if we had the tiniest fraction of hers. You often hear about deaths like this being sad, but not too sad, because they’re “expected.” As cliché as that might be, I can attest to its accuracy, having seen her on her deathbed on multiple occasions within the past several years. It was hard on those occasions because we grieved her passing and got through the emotions associated with such a loss, only for her to pull out and get through another two years. Even towards the end, she had good days, good weeks, and even good months. She found as much joy as possible in the little pleasures and comforts still available to her—watching the livestream of my graduation, hosting her bridge club for the final time—up through May. When it became clear that her body wouldn’t get back to the quality of life she once enjoyed, it shut down for good; that fight to get to the next goal, the next thing-she-was-looking-forward-to, just wasn’t there this time. If there’s anyone who taught me perseverance in the face of adversity, it’s her, and I hope that I can follow her example for the rest of my life.
  13. Despite not having tradition features, this guy's got a lot in the way of character and expression! Would you consider adding a few more touches of chrome here and there to complement the metal of the spring in the middle of his torso? It's the only thing that stands out, and even then it's very minor.
  14. Matthew Ewald is too good for this world, too pure
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