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  1. IC: Ahri - Oki Village The sole male in the group of misfits occupied himself while everyone else got ready by finding a suitable place for Raika to rest; someplace shaded, but also visible enough from the beach. After he had gently laid down Raika, Ahri wandered closer to the shore near the capsized vessel they were salvaging, stretching; even using Mindarm in concert with the others, lifting an entire waterlogged boat was still quite a feat. Waiting on the dock, Ahri began deep breathing to center himself; he didn't want to tire himself out. OOC: @The UltimoScorp @ARROW404 @Click @Lady Takanuva
  2. IC: Casanuva - The Capella, Ko-Koro "Well it's a good thing I trust my team. Sounds pretty lonely." He glanced aside at his water, thinking about Skorm and Cyrix. Did he trust them? Skorm, he could say that he did - now. They may have had their personal falling outs, but now, and before they came to this island, he'd still trust Skorm with his back. But what about Cyrix? Skorm trusted him, which after what Skorm went through, said a lot. He had been a ghost, but he looked out for them. "I'll check in now and then. If you're even half as good as an elementalist than you are at moralizing, you'll be able to find me too. But I'm normally at the Kalta Armory; if you get within a hundred meters of the place, I will find you. We don't appreciate people working behind our backs; if you ever want to share information with us on the level, talk to me at the Armory. There's no reason for us to be enemies, and many for us to be friends; I could even help you with that axe of yours," Casanuva said, gesturing with his half-full water glass. "But yeah, we're done for now." OOC: @a goose
  3. IC: Casanuva - The Capella, Ko-Koro For the first time, Casanuva let his gaze harden; the smile remained, but it was the smirk of one whose patience was wearing thin. "Me, personally? I'd track him back, but only if I wanted to keep messing around. We're new to the island. We only showed up a few weeks, maybe a month before Ko-Koro was taken. We were scattered across the island; Kalyss briefly visited Po-Koro before heading to Ga after that big sandstorm. Vakua played music at the Great Takea; I had a few friends in Ta-Koro that helped me forge some specialized mechanical pieces for my sword Ferrite. You pretend you have your mysterious foreigners with an agenda. For the most part, the people of Mata Nui welcomed us as their own, and we saw first-hand what happened to Ko-Koro. We were on the walls when the Maru were running the hostages out, we were infiltrating on our own, and we were treating the wounded that had to be medevaced. We volunteered our service to help this Koro. Me personally? I just want to live my life, serve my Duty, and protect the people I love." Casanuva leaned back in the stool and drank more of the water, letting the coldness of the liquid going down his throat calm him down. "Make all the accusations you want; Cyrix told me you're working on behalf of Akiri Renaka." He lowered his voice, leaning in slightly. "You're investigating something that's on the Kalta's personal list of #### to sort out; most information we have about Antidermis that isn't eyewitness observations of whatever jacked-up abilities its users have came from us. It's a personal black eye and bloody nose for us. And instead of approaching us like a reasonable person to share resources, you snoop around, prying into information that's sensitive. Not in the security sense, but in the 'people we know died' sense. And now, you accuse me, my brothers and sisters, of being secret police, for trying to know what's going on in our backyard, concerning us." The smile dropped. "But maybe that's what I'd expect from someone that left their team." OOC: @Goose
  4. IC: Casanuva - The Capella, Ko-Koro His smile lessened, becoming more wry. "Don't get me wrong, I was against the mandatory militia training. Practically, I don't think its necessary; Legacy isn't going to make another hit on the Koro this soon after we beat them back, we're ready without a citizen militia, and the Koros are keeping clear lines of communication. Plus, y'know, the Kalta, but I'm a biased source." The smile crept back. "We work for Ko-Koro, and yes, we work for Tarkhan. Aelied is a stubborn old oak and didn't want us integrated into the Sanctum Guard, but we train with them, I've made them new toa tools, and right now, a brother and sister are on a mission in the Dark Walks for them. But if Tarkahn needs to send someone to another Koro to get something done, escort someone, he can send us; we're more comfortable working outside the Koro, and we look better doing it." He finished by taking a drink from the glass of water; midway through, his index finger on the glass pointed at Muir, as he thought of something else. "Karz, you wanna get on us for being unelected public representatives? Talk to Reordin, if you can find him. My workshop has a listed address, and Tarkahn was elected; if he leaves office, the Kalta go back to being independent if his successor doesn't see the need for the us to serve Ko-Koro. Reordin is all those things you described us as, except he has a bigger body count of bad guys." OOC: @Goose
  5. IC: Hanaloi Hambra took the canteen back, taking her own swig. She'd miss the Hanaloi spring water; it was a curious thing to miss, out of all she had lost, and yet more she had yet to bid farewell to. "Please, Koshi Zrupgar; we have let our own paranoia isolate us from our true kin. Say your piece, we will listen. Somei continued with her work coaxing a twisted form of animation back into the castle's carvings. Once, the halls had been tastefully subdued, imitating the Gardens of Sado or views of an idealized ocean. Some of these returned, but were twisted and darkened with Zataka's vision of what an idealized Kentoku looked like. Others were replaced by an oppressive darkness. The castle represented something of the past; she would remake it into something of the future. OOC: @Goose @Nato G @Mel
  6. IC: Casanuva - The Capella, Ko-Koro "Oh, the best thing to discuss over drinks!" Laughing, Casanuva finished his glass. Clearly the man had ideals, and Casanuva found that reassuring. Shame those ideals seemed to have been inscribed on a wooden rod and shoved up somewhere darker than Mangaia. "Yes and no; no, I haven't involved myself with the politics of Mata Nui since I got here. I'm a work hard, play hard kinda guy; I wanted to enjoy my time before Aelied brought us back together, so I traveled, but aside from a brief meeting with Akiri Jaller, I mostly kept clear. Currently, I work on behalf of Ko-Koro, so I have a vested interest in making sure the citizens here are safe and happy. I don't much care who is in charge, as long as we can all get together. If you want local politics, go talk to Vakua; otherwise, my biggest area of concern other than my duty is how we're going to handle the Dasaka that are coming in. You could say I have a vested interest." The bartender took the blue-armored Fa-Toa's glass; Casanuva motioned to not refill, and instead the bartender poured the Toa a glass of purified snowmelt water. "Why do you ask?" OOC: @Goose
  7. IC: Casanuva - The Capella, Ko-Koro Smiling back and chuckling, Casanuva sipped his own martini. So this was how he wanted to play it. "I suppose everybody sees what they want to see; I rather appreciate the minimalism; people are here to do what they need to do. Too few places encourage introspection; I've stayed at all the major Koros except for Po-Koro. If I'd came here as a matoran, I'd have settled in Ga or Ta. I loved the nightlife by the water, and the technological and metallurgical developments in Ta-Koro would have been great for my career. But as a Toa? I can respect a little peace... and privacy. But that's not for everyone." Another sip from the drink, not breaking eye contact with Muir until he was finished. "Muir, that theory of yours. How do the ####ters in Po-Koro adapt? You'd know more than I." OOC: @Goose
  8. IC: Kalyss - Ko-Koro, Sanctum The citizens of Ko-Koro gave the pair a wide berth as Kalyss and her guest made their way to the Sanctum. With one glance back to where Casanuva had been staking out, Kalyss led the way. The creature was bizarre; closer to a rahi than a matoran in form, but Kaminari obviously possessed reasoning skills. Even if one might say they were lacking compared to a matoran, or at the very lease, maladjusted. A few quick words to the guards at the Sanctum cleared both of them for entry. "The Sanctum; formerly a temple, but now the administrative, military, and spiritual center of Ko-Koro. I can get us into the Archives, unless you would like to check out the Wall of Prophecy first. Be sure to keep your voice down; in addition to some de-matoran working inside, it is still an important temple." OOC: @Snelly IC: Casanuva - The Capella, Ko-Koro A crooked smile crept onto the blue-armored Fa-Toa. "Well, I wasn't exactly following you, I was keeping an eye on you; Cyrix asked me to, in case you needed anything else, or to help if you ran into any trouble." Casanuva sipped his martini. "I picked your magnetic field before you left the Wise Man's Archive, and kept an eye on it. When I saw that you were on your way to meet me, I decided to get out of the snow." He set down the still mostly full martini. Muir still wasn't using his mask; good, keep it conversational. "How is our fine Koro treating you, may I ask? What do you think of it?" OOC: @Goose
  9. IC: Casanuva - The Capella, Ko-Koro Once Muirtagh's magnetic field became fainter and began to approach Casanuva, he had decided to switch tactics. Getting out of the soon to be snowy streets, he had taken up at the bar at one of the restaurants that he had herd Skorm and Zueya recommend before they went off into the Dark Walk. He had taken up a post at the corner of the bar; it was off peak hours, so there were only a few locals and out-of-towners eating, mostly holding business meetings. He had relinquished Ferrite, which was held in a coat closet near the servers area; it wasn't locked, so it was only a few seconds away. And as much as the Fa-Toa admired the idea that Toa Tools were defensive tools, he knew that many were deadly weapons first, elemental aids second. He liked to think that Ferrite was a closer mix, but it was definitely on the "kill things dead" end of the spectrum. It was only slightly more of an inconvenience than pulling it from his back, really. The local magnetic field shifted; too big to be a fa-matoran. The bartender, a well-dressed ko-matoran, handed Casanuva a martini in a crystal glass; just in time. "Toa Casanuva, I presume?" The Toa Kalta turned and smiled, sizing up the other Fa-Toa in a quick instance while he sipped the martini. Armor was slightly more weatherworn, slightly short, but what he had was put together well. "Lawyer Muirtagh! Please, just Cas. I was worried I'd be weathering the storm alone; come, sit. Whatever you drink up in Po-Koro, they probably have it here." OOC: @Goose
  10. IC: Ahri - Oki Village Outskirts The Mashtet paused and turned back to Yuna. "Good point. I suppose Raika can grab some sleep at the village; there are enough abandoned dwellings. I should be able to help after I tuck this one in." He adjusted Raika to a more comfortable position, glancing at Yoka. "I don't think I got your discipline, Yoka. Sure would be easier with three of us." OOC: @Lady Takanuva @The UltimoScorp @Click @ARROW404
  11. IC: Casanuva & Cyrix - Upper Ko-Koro Screwing the cap back onto his thermos, Casanuva glanced away from the distant building he had been observing towards the Ko-Koro gates; there was a snowfall coming in. He distantly saw two toa exit the building before disappearing from sight into an alley. However, the magnetic signature of one of them lingered; for whatever reason, they weren't moving. Casanuva sensed Cyrix approach before the sneak uncloaked. More precisely, he sensed the tracking magnets he had given him. "All's well that ends well?" Despite his footprints being visible, the clouds obscured Cyrix's shadow and there was no crunching of snow beneath his feet; a vague shimmer was all the evidence that someone was there until the Le-Toa deactivated his Volitak. "Possibly. The two are Syzygos and Muirtagh; the latter is a lawyer from Po-Koro investigating antidermis on behalf of the Akiri there." Cyrix fished the tracking magnets out from under his vambrace and tossed them back to their owner. The other Toa Kalta raised his hand, but instead of catching them the pair flew to a spot on his belt alongside several others. "He the Fa-Toa?" Cyrix nodded, looking at the Wise Man's Archive in the distance, fading from view in the flurries of snow. "I don't know if he clocked your tracks; I'm going to assume he did. How did you know he was a Fa-Toa?" "C'mon Cyrix, give me some credit." Casanuva flashed a wry smile. "I'm not just a pretty mask; I was sensing out the whole building to keep an eye out for a signal; he did something in the back room, not big, but it wasn't some dinky compass. As long as I don't lose the signature, I could keep an eye on his location from afar." Cyrix narrowed his eyes. "They already know I was onto Syzygos. Does this go both ways? Could he track you?" The blue-masked Toa shrugged. "Depends on him. He might sense he's being watched, but if he can trace it back depends on how good he is with magnetolocation." He glanced back at across the Koro, pausing before looking back. "If they're investigating Antidermis, shouldn't we be helping them?" A biting wind picked up, and Cyrix adjusted his scarf. "They were asking about Skorm. I told them what we knew, but I have a hunch they didn't tell us everything. They knew I had been looking into them, too; track Muir. Try to avoid direct confrontation, but knowing we're keeping an eye on him will send a message that we're not ignoring Po-Koro acting surreptitiously. "You didn't answer my question." The smile was gone by now. He wasn't frowning, but he looked skeptical. "If they're looking into Antidermis, they could find something that could help Soraph." Cyrix rolled his eyes; he had to report to Aelied, he didn't have time for this. "Command code Merceon. Authorization: Cyrix." Casanuva stood in the cold; for a moment, even his autonomous instinct to shiver was gone. His eyes were dull and motionless. After several seconds, the Fa-Toa moved again, a twitch of his fingers. His eyes rolled until they locked on the smaller Le-Toa. "What?" Same voice, but at a lower register. "They're looking into Antidermis. Even if they're the good guys, Skorm is off in the Dark Walk; the only other eye-witness to its effects is loverboy's comatose girlfriend; in fact, its in a convenient flesh sack fused to her spine. They could hurt Soraph. Casanuva needs to think its his idea to keep an eye on the lawyer." The Fa-Toa nodded slowly, taking the time to consider the information and internalize it. "Protect Soraph. Won't be hard." "Attaboy. End command, authorization: Cyrix." He looked away as Casanuva came out of the stupor induced by switching personalities. He hated watching them come out of it. Casanuva blinked a few times before he looked back at Cyrix as if nothing had happened. "You're right. And if they're asking into Skorm, they might be interested in Soraph; they might take the parasite on her spine." "I hadn't thought of that," Cyrix lied. "I don't think they'd escalate to that level, but I can't get a read on these guys. Anyway, stay warm; I'm gonna go report to Aelied. What happened to Kalyss?" He had noted her absence, but because she had been simple back-up, he had assumed she was off getting food or taking a break." Focusing his senses outward, Casanuva reacquired Muirtagh's magnetic field. "There was a dragon; she went to handle it. I haven't seen a signal, so I'm going to assume it went well. Maybe she fed it her soup." Cyrix stared in silence before massaging his temple. "This ####ing island..." OOC: @Goose
  12. IC: Ahri - Oki Village Outskirts Ahri foisted the gently snoring Raika into a better position to carry. "Yuna can show you the ship, I need to take Raika back to the camp." His voice was soft to avoid waking the sleeping Menti. "Yoka, are you checking out the boat as well, or do you want to come back to the camp?" OOC: @Lady Takanuva @The UltimoScorp @Click @ARROW404 IC: Askha - Hanaloi Cove In the dark, Askha had to rely on the lightstone lanterns the Saihoko crew of the ship used; the sailor's masks seemed unblemished by Zataka's corruption, though Askha was down an eye at the moment; the pain of cutting her mask plus the viscera blotted out the vision in her eye. .:Hey! Any of y'all seen one of these slug things?:. Accompanying the Ideatalk were images of the creatures leaping from the trees. The Saihoko on board stirred from their work, looking between each other and up the cliff at the returning Menti. One, the watchwoman, shrugged and shook her head. Askha glanced to Fanai. Besides the sea life, the only minds present down below were those of the Saihoko. OOC: @Mel
  13. IC: Vakua - Ko-Koro Sanctum, Akiri's Office The De-Toa coughed, clearing his throat as though he were about to talk. It was a quiet sound, but it overcame the small office; possibly because all other sounds were drowned out; matoran walking in the hallway, the wind outside, the hiss of Tarkahn's disassembled machinery, for a moment it was gone, replaced with an expansive stillness. Slowly, the quiet background noise returned, becoming a dull roar in comparison. "I trust the Dasaka," Vakua signed, spelling the foreign term phonetically, "Out of all of us, I've been direct mind-to-mind communication with several of them. Individually, they're not so different than us; I think we need to treat them in equal measure as long as they remain our guests. Instead, we should reserve our worries for the Makuta." He of course hadn't been on Mata Nui the last time the Rahkshi tore across the island, but unlike any of the other Kalta, he had seen the memories of those who had; madness and cruelty beyond measure. Even in the relative warmth of Tarkahn's office in his cold weather gear, the thought of touching the wretched mind of one of the beasts almost made him shiver. OOC: @Visaru @Haman Karn: A Magical Girl @The UltimoScorp
  14. IC: Mashtet Fortress, Hanaloi Somei leaned on her staff, smiling at Vazaria. "Askha, my niece, in another life. She was stubborn and determined, yes, but she is foremost a survivor. If the others are fleeing the island, she will follow for now. The burning of Hanaloi will likely steel her even more; if she lives, she will return eventually. But she lived for years as an itinerant mercenary; neither defeat nor biding her time are new to her." She watched Falki head for the well. "If the forest on the island is to be burnt, then we should perhaps attempt to collect or recall the kraata that have dispersed into the island; I assume it was a part of why you and Caana were sent;" The infected Datsue lent the inflection of a concerned elder to her voice. "it would be a shame to lose our mistress's favor so soon, wouldn't it?" The blue-armored rahkshi met Falki, letting the dashi climb down first before joining them. It went about its task with no sign of being in battle, save a few marks on its carapace; not worth visiting the healer yet, apparently. Beneath the well, the heat hit the infected Taajar just as it had Vazaria; fortunately, this time the obstacles had already been cleared. The humid air of the well gave way to crushing, dry heat as the corpse-strewn tunnels led to the ancient storage room. OOC: @Nato G @Mel IC: Hambra/Kaazi - Kaazi Encampment, East Hanaloi The Kaazi encampment was perilously close to the edge of the island; still, the Kaazi seemed to make up for it with tents and hammocks double-stacked between the dense trees. No action was taken against the Kuychar as they approached, but a tribeswoman approached and the Koshi Zrupgar at the camp let her pass; a woodworker, by her garb and tools. "What makes you think we want to go with you mainlanders? Because you claim to be kin? You took your path generations ago, and we took ours. This island is our home still." "Imilshka, we need to swallow our pride." While Hambra's deep voice was soft, it carried over the camp. "Everyone, pack what you can, if you can't carry it, then leave it to the forest." The woodworker stepped back as her Jahagir and Lana rejoined them. "Riko is gone?" Hambra used her staff as the basis for wrapping several bundles of food, tying the bags of cloth to each end and hefting the makeshift carrying stick onto her shoulders. "Gravely wounded, in the care of the Mainlander expedition. Among them is the last Mashtet; she absolved us of our duties to this island. In ages past, we cut loose our burdens and fled destruction to this island; today, we do the same." Hambra turned to Semraed and dropped to a knee, offering a canteen. "And if the mainlanders don't like it, they'll just have to deal with it. Once you're ready, take us to your people." OOC: @Mel IC: Askha - Hanaloi North Forest The expedition's journey back to the Dastana ship was uncharacteristically silent, save for the occasional ringing of a distant Koshi; something had them disturbed. Askha caught up with Dastana Mari, lifting Riko's body with her mindarm. She was beginning to feel herself wear thin, but she'd be gone soon. After you failed. "Mari, this isn't what either of us wanted out of this expedition, but we were bushwacked with a bunch of new things. Those slugs? Larval rahkshi, or whatever they are? They're not as dangerous as the demons, but they have weird powers too, and can... infect us. The rogue Menti I fought, her mask was pitted and rusty. She might have been infected, but the one Hambra fought wasn't; Zataka isn't just trying to kill all of us; she's recruiting, and those slugs are part of it. A couple of those get snuck into Sado, with how packed it's getting? We need to warn your Empress." The group came to the ridge overlooking the cove; Askha let out a breath she didn't know she'd been holding. The ship was still there, and the Saihoko appeared unarmed. Askha turned to Mari, remembering Hambra's words. "We need to sail around the island to the Taajar camps on the south shore. Between our ship and their canoes, we might be able to get all of us off this island." Run away again. OOC: @Mel IC: Ahri - Oki Village The Mashtet took Raika from Mitsuri, more easily holding the waif. "I was... well, I'm pretty sure... I was fighting a Willhammer... my wife, Toroshu Kaetyo, in our home on Hanaloi. She must have done something to my mind; Raika fished me out of the ocean, and I don't know how long it's been. It was before these attacks. I was-" The pounding at his temples escalating into stabbing pain, and Ahri stumbled before stopping to regain his footing. "Other things are fuzzy too. But Raika needs help first." OOC: @ARROW404 @Lady Takanuva @The UltimoScorp @Click IC: Sydelia - Gardens, Sado The Sighteye watched the stranger go, smiling slightly. She fiddled with her sarong; it had been such a long time since she had been invited to dinner, and never by a man. She would need to clean herself up, or as much as she could in this crisis, anyway. "Sydelia!" A Datsue that she worked with, one of the other healers. "You're still on shift." True enough. Most of her patients were stable at least, and the few followups didn't require much more than a light touch of her Sana; most of those in pain were able to go back to sleep after Sydelia shared some memories of downers with them. She thanked Zuto Nui she wasn't a nurse, and could leave the act of feeding and cleaning the sick and wounded to her assistants. She wasn't built for that work. Meeting with the apothecary, she gave them some of the stranger's herbs, and they started brewing what was hopefully an antidote for the survivors of one of the rahkshi poison attacks. As the sun began to set, Sydelia's shift ended, and she was able to bathe in the one of the palace changing rooms. The healers were able to keep clean and hygienic; it also meant that she was in the minority that could easily clean up. Afterwards, she slunk back to her apartment; she was barely here. She shared it with another healer, one of the few Umbralines that had not followed the former empress on her exodus. However, they worked different shifts, and her roommate had already left to cover the night shift. She hoped there wouldn't be another attack, or people would wonder where she was when she was called in. Sydelia lit the lightstone; it was beginning to fade and was cracked, but it was all she had. Humming a tune from her childhood, the Fursic changed into a lighter red wrap-around that did not smell of medicine and blood and pulled out her meager box of makeup, stooping to see herself in the dashi-height mirror. She used her Sighteye to envision how she wanted herself to look; light eyeliner and winged tips on her mask, some natural blue lipstick, with a few tasteful red marks; she was a Fursic after all. She finished it with a few drops of perfume; just enough to smell nice while suppressing the field hospital smell that clung to her. 'Last summer's best-rated saké brewery ten years running,' the man had said. Sydelia knew just the place, the Fursic courtiers in Sado had sometimes held events there when wishing to avoid the palace. Taking her satchel and cane, Sydelia was able to make it there shortly after the sun came down. She forced herself to remain wary; Sado wasn't the same as it used to be. Hopefully the stranger could be trusted and would show himself... then the fun part of the night could begin. OOC: @Umbraline Yumiwa
  15. IC: Somei (Mashtet Fortress, Hanaloi) Somei's attention was drawn to one of the slugs, slithering near her, and invited it onto her arm. She marveled at it. "Kraata," she said, knowing its name now. "Divine creatures, aren't they?" Something inspired her. She brushed her free hand along the wall; the fading illusion was a stylized beach and sunset. Inky shadow spread from her fingertips; the wooden panel walls became worked stone and obsidian. "Though if I may offer a correction... yes, the Empire came for lumber to build their ships. Elements of both Plangori and Dastana, supported by Mashtet survivors, but helping the Empire was a secondary concern for us." Somei joined the two Dasaka, letting off the kraata. "Askha and I came to reclaim this fortress and use it to rebuild, to drag Clan Mashtet back from death; to reunite with their old allies the Kaazi, use the spy stations here to monitor what cannot be seen from Sado." The infected Datsue smiled wryly. "It is safe to say that plan is dashed. But your plan... is exquisite. I can taste the pain I would feel. But further, there may be an advantage keeping this fortress; such a blow to the Dasaka's morale... throngs would abandon the new Empress to serve Zataka. Her seat of power on Mount Koshiki speaks of her power, but is fit for a goddess and her sons, not for those enlightened to follow her." OOC: @Mel @Nato G @Goose IC: North Hanaloi Forest Askha clutched at her mask; her eye was thankfully still there, but the pain of her cut mask nearly cut out her sight anyway .:Yeah, falling back to the ship. I won't object to that. I need to-:. She took a moment to play back Fanai's Ideatalk in her mind, the sensations. .:But... we don't know... how...:. The Ideatalk came as fast as her mind grappled with this news. She had failed to protect her family. Again. She wanted to curl up and be done with it all, but something inside her told her: get up, survive now, mourn later. Don't trip over the lost when saving the living. She followed one of the Kaazi scouts and came upon Hambra, who was watching over the limp form of Riko; the Zrupgar was still breathing for now, but it was slow. "Hambra, she needs to be treated at Sado." The hulking Taajar did not look up at Askha. "I know." "I... don't know how safe Hanaloi is anymore." "Hanaloi is our home, Mashtet." Askha was expecting insults, biting comments that she was running again. "It's mine too. But from where we were half an hour ago, we are down a few and they got reinforcements; those slug things, they are dangerous, and people are defecting, willingly or... not." Her mask crumpled as she stifled a wave of tears. "If you want it official, fine. My mother's dead, and since I'm the last Mashtet to claim it, that makes me Toroshu. Now and forever, I dissolve the Kaazi Tribe's duties on Hanaloi; you're no longer bound to the island, or our agreements." The Jahagir silently considered Askha's words. Hambra gingerly picked up the unconscious Riko and offered the form to Askha. "Take her; when you are all back at your ship, sail to the south edge of the island. I'm going to take the Kaazi and meet up with our Kuychar cousins; hopefully, I can convince them we all need to leave." She backed away into the undergrowth, letting out a low but loud whistle; gathering the scouts to return home. "Good luck, Askha. Be careful." She left,and aside from the crunching of brush as scouts followed, the forest was silent. No rahi, not even insect calls OOC: @Mel Hambra to the Kaazi camp, Askha (carrying Riko) regrouping with the others to make for the Dastana's boat.
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