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  1. IC: Raiko - Docks Raiko's mask flushed. "Uh, yes ma'am. I mean, no, I-I mean... I'll go get us a cart." With a curt bow, she pivoted on her heel and started weaving through the crowd towards land. It struck her that this wasn't just an elaborate dock; she was in Ga-Koro, where all these strange beings lived, and she still wasn't on solid land. The Dashi clung her bag to her bag, feeling the subtle outline of the cleaver she had inside it. It was a small and empty measure of comfort, but she felt slightly safer in the crowds. Her feet sunk into the sand on the beach, and she felt a weight on her shoulders lift. The first time on actual solid land since she left Sado. The forest, distant due to the development along the coast and strange as it was, seemed to be calling her; its similarities to Oki were comforting, its exoticness alluring. But Raiko didn't let herself get distracted for longer than a moment; she had a shaky grasp of the round script the Matoran used, but fortunately, a pictogram of the crab... service? pointed the way. "Excuse me," Raika said to the attendant dark-colored matoran, "I need to book passage. For... four? To Ko-Koro." The onu-matoran glanced her over. "You're one of the Dasaka. Whatcha got to pay?" The Vilda dug out an Imperial Dragon from her satchel. "Two of these each?" The Ussal tender took out a lightstone and held the coin in front of it, examining its facets. "I guess that sounds fair, I was going to take some cargo to Onu-Koro anyway, its a different tunnel." Shortly after, Raika had stored her sparse luggage with the Ussal crabs and made her way back to the elders. "I'll take your bags, Toroshu." OOC: @Mel @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva) @Geardirector
  2. IC: Sydelia - Sado She had ordered a salad and a light drink; for all her other vices, she did not much enjoy alcohol, and she did not want a hangover or a stomacheache when she returned for her next shift. And don't forget that you'd probably be saving a life, that too, Sydelia. She flashed a smile. "Of course!" She felt a strange thrill, and slight dread, at letting an admittedly cute stranger into her mind. Fortunately, she wasn't a stranger herself to these kind of meetings. She hadn't said a word; only continued to nibble on her salad, watching the male's face. She let her Sighteye do the talking. OOC: @EmperorWhenua IC: Ahri - Oki Coastline The coastal breeze was invigorating, and with the rush from Mindarm and the breeze, Ahri almost forgot the circumstances he was stuck in. He looked over the boat, and at Yuna inspecting it. "You know, we're going to need lumber either way, plus extra. I'm going to go get some of the more able refugees and organize some teams. Need anything else from the camp, Yuna?" OOC: @Click @ARROW404 @Lady Takanuva @The UltimoScorp
  3. IC: Raiyo (Ga-Koro Docks) Nearby on the docks, Vilda Raiyo turned her head, her travelling shawl clinging to her as she brushed through the crowd towards the three elders. "Um... Excuse me, Datsue Mako, Datsue Pradhai?" She offered a customary curtsy. She hadn't known Mako by much more than reputation back in Kentoku, he was gone enough from the Vilda seat of power. Pradhai, though, was a rare sight. They were together with one of the Mata Nui Datsue. "Is it true? Are you heading to Ko-Koro?" Hopefully Ko-Koro and Onu-Koro were near each other. OOC: @Geardirector @Mel @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)
  4. IC: Somei - Mashtet Fortress "You may find our observatory to the north; by flight, it is the tallest tree you will find, near to where our forces first met." Somei hobbled up to Vazaria, offering her a pair of kraata, the color of embers and blackened soot, the other an evolved green and blue. "Forest fires were a danger that always loomed, but the Fursic had tried to set fires before; we were able to limit it by controlling where it could spread and start. What we feared was a skystrike of lightning; sudden, uncontrollable, and it could happen anywhere." "This one will set fires, but this one," she said as she picked up the green and blue kraata by its midsection, "is an energetic little one. It's lightning will catch multiple parts of a single tree, or multiple trees close together. Ideal for your purposes... that is, if you are fast enough." The datsue smiled as the creatures crawled onto Vazaria. "But you are a champion of Zataka, so I have no doubt of your success." OOC: @Nato G @a goose
  5. IC: Hanaloi There were nods among the Kaazi; some wore determination on their masks, others shame. Hambra stood with the supplies. "Well said." Turning to her tribe, she continued. "We have faced crisis before, and now we face a crisis again. And we can adapt again. This is not a betrayal of our allies and ancestors; if they were here today, they would come to the same conclusion. Today, we adapt and find a new path for our people. Maybe we cut our losses and withdraw from Kentoku altogether, maybe we stand and fight with the Imperials and our Taajar kin. But we choose." There was no cheering, too much tragedy had occurred the determination could be felt like a ripple. Within the hour, the entirety of the camp was packed and was bounding south. The Kuychar were startled when an entire tribe of Kaazi emerged from the forest; while depleted of much of their warriors and not a large group to begin with, it was still larger than they knew to be on the island. By the light of the moon and a few lightstones, the Kaazi joined the Kuychar in preparing canoes to once again leave; soon, the expedition's ship was there. One of the saihoko aboard the vessel served as ship's doctor; Askha had screamed while they scrubbed her maskless face clean of kraata ichor with saltwater to avoid infection, and the cut was now bandaged; her Iden still bore the scar, but it was still intact; under it, only one of her eyes shone, as the other was covered. Beneath decks, Riko had been stabilized and bandaged as well, but had passed out from the pain. "We have some logging equipment, we can lash together rafts and get out of here." In the former Mashtet fortress, Somei had taken a break from remaking the built-in illusions and viewed the forest. She knew this would be the last time she viewed the forest as it was; still, Caana's orders were not annihilation. It would be transformed, much like she was doing to the fortress now. She glanced at the moon, at its apex. OOC: @Mel @a goose IC: Ahri - Abandoned Oki Village Sweat poured off Ahri, washed away by the tide. He caught his breath as he slowly approached Yuna and the hull of the fishing boat. "I can get us wood from the forest, but it won't be best until prepared. Scavenging from the houses seems to be the best solution, since it would have already been treated against seawater." He looked over the wreck. "It can hold most of the refugees for a quick trip, but the rest would either have to wait for a second trip or we tow them on rafts or canoes." The Dasaka looked up the coast towards the refugee encampment. "We should probably bring them over here to help; they can help work on it with some direction, plus put together rafts so we can tow the rest. And I think we're going to want some rowers with oars anyway. OOC: @The UltimoScorp @ARROW404 @Click @Lady Takanuva IC: Fursic Sydelia - Sado Sydelia shouldn't have been surprised the place was still running despite the ongoing disaster; some of the clientele were rougher, now that most of the Umbralines had fled and Dastana had taken up their posts in the palace, but soldiers still needed a place to relax. Fortunately, the brewery still operated with a degree of dignity; its customers, mostly displaced aristocrats and Dastana officers, kept the place in business wanting to buy respectability by eating refined. Most of her Fursic comrades would have scoffed at the 'new money' eating here, but Sydelia was surprisingly restrained. After all, she was intimately familiar with trying to be seen as someone of different, higher status. OOC: @Umbraline Yumiwa
  6. IC: Kalyss - Sanctum, Ko-Koro The Su-Toa nodded. She sought to escape the absurdity of the situation by thinking through the logistics; the Sanctum had originally been built by and for matoran; there were some areas where even Toa struggled with the cramped spaces. Still, allowances had been made; she could take Kaminari through the main hallways and cut through a loading area. She had gotten used to the looks; most of the staff at the Sanctum had gotten used to seeing her. Some, though, held judgment in their gaze; to some, she would always be an outsider. Today, though. such looks only lasted until they saw her guest. Kalyss; preeminent warrior, deputy leader of the Toa Kalta, and tour guide to dragons. When they reached the archives, Kalyss signed herself in and after glancing at her guest's wings, signed in Kaminari as well. "A lot of things were pilfered during the occupation. We've managed to recover some, but we have other things to focus on." Though the Sanctum Archives were technically public, permission was required to get into the storage kept deeper within the Sanctum; the true archives, mostly filled with lockers and shelving full of miscellaneous old stuff and the occasional forgotten artifact. She glanced over a few of the things kept out for public display. The former Turaga of Ko-Koro, Nuju, had his staff of office displayed, and a plaque talking about the elder. Kalyss knew that his mask was in storage somewhere; given Nuju's decapitation as he was assassinated, the townsfolk had thought it distasteful to display the Kanohi itself. Probably a wise call. Her gaze drifted over to a solid block of ice containing a mummified limb of some ancient rahi, which brought her mind back to her guest. "You said there were more of you. What exactly do we call you? You're obviously not a rahi." OOC: @Snelly
  7. I'm not sure I follow. First you need to post your character profile in our Profiles topic, then you can write their first post in one of our locations. We have three main groups of topics; Mata Nui, Kentoku, and Zakaz. The Kentoku Archipelago and Zakaz both have logical restrictions on what characters can be there, but Mata Nui is a big ol' salad of species. Do you have a character in mind?
  8. The New Players topic is a good place to start; the brief overviews of how to play are great. Some parts covering story bits are a bit outdated, but the how to play stuff still holds up, and the final post is pretty up to date. For the setting, we are on a version of Mata Nui most similar to the first years, but with a good amount of development. We also have an archive site with other information, including a wiki.
  9. IC: Casanuva - Ko-Koro The blue-armored Fa-Toa watched the Po-Koro native leave. He silently waited at the bar, turning down a refill on his water as he emptied the glass. This drek, the politicking, jurisdiction, he could handle it, but he hated it; back when he was a matoran, he had thought the life of a Toa was simple. Smash the bad guys, protect people; but this? Maybe this was why Mata Nui had sent the Original Toa; the island couldn't handle more than six. He quietly paid his tab and an exorbitant tip (he had to keep his reputation intact, after all) and walked out into the storm, pulling Ferrite out of the coat closet to his hand. He didn't sheathe his toa tool, extending its magnetic field to match up with the underlying magnetic field in the background; he couldn't see more than a few feet ahead of him, but he didn't want to be out in this storm any more than he needed to. He focused on his magnetoception; ferromagnetic objects lit up around the Koro, and he willfully avoided perceiving where Muirtagh had gone. Instead, he focused on the Kalta Armory, seeing the bridges in the way in the faint form of their rebar. One level down, halfway across the Koro. Doable. He ran at the edge of the bridge, activating his Pakari. How dare Muir presume he had an agenda. Okay, maybe Cyrix had an agenda, but he was always cagey. At least Cas wasn't the one hiding something. Cas leaped, soaring into the air, the cold wind biting into him. The Armory came into focus as he neared the apex of his jump, and he extended his hand, pulling the grappling hook out towards the bridge. The hook caught, and he began reeling himself in as gravity took over; he eased the final tug so he didn't pull his arm off with his own weight. Before long, he had pulled himself onto the bridge, and was walking towards the Kalta Armory. He scowled slightly; Kalyss, Cyrix, karz, maybe Muir might tell him off for risk-taking behavior, but what was the point of being a Toa in peacetime if you couldn't flex a little? Inside was empty; surprising, he thought Zueya and Skorm would have been back by now. He was still frustrated; he shed his armor, bit by bit taking off the blue armor plating, exposing the black and gunmetal physique underneath. His Kanohi, the last piece of blue, followed; after the wave of initial wave of nausea and dizziness faded, Casanuva unracked a few dumbbells and began a resistance routine. If the rest of the island was going to be rotten, he could at least be better. OOC: Casanuva at the Kalta Armory, up for interaction
  10. IC: Ahri - Abandoned Oki Docks The Mashtet had assumed a wide stance to center himself, but was physically straining. Distribute the mental load, let your muscles get the blood flowing so you don't have an aneurysm. The lessons taught in the Yard at Sado for Mindarms lifting heavy objects. He was a man; he was expected to be better with brute force, and while his daughter had certainly surpassed his Mindarm skill the last time he saw her - when was that? - Ahri wasn't used to lifting large objects. But a memory flickered like a candle in a darkened room, illuminating another forgotten moment: assisting the loggers on Hanaloi, he had been helping move individual pieces of timber. He had concentrated his Mindarm on a single point and let the rest move around his focal point. Raika's voice whispered in his mind, and he noticed her in the corner of his vision. "I think... just... hold on." Ahri shifted his mindarm to a central beam of the derelict fishing boat, and from a combination of Yuna draining the water and the other mindarms at work, the majority of the vessel rose from the water, trailing seaweed. "Bring it up into shallower water, carefully! We need room to start patching it!" OOC: @Lady Takanuva @The UltimoScorp @Click @ARROW404
  11. IC: Ahri - Oki Village The sole male in the group of misfits occupied himself while everyone else got ready by finding a suitable place for Raika to rest; someplace shaded, but also visible enough from the beach. After he had gently laid down Raika, Ahri wandered closer to the shore near the capsized vessel they were salvaging, stretching; even using Mindarm in concert with the others, lifting an entire waterlogged boat was still quite a feat. Waiting on the dock, Ahri began deep breathing to center himself; he didn't want to tire himself out. OOC: @The UltimoScorp @ARROW404 @Click @Lady Takanuva
  12. IC: Casanuva - The Capella, Ko-Koro "Well it's a good thing I trust my team. Sounds pretty lonely." He glanced aside at his water, thinking about Skorm and Cyrix. Did he trust them? Skorm, he could say that he did - now. They may have had their personal falling outs, but now, and before they came to this island, he'd still trust Skorm with his back. But what about Cyrix? Skorm trusted him, which after what Skorm went through, said a lot. He had been a ghost, but he looked out for them. "I'll check in now and then. If you're even half as good as an elementalist than you are at moralizing, you'll be able to find me too. But I'm normally at the Kalta Armory; if you get within a hundred meters of the place, I will find you. We don't appreciate people working behind our backs; if you ever want to share information with us on the level, talk to me at the Armory. There's no reason for us to be enemies, and many for us to be friends; I could even help you with that axe of yours," Casanuva said, gesturing with his half-full water glass. "But yeah, we're done for now." OOC: @a goose
  13. IC: Casanuva - The Capella, Ko-Koro For the first time, Casanuva let his gaze harden; the smile remained, but it was the smirk of one whose patience was wearing thin. "Me, personally? I'd track him back, but only if I wanted to keep messing around. We're new to the island. We only showed up a few weeks, maybe a month before Ko-Koro was taken. We were scattered across the island; Kalyss briefly visited Po-Koro before heading to Ga after that big sandstorm. Vakua played music at the Great Takea; I had a few friends in Ta-Koro that helped me forge some specialized mechanical pieces for my sword Ferrite. You pretend you have your mysterious foreigners with an agenda. For the most part, the people of Mata Nui welcomed us as their own, and we saw first-hand what happened to Ko-Koro. We were on the walls when the Maru were running the hostages out, we were infiltrating on our own, and we were treating the wounded that had to be medevaced. We volunteered our service to help this Koro. Me personally? I just want to live my life, serve my Duty, and protect the people I love." Casanuva leaned back in the stool and drank more of the water, letting the coldness of the liquid going down his throat calm him down. "Make all the accusations you want; Cyrix told me you're working on behalf of Akiri Renaka." He lowered his voice, leaning in slightly. "You're investigating something that's on the Kalta's personal list of #### to sort out; most information we have about Antidermis that isn't eyewitness observations of whatever jacked-up abilities its users have came from us. It's a personal black eye and bloody nose for us. And instead of approaching us like a reasonable person to share resources, you snoop around, prying into information that's sensitive. Not in the security sense, but in the 'people we know died' sense. And now, you accuse me, my brothers and sisters, of being secret police, for trying to know what's going on in our backyard, concerning us." The smile dropped. "But maybe that's what I'd expect from someone that left their team." OOC: @Goose
  14. IC: Casanuva - The Capella, Ko-Koro His smile lessened, becoming more wry. "Don't get me wrong, I was against the mandatory militia training. Practically, I don't think its necessary; Legacy isn't going to make another hit on the Koro this soon after we beat them back, we're ready without a citizen militia, and the Koros are keeping clear lines of communication. Plus, y'know, the Kalta, but I'm a biased source." The smile crept back. "We work for Ko-Koro, and yes, we work for Tarkhan. Aelied is a stubborn old oak and didn't want us integrated into the Sanctum Guard, but we train with them, I've made them new toa tools, and right now, a brother and sister are on a mission in the Dark Walks for them. But if Tarkahn needs to send someone to another Koro to get something done, escort someone, he can send us; we're more comfortable working outside the Koro, and we look better doing it." He finished by taking a drink from the glass of water; midway through, his index finger on the glass pointed at Muir, as he thought of something else. "Karz, you wanna get on us for being unelected public representatives? Talk to Reordin, if you can find him. My workshop has a listed address, and Tarkahn was elected; if he leaves office, the Kalta go back to being independent if his successor doesn't see the need for the us to serve Ko-Koro. Reordin is all those things you described us as, except he has a bigger body count of bad guys." OOC: @Goose
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