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    I like drawing, a lot. I also love origami (Japanese paper folding) my favorite sports are basket ball and soccer. I enjoy taking care of my dog(he is a chiweenie daschhound/chihauhau hybrid) and my now deceased cat. The things im interested in include Bionicle, Harry Potter, The Spiderwick Chronicles, Star Wars, and anything that is dragon related.

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  1. I find 3 to be the most technically well done piece out of all of these (love the style), however I think 5 is by far the best one here conceptually. I'd be lying if I said this isn't a hard decision, there are some exceptional works of art in this poll.
  2. Entry Name: Varlock the Conquerer Entry Image: http://i.imgur.com/4jVNEek.png Gallery: http://imgur.com/a/arYRW
  3. So who is in charge of getting things out on time in TTV? =P

    1. Rahkshi Guurahk

      Rahkshi Guurahk

      not like you released a trailer several days late or anything. =P

  4. Just noticed the new Bionicle autopsy on TTV. I love listening to those.

    1. Underscore


      Make that the new last two episodes. I didn't even know it was still going.

  5. Liked the look of Entry 4 the most; Entry 2 seemed a little lacking in both story and visuals and Entry 3 felt a bit too chaotic to follow. All in all however, excellent entries and I am very happy with this outcome.
  6. There's definitely a correlation between those in favor of BAC and those who are against Mighty Morphin, to deny such a claim is just silly. People who have voted for # 5 have been told that they are equal to sexists and misogynist (words said by a staff member no doubt). They have been told that they should not have voted for their preferred entry, and instead should have nulled entirely whether they saw the comic itself as offensive or not. There is a very clear one sided bias here. Does it equate to the continuous anonymous bashing and belittling that happened? No, it doesn't. But that doesn't make it any less unfair. This contest is no longer about the best comic winning, its about sending a message to those who supported the losing comic, it seems.
  7. If anyone votes for anything other than entry 5 they are out of their minds.Entry 5 is like, the only entry here.
  8. Sure thing, you can find it on our channel here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZRBEnXBtws
  9. I'm sorry, but it's hard to respect people that want to make an issue out of something nonexistent and irrelevant. But it's kay, I will cease. I apologize for speaking my mind.
  10. Wow Kahi, way to be an offensive bigot! >: [ I am quite personally offended for Alena, by your rude comment >: /
  11. yes, how silly. the joke was haha women so emotional and overreactive. haha look at this unreasonable women. how silly of me to think there was anything sexist in this comic. Nowhere did it say ALL women were overemotional. You made that assumption. You're the sexist one. ....what? that's the biggest logical leap ive ever heard. I'm saying he's falling back on sexist archetypes. He doesn't need to say all women arel ike that to enforce a societal depiction of them. It's not a sexist archtype, that's how Alena actually acts. This isn't a made up character, it's a real member of BZPower. You're the one who brought sexism in to this, and you're the one saying that Alena is a sexist archtype, therefore you are the sexist one.
  12. Meso!!! How dare you! Plot devices? PROPER STORY TELLING? BLASPHEMY!!!1111 We must adhere to improper story format for the sake of sensitivity good sir, haven't you heard?
  13. Woah wall of text : O Tolerance only goes one way: Meaning you are only tolerant of what you wish to be tolerant of. Anything else can go screw itself apparently, you're way or the high way. That more clear? Or should I explain further? I think it's fair to make light of anything I feel like making light of so long as I'm making light of it in a non aggressive way. Does it effect you? Does it matter to you? Is it even aimed at you? Who cares if Eljay's embarrassed to wear feminine hat. What does that have to do with you at all? Why is it you are making this about yourself all of a sudden. I don't think you seem to realize that people joke about all kinds of things, what people find funny is dependent upon the individual. This isn't even a joke against cross dressing it's a joke about Eljay being embarrassed to wear a hat that wasn't specifically designed for his gender. He is not a cross dresser and he does not identify as a female, so yes it embarrasses him. I mean, I don't even understand how this is socially insensitive in the slightest, the line in the comic is literally "How strange of you" in response to the hat."How strange of you" "How strange of YOU" "YOU"YOU in this instance, referring to Eljay, and Eljay alone. No where is it implied in this comic that cross dressing is strange or wrong, it is implied that it is strange for Eljay, who is not a cross dresser, to be wearing a female hat. You think its ridiculous for me to be railing you? I think it'd ridiculous for you to even be making this an issue when it's not at all, you have literally pulled this problem out of nowhere because you only care about how you feel and no one else. You've made this simple little joke about you. I understand just fine why people can be offended or uncomfortable. I've had gay friends, I've known cross dressers. But guess what? Who cares.It does not matter at all because this comic has nothing to do with it. You've taken everything out of context and overblown the issue, so yes, I do find it annoying that you feel the need to shoehorn in your silly little rant somewhere where it doesn't belong. There's other places for it.
  14. I can't even count the ways I feel personally offended by all this. It's 2013. Can we please move past the idea that cross-dressing is shameful and men wearing women's clothing is a "joke"? I also find myself question the appeal of a supposedly stand-alone contest entry comic that we apparently needed to do prior reading and research for to understand the jokes, including personally knowing a person and his/her eccentricities. Doesn't seem like the best representation of the forum, or of humour in general. The sprites are good though. Ray did a pretty good job making them, didn't he? It's 2013. Can we please acknowledge that not everyone thinks the same and some people may feel embarrassed by certain things that other people probably wouldn't? Just because you don't think parading around in women's clothing ISN'T embarrassing doesn't mean others wouldn't. If it's designed for a female, then yes a male might find himself embarrassed to be wearing it, that doesn't mean EVERY male would, but seriously? Are we not allowed to feel slightly embarrassed about trivial things such as this? Just because I'm a little embarrassed for liking the transformers films despite it being a mediocre film series doesn't mean it's suddenly shameful for everyone else who likes it. You'd think in 2013 we'd learn to be a bit more tolerant of peoples feelings, but nope. Tolerance only goes one way apparently. We must all conform to one belief and that is it. I can't help but feel a little annoyed that it's so easy to offend people now a days. It's just crazy that people can get personally offended at something that isn't directed at, nor involves, these people at all. Please let's stop looking at things so black and white. Also no where does it state that this comic is completely standalone, it is clearly based from Eljay's currently running comic series, so I don't know where you're pulling this "supposedly stand-alone" BS from. The comic appeals to those who read the series, it's not that hard to understand. Whether it's a good tactic for a contest is to be seen, but if you can't be bothered to read the comics and actually understand the characters then I wouldn't complain about their personal motives or feelings or the appeal of said comics.
  15. 5. It's not sexist, it's a personal preference over a hat that was specifically designed for females. Doesn't mean males can't wear it, it however, does not meet the favor of the character in question. It's not racist, it's a parody. Making fun of a show that is known for notoriously being racist.And I have no clue where anyone could pull cissexism out of that but alas. Seemed like a fun comic parodying one of my favorite shows as a child which was an excellent choice considering the theme of this contest, so it gets my vote.Plus it was the only one that actually felt complete or didn't give me a headache trying to decipher what's even going on.
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