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  1. Was able to find all the books I was looking for. Thanks BZP! Please close thread.
  2. Like the title says, I am looking for a couple rare bionicle comics and have a few rare ones up for trade. Pictures can be sent if interested. Books are not for sale, only trade. Looking for: - Glatorian #4 with the extra pages - Can't believe I found this one! woOt! Have for trade: - Ignition #3 SDCC Exclusive 2006
  3. Hey, I might be interested in the purple krana. Can I check my list when I get home from work and get back to you? Thanks
  4. I think I have this comic and will have to check. Is it a smaller sized book? How much would you pay?
  5. Hey man, I was wondering if I could buy one blank disk. Also what is the difference between your black kraahkans? I think I can make out a 4 hole? Are either of them glossy?
  6. BSS: $11.00 Are the brownish marks inside the plastic or is it dirty?
  7. He is pming me trying to get mine. I take it he doesn't have one. No mine doesn't have a card. There is one on eBay right now.
  8. So today is the 19th, 5 days later. Does this mean that the Bo auction is over since no one else bid on it?
  9. I said that because its the only one I need. I can get a wmkk again. Bo is the only one I need and am very desperate to get it. That's why i offered that crazy offer
  10. 5 days after the last bid. That means there's no sniping. But it looks like nobody is bidding :/Is that per mask?
  11. Hey, i would bid 90 on bo
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