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  1. Bonesiii has clearly not read any of the great A Song of Ice and Fire books because people who belong in the two or more different groups are listed twice in George R. R. Martin's style. This list of Bonkles names inspired me to try this with Klaanon when we some day release it in Six books (or more), because it helps a lot reading. And most of my fellow Klaanon writers watch and read Game of Thrones.
  2. I just hope that they get rid of Greg if they bring Bonkles back. He would only harm the story if they give him powers over it.
  3. I just recently watched last episodes of Beast Wars and in the end it was too good show. It started weakly with cheap-looking CGI-animation, annoying characters and plots like Terrorsaurus and Scorponok who were just very stupid. During the course of the show the animation got better and storylines got very interesting. God-like Predacon Megatron was great villain and he was great threat to continuum of the transformers universe when he wanted to kill Optimus Prime in the Ark. After annoying first season it was fun to watch and it is best Transformers tv show that I have seen (I have only seen Beast Wars and Armada).
  4. Thabks. BTW what shadow Toa? They weren't in the original 2001 story until Greg added them in that 2003 book. Originally, the Makuta being nothing attacked you with junk to show his power. They weren't in the game. Some people think that the whole Shadow Toa thing originated from LoMN. The problem is that no one can confirm or deny the Shadow Toa are in the game. From Shadow Toas Biosector article: The Shadow Toa were originally going to appear in The Legend of Mata Nui. However, the media was cancelled. The Shadow Toa were referenced in The Bohrok Awake and made their first appearance in Tale of the Toa.
  5. I am really excited about your mission, because I just love everything from Classic Bonkles years. I have always wished we could play this game or get some pictures of the rumored Shadow Toa that were supposedly part of the game. May the Mata Nui be with you in your mission.
  6. This is beautiful thing. Reminds me of the Kanohi with Onua Claw moc from past BBC.
  7. Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 10 the Children. Game of Thrones is just so gorram great show. After it I watched 22 episodes of Transformers Beast Wars and first episode of Attack on Titan.
  8. I have more headcanons that are canon in our giant fanproject Klaanon. Red star is not a jetpack or external hard drive. Its function is unknown. Zyglak are not all evil, they are just misunderstood and hated. They worshipped the Great Seamother Gah'malok, but now they worship monstrous Rhak'elakk because their cult controls them with fear. Nektann was really very short like his set. There are many drunk and alcoholic skakdis in Zakaz, because the Civil war traumatised them. Civil war in Zakaz started with bar-fight when Reidak drank too much beer. Southern Continent is like Asia. It is really big and there are many different cities and cultures out there. Island where Naho swam in the beginning of the Toa/DH war is called Meksi-koro. There grows many chili and coffee plants. Reason why Frostelus' are hated in the universe is because they control and drive icebergs. They accidentally sank Titanui, Metru Nui's greatest ship. Matoran believe that their universe is shaped like a star, because of Mata Nui's robotic body and Red Star.
  9. Inappropriate content removed. Do not talk about drugs on BZPower. -B6
  10. Kaita are from spirit world and only when 3 inviduals combine they can access to the world of living. Makuta are anti-kaita because they were once one spirit, which shattered to many inviduals. Kalmah's species is like dothraki or mongols. They rode tentacled camels. Pridak's species is called selakhians and their land was destroyed by Xia, because they were competitors and knew how to create organic weapons. Takadox's species is religious species and many of them are something like popes or pishops. Ehlek's species is called the Deep ones and they were slaves of the skakdi. Krekka's species is called the Orcs. Keetongu's species is called saffron giants or cyclops. Krahka and Triglax are from same species. Lariska is from Shadowed one's and Ancient species. There are many religions in Matoran Universe and even in Metru Nui. Many of those religions hail Mata Nui and Great Spirits and Red star is part of their mythology. Protosteel is like Valyrian steel, not many beings know how to create it. Makuta only claim that they are the creators of the rahi. It is just propaganda made by Makuta. Order of Mata Nui is like CIA + Inqvisition. Hand of Artakha is like HYDRA in Marvel universe. Toa are 85% organic and 15% mechanic like glatorian because I don't like too much robotic characters. There are 6 million matoran in Metru Nui, not 1000. 6 is sacred number in matoran universe because Mata Nui has two-part name and matoran have Three Virtues. Artakha is really the evil one, not Karzahni.
  11. A Feast For Crows, the 4th book of A Song of Ice and Fire. Now I am reading Dance with Dragons. I just love Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice And Fire.
  12. Jää, Jäätikkö, Tuuli, Pekka, Kivi, Kylmä, Arktinen and Pakastaa because they are from Finnish.
  13. I just watched last episodes of Transformers Armada and those last Unicron battles episodes were gorram good. Now I have tried to watch old Beast Wars animation, but it just looks like an old Playstation game. After I finish with Beast Wars I may try to watch G1 or Prime but I am not going to see the new film in the movies, because I don't like what Bay has done to Transformers. So I have to torrent it and watch it while I am drunk.
  14. I'd just want something from Ramin Djawadi (Game of Thrones, Iron Man movies, Pacific Rim), Murray Gold (Torchwood and Doctor Who) or Alan Silvestri (Avengers and Back to the Future) because I listen mostly epic orcherstral music. People say that I don't listen real music at all because I love soundtrack music.
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