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    Lets see here:<br />I love to read, some of my favs are Harry Potter, Septimius Heap, Artimius Fowl, Pendragon, Nicholas Flamel Series, and of course:Bionicle. I also enjoy some TV now and then, I like Mythbusters, Most Shocking, Cops, Kyle XY,etc. I am also a huge acting nut. Other interests are cars, which I have an obsession over Mustangs. I also like extreme things, like rock climbing, paintball, skydiving(havnt gone yet, but I will),etc. I also enjoy guitars, my fave brand being Gibson, and fave guitar being the Les Paul. Another hobby of mine is video games, where my favorites include Guitar Heros I, II and III, NFL and NBA street, Need For Speeds Most Wanted and Carbon, The Harry Potter games, Bionicle Heros, the first 4 Tony Hawks, etc.

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  1. Nujako


    Dang man, that bites hard. Any good water parks near you?
  2. Nujako

    The Fair!

    I went to the Fair yeasterday! It was sweet, tons of rides, like mega drop, which is pretty much like supreme scream,Games like Shoot Out the Star, where you have to shoot out a star on a peice of paper with a BB gun, and, best of all, a hypnotist show! Even better, I was one of the people asked to come on stage! We started out just going down the line, knocking people out, and when they got to me, the lady asked if I had a girlfriend. I said no, and she made the 2 girls either side of me fall asleap in my lap! And then she put me to sleep and I dont remember much after that. I bought the DVD to see what I did, cuz apparently at one point I jumped up with other guys thinking we were Chip and Dale and started to dance. My friends say I took my shirt off. I cant wait to watch. Bye!
  3. So, went to Magic Mountian today! It was fantastic! We got to go on a lot of the rides, including X2! It was amazing!!! There is a point where flames appear out of nowhere right in front of your face! And the seat you are in rotating while going into a flip! And the best part is, we got to skip a 2-hour long line and go to the front(the we were with was legally blind, so we got VIP access! I think I will get the fast pass just for X2! I swear, everything else there pales in comparision! Well, thats all for today. Bye! ~Nujako
  4. Nujako

    School Sucks

    Go see it, it's amazing! And you are correct: No luck. Love sucks, don;t it?
  5. Nujako

    School Sucks

    So...um...hi everyone.What has it been, 3, maybe 4 months? I'm sorry I havnt been on in forever, but you know, school and stuff(Plus I now have a Facebook.) So, I'm gonna start trying to get started up again. So, lets see what has happened to me since I've been gone: -Went to Hawaii(AMAZING!) -Went through the rest of the school year. -Got recommended for CP Bio, one of the toughest classes in school. -Got a Facebook(Soooo better than ########!) (Huh, didn't know that website was filtered, but I think everyone knows what I mean) -Went to Laughlin Nevada for a week -Went to San Diago for camp for a week(Point Loma's campus) - Was a group leader and a part of the theatre department for out churches VBS(Vacation Bible School) -Went to see Hancock, Dark Knight(freaking amazing!!!), Journey To The Center of The Earth(in 3D!),etc. -Learned to drive a boat -Fell in love....Twice....at the same time(don't ask) And I am also going to Magic Mountian on Tuesday! So, I'll update again soon(not that anyone cares except Lhikan). Bye! ~Nujako
  6. Thats never stopped you before...
  7. Please, please, hold the applause, I know im awesome. So let me be the 1st person to guess: the link goes to the profile of whoever clicks on it, right?
  8. Oh, and Hawaii is a part of America, but is not connected to North America.
  9. Wait, I didnt order a fleet of airplanes...
  10. Looks I get the first one, the 2nd and 3rd one, the one for being awesome, for having your blog approval, etc.
  11. Uh oh, Lhikans on a rampage. Again. I'm gonna need 50 strong men, 200 tranqulizer darts designed for a adult male bull elephant, and a very large net.
  12. Ah, man, I'm sorry. Hope your cat feels better.
  13. Smart Lhikan.Yeah, I'm not worried about your intelligence at all. Ouch, man, that sucks. I did that once, and it took 30min to remove some of the thorns. But I was 5 at the time, so it doesnt count as being stupid, like you Lhikan.
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