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  1. The result of a utility robot coming across a yet undiscovered alien parasite species in the depths of an off-world mining facility. The resulting abomination wiped out 70 percent of the site staff and laid damage to many valuable assets before being brought down and taken for study by The Corporation. The unfortunate GYR-58 unit that had stumbled upon the parasitic lifeform is a heavy duty industrial machine designed for all sorts of labor tasks unfit for regular human staff to handle. This particular unit was equipped with a heavy mining railgun, which though deadly in its own right, proved not nimble enough to fend of the invader. The Specimen itself is a remarkable creature. It posesses the ability to hijack the nervous systems of other beings, controlling them as puppet hosts and enhancing their physical ability in return. It is somehow also able to influence the mainframes of machinery, research is still inconclusive of how such a thing is possible. - This is the collab entry for BBCC75 between Cezium (who built the GRY-58 unit) and yours truly. (I made the alien parasite) Good luck to everyone partaking in the contest and thanks for taking a look!
  2. Very interesting contest idea, this should be loads of fun! Just a question about the entry pic thing. Say the two builds are made to combine physically in some way, would it be alright to have a picture of the two MOCs together, combined as an entry?
  3. A mighty Viking warrior wielding a magic sword infused with the power of Odin himself. Built for round 2 of the 2017 Bio-Cup. Thanks for taking a look!
  4. Thanks a bunch for the feedback guys, appreciate it. That would be Yautis, one of my previous mocs. The two of them just kinda seemed to fit together thematically, rivals/enemies?
  5. Once a valiant knight, this cursed wretch now roams the frozen wastelands of Agimel in search of its next victim. Not much to this guy, I just got inspired to make an undead knight dude after thumbing through the new artbook we got. That and I've been wanting to make use of more of those trans-purple parts for a while now. Thanks for taking a look!
  6. Just out of curiosty, was this by any chance inspired by Windblade from Transformers?
  7. I was actually considering giving her the 1x1 round tile Mixel eyes but in the end decided against it because it would have looked a bit too silly for what I was going for. That, and they couldn't fit under the helmet. Thanks!
  8. By the Light of the Northern Star by Tyr. Don't judge me :v Thanks!
  9. The shoulders are made with the helmet parts from set #8771-1 Jayko. The connection is a bit tricky but surprisingly very sturdy. Thanks!
  10. Legendary Valkyrian slayer of evil. The counterpart to the demonic Dungeonboss I built a while ago, Astrid is a holy warrior of light. She was inspired by the completely impractical armored dress designs of various anime characters, mainly Saber from the Fate/stay night series, but also by Norse mythology and a particular power metal album. The teepee part was what started the build and it may or may not make the dress look a bit big, but I think the end result was worth it. Thanks for taking a look, your comments and criticism are greatly appreciated! PS. This is my entry for this month's Flickr contest.
  11. This thing totally looks like the Flatwoods alien and that's awesome. Really diggin' it.
  12. Between this and the Mask Maker contest it's gonna be a busy month!
  13. I really like this, especially the eyebrows and how the hanging elemental parts sort of invoke the look of a frozen over pelt he's wearing. Cool stuff!
  14. Thanks everyone! I really don't know about the hind paw toes, having just two felt really awkward and I didn't wanna make the foot design bigger because it would mess with the proportions. Oh that's what those are? I was wondering what piece he used. It gives those legs a really cool texture. Anyway, mind-blowing MOC Djokson (all your MOCs are lol). That black armor on a black background, and those vibrant eyes, make him look terrifying. Mind telling me what piece(s) you used for the eyes? I've spent like ten minutes staring at it trying to figure out what part that might be The bigger ones are minifig heads with blue halfpins in them and the smaller ones are just regular 1x1 round bricks.
  15. Always hungry, always on the prowl. Haven't posted on these forums! As per usual, no real backstory to this thing. I just rewatched Pacific Rim last and really wanted to build something with a couple of sets of eyes. I went through a few versions of the design before I settled for the wildcat/lizard/gorilla freak, at one point it was something more resembling a giant leech with wings :v I mostly wanted to experiment with the Stronius armor parts because I had never used them before but I liked the uneven texture they have, both organic and mechanical at the same time. The eyes are what started the build, I really wanted to achieve an unusual, maybe even unsettling, look with them. I know the lack of toes on the hind feet might look off but the part sculpt already has three toes and I felt like clipping only two on didn't look that good. Still not sure if I made the right decision or not, but oh well. Anyway, that's it for my rant. Your comments and criticism are highly appreciated. Thanks for taking a look! PS. This guy is my entry into the Flickr contest for this month.
  16. Everybody loves clowns, right? So I've picked up some parts a couple of weeks ago and made the tiny orange clown, later dubbed Mr. Giggles. I've had a lot of people tell me he turned out really creepy, so I decided to make an intentionally scary looking counterpart, a sort of a Jekyll/Hyde thing. Note the size difference in the group shot. The result is what you see here. I'm not entirely satisfied with the monstrous version, mostly because I no wish I had integrated more color into it, I went a bit overzealous with the black, under the influence of a recent Alien quadrilogy marathon. I also think the first one is still more scary :v Anyway, thanks for taking a look! Any comments and feedback you might have would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Absolutely adore the use of that elemental ice part as a bullet trail/muzzle flare deal. I also really like the downward sloping shoulders, they have a natural curve to them. The thing I'm not fond of however are the general proportions of the figure. My eyes might be tricking me but the legs seem a bit too short. The big mask doesn't help matters either. I do like this figure as a whole though. Good luck in the contest!
  18. I might attempt it but the dino tails in the face were fiddly enough to get into position as it is. I'll try, but I'm making no promises :v Thanks again guys.
  19. Yeah, I really wish I had used those new saws now but I haven't really seen either Chi Vardy or the new Barnacle sets in stores here yet. Oh well. I think the silver still works because the original model didn't really have that much transparent blue anyway. Thanks everyone for the comments!
  20. Yeah the saws are differently colored, one is pearl silver and the and the metallic, but I don't think it's toooo bad, the lighting kinda hides it. Go for it, might turn out nice.
  21. Thanks everyone! Yeah the lack of function is kind of sucky, I admit, but I couldn't have gotten the looks I wwas going for if I actually tried to implement them without some serious engineering and technical thought, something which I'm really really bad at. :v Guess I'm going with this one then. Also, I noticed that one of the thumbnails in the op was improperly linked, fixed that now.
  22. In ancient caverns deep beneath Okoto an ancient and powerful force of nature slumbers, waiting for the signal to awaken and cleanse the island of all life. So yeah, I just made this really quick, inspired by the contest and I thought Id share it. I'm not sure if this'll be my entry because I have a couple more ideas for that, but here it is anyway. Thanks for taking a look! And no, it can't turn into a ball :v
  23. The way you have the hood set up right now makes it really hard for me to see anything but Vezon tranformed into the Great Cornholio. Which is kinda fitting because Vezon
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