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  1. I was like 12 and this website was about the only one i ever went to at the time (other than runescape). So becoming a premier member just seemed to make sense at the time. I wanted to make polls and host games and stuff. I don’t remember how much it cost at the time to become a permanent member but i do remember it still took some time to talk my mom into it, haha.
  2. Seems that way to me. I just decided to check this old place out, maybe make some posts that arent super cringy and yeah this looks rough compared to the way back when. But maybe I'm just an old man now because I was 11 when I joined.
  3. awmg your the most evil of all the members

  4. religion is nothing what you say. i just wanted to point that out :)

  5. nope i was usually something lhikan related

  6. looks just like that tower defence game >.>
  7. ferrets are the second most amazing animals in the entire world!

  8. then you could send the rest of the money in taxes to obama!
  9. yeah us and our imaginary fights oooh good times....good times

  10. dang! all uh meh friends are leavin!

  11. hey man whats up your name is wicked awesome even if it meens nothing :P

  12. yeah i have! that was an awesome book too

  13. shine

    make ´em wonder what you´ve got

    make ´em wish that they were not

    on the outside looking bored


    let it shine before all men

    let´em see good works, and then

    let ´em leave shine a comment :P

  14. Yes, this is my spam library. Most spam posts can be found here. And no this isn't agianst the rules so quit asking jeffey!.....Teach you to mess around in my html.... If you'd like to help with my cause search up spam topics, check them against the library, then pm them to me Just a couple rules. 1. No discussing any of the banned members that make some of these posts. 2. No flaming. 3.No asking why am i doing this. If any of these rules are violated your post will be deleted! Now on to the posts. if you are one of the members who posted one of the spam messages and are offended just pm me and i'll take it off just don't flame me in the topic k? ~A~ all hail the great spirit! a question about the admins another question about admins aroma ~B~ binary bionicle fun ~C~ clifg can we uze dis forum ~D~ drk 709 rule 1 don't clik here!? should u? don't post here! do damage rpg here! do i smell bad? ~E~ ~F~ fire fish favorite food ~G~ ~H~ her Y nw rpg Hi ~I~ ida Inhabitints Of Gumutari Nui i traced zyrals pic i found out somthing really important i found this cool thing! i haev a question ~J~ ~K~ ~L~ lewa1s firt comedey ~M~ my theory my big fat greek epic mye nuw gaem my nw relijen ~N~ ~O~ offical paper topik ~P~ pm myself! ~Q~ qstion lol ~R~ random topic! ~S~ secret stomach message smiles spam spam strang very stang swods secret topik ~T~ toenail topic this is the non spam topic the toas stori ~U~ umb...hi? ~V~ ~W~ wuts my name? ~X~ ~Y~ ~Z~ More to come.
  15. all the peep who post in here are oficial members of my blog update!!!!! this topic will be closed and opened randomly so become a member today! status: open!
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