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  1. If I remember correctly these sorts of discrepancies between different representations of the same event in different media weren't uncommon back then. I think this was before Greg had as absolute control over the story as he did in later years?
  2. Wow! It's been a while since I've seen you around!

    1. Adventurer


      I still come by here and there. :P

  3. So excited to try this! Anyone got it working on Windows 10 yet?
  4. Adventurer

    This Guy

    Congrats! Was it from a QLD uni?
  5. What has the world come to? (I'm guessing no secret time-delay prank was found? I've heard April Fool's rules where for it to count the prank has to be put into motion in the first half of the day even if not revealed until later - not sure if that's a common rule though...)
  6. Grievous but I'm a massive Grievous fan anyway so the competition was over for me before it started.
  7. I'm just picking out my favourites/the most significant sets of each release really. Ended getting nearly half of the 2015 ones though so did go over budget/allocated storage room requirements.
  8. Ayy! I like it! Can't wait to enjoy it in like 6 or 7 years or something.
  9. I'm guessing there's already unofficial chatrooms that pop-up occasionally - probably easier to use them than deal with the issues involved with running an official site one.
  10. I like getting a welcoming messages when joining forums - even if its an automated system its nice to have a private introduction pointing out stuff. Especially if you're not used to navigating forums and aren't going to find things like the specific welcoming topics.
  11. Always debate giving some to my younger brother - but have never been able to bring myself giving him one that isn't a double up.... Maybe I'm a bad person - I do buy him new ones though.
  12. Man this year has really sped by didn't realise we were at that time of year already!
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