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  1. You just realised?

  2. Thanks. Oh god, 13.

  3. There was a fight here too.

  4. He probably died (again).

  5. You betrayed Voya Nui!

  6. I think they kill him becuase he's the king and viceroy.

  7. Adv: Right, Drifter.

    Kwydjybo: Don't know. I've got epics to write.

    Toaraga: Sorry, sir.

  8. Oh no, you're the Beast.

  9. Adv: You didn't collect disks anyway.

    Ignitionnn: I think I remember you. I definitely remember your epic.


    When I have more time, yes.

  10. Spend admiring your new rank instead, one-year-old.

  11. Sisters? With Zeddy?

  12. I, sir, collected them every day. And most other people have all disks too.

  13. Congrats on being transfered to RK.

  14. When did he do that?

  15. Happy Birthday to you!

  16. What was that about?

  17. And... Keep going.

  18. And your point is...

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