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  1. I'm very sorry I haven't been reading your epics lately, but my life seems to have gotten a lot busier.
  2. Lhilertoro

    New Spinny?

    Mine's coming next month.
  3. Okay, I'll do separate reviews. I just hope I don't googleplexuple-post.
  4. Okay, I better start catching up with reading Book 5. I'm really sorry but I've been feeling really lazy. I hope to give you a review soon. Should I give you a long review at the end (which aren't very long) or separate reviews about a few chapters?
  5. No, he doesn't. A bunny visits us.
  6. You just realised?

  7. Holy Gadunka! This is awesome. What was the original 2011 story?
  8. Lhilertoro


    That's one powerful Toa. Go Ce-Matoran!
  9. Lhilertoro


    7 more months of Bionicle.
  10. Thanks. Oh god, 13.

  11. There was a fight here too.

  12. Einstein's first law of quantum gravity expressed in a mathematical equation: Birthday = Closer to your death by one year Happy Birthday!
  13. I thought I wouldn't post too many blog entries. But I would just like too record my thoughts. It's amazing how much I've changed this year. I remember my feelings when I got my Vahi, I acted like a newbie. I didn't care that much when I got my Avokhii (Is that even how you spell the MoL? I can't spell Bionicle stuff anymore!). I don't post that much anymore. I'm still an environmentalist but now I am engrossed in my study of mathematics and physics. I will stay with Bionicle till the end however. I'm too lazy to post and write those epics I planned last year. I wonder what kind of person I will be next year.
  14. He probably died (again).

  15. The problem with physics is that people think it's extremely 'nerdy' and even though I go to a 'academically selective high school', people annoy me about reading about physics in year seven. But I'm not going to let complains stop me. I wouldn't say I'm exceptional at physics but I'm fascinated by it as well so I do my best at it. The only abstract concept I have trouble visualising is the wave-particle duality and all those 'junk' having to do with Quantum Mechanics. But I suppose we can't visualise those scales. Why not? And by the way, I would like to take you test, if you have time to make one up.
  16. Opposite of me. I just feel I have a bond with science, particularly physics. But that's another story. I got INTJ.
  17. I have read Chapter 29 but I'm busy doing my Shakespeare monologue homework. I'll try and type up a review. Just to tell you, I really like the Kishunno story.
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