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  1. Tren Krom and nunziotocci good answers. I your insights are great. For the Infected Mask vs. Krana question: I remember comparing Lewa being controlled in the hive in the original MNOLG, to the Le-Matoran having Krana in the flash animation. Le-Matoran seemed to talk while being controlled, whereas Lewa simply attacked, and talked only when Makuta's grip on his mind loosened. Flash Professional is available for Mac, and that should be all you need. Getting it can be either expensive or tricky. The best and quickest way to learn flash is to simply dive in and start making something. Find a goal, something that you really want to do (for me it was making MNOLG1.5) and just keep working toward that goal. If you are not good at programming I would suggest starting with animating and learn that first. In my opinion, coding is really easy once you learn to think in programming terms, which may take a while. Computers are dumb, so you have to spell everything out for them; tell them exactly where to go, and what to do. I'd say that there are 3 main concepts to Flash programming: 1) "Folder Structure" How things are saved and accessed in Flash. Flash saves variables kinda like you save files in windows explorer (sry Mac ppl, I'm a PC ) C:\Music\Song.mp3 ---> (Song.mp3 is inside the folder Music on the C drive) In flash you simply replace the slashes with dots. Game.Player1.Winner ---> (the Variable Winner is inside the object Player1 inside the object Game) 2) The "if" statement is your friend!! if (Game.Player1.Winner eq True) { trace("You WIN!!") } This code simply says that if the variable Winner value is True then send a message that you win. 3) Basic Flash Commands Flash is an animation software, so it kinda runs like a movie. gotoAndPlay(30) ---> this will tell the movie to skip backward or forward to frame 30. and all these commands (for ActionScript2.0) can be found online here. Now, you real programmers out there are cringing and thinking "Nuparu, Flash programming is... is... so much more than just these few items....." Yes you're right, but if a beginner can understand how things are stored, grasp some basic logic, and learn a few commands they will be able to get started. more complex things will be learned as you progress and the need arises. Besides, pretty much any hurdle that you face when coding has already been asked somewhere on the internet... So when you run into a wall, just Google it. (that's what I did ) ...or get frustrated and play Minecraft (I did a lot of that too , mostly just rage on Shotbow)
  2. Hey Everyone, So I'm not going to sugarcoat it, I'm going to tell it like it is. I've been traveling for work a lot, which leaves me with little to no time to work on this project recently. Apparently I have a lot in common with scratchR I tend to bite off way more than I can chew... I had this great idea to build an isometric fighting engine to supplement the game, however it was too much for one person to do alone. and now that I've invested so much time into it, I cant bring myself to just scratch it out of the game. Ever finish a game and then just sit through the credits?..... aaaand 15 minutes later your still watching credits.... I'm starting to understand why it takes an army of people to build video games. I'm still going to try to get Chapter 2 part 2 done.. I want to leave this game in a place where others can pick it up easily if there is interest to continue this and not leave them with half-completed stuff. I have to say .... I've learned a lot and had tons of fun developing this though. A little history on how/why this project came about: I've never taken a programming class, well I've had MATLAB training as part of other classes but no actual dedicated programming class. However I was always interested in learning how games were made. I also like making stories, even though I'm bad at English & writing (you all know this, lol) After watching or playing something with an interesting plot I enjoy picking it apart and critiquing it, asking questions like: What would I have done different if I was writing this story? What parts did I enjoy? What plot elements where original and unique to this story? I obviously did this for Bionicle too... Pohatu should've been the Toa of lightning, I mean c'mon whats the difference between Earth and Rock abilities really? ...Would've gone along with his speed theme too... So anyways I started developing this game because I wanted to learn programming and make stories... simple as that. and let me tell you, I've learned a lot about programming especially with regards to game development. I understand the principles of creating physics engines, AI intelligence, web interfacing, and much more. so on a personal development scale this is a huge success for me. .....as a game however, not so much.... For all those aspiring developers out there.... let me give you some advice, Looking back my biggest mistake was trying to develop a game solo. I should've first found some other programmers out there and done this as a team. Believe it or not, it's REALLY hard to force yourself to work on something when you don't have to.... Game development may sound like fun, and in truth it is, but not all the time. And it's those times when its not fun, that you need a friend/team to keep you going. so, Is this project dead? Yes and No, I am going to continue wrapping up the battle Engine and Chapter 2 part 2 if I can, but beyond that I cant realistically see this going much further. Just for the sake of conversation (because now my planned story for MNOLG1.5 will probably not be made) As I hinted at above, a tool that I use to develop stories is I ask myself questions. Here are some questions that I asked myself when thinking up the plot: 1) What is the difference between a Matoran/Toa wearing an Infected Mask and a Krana? How does wearing one or the other effect the subjects ability to fight? How does wearing one or the other effect the subjects ability to strategize or think critically? 2) In MNOLG 1 Ahkmou sells infected kolhii balls, and when discovered runs off and is branded a traitor, in MNOLG 2 he is back running his shop in Po-Koro. What could possibly happen in MNOLG1.5 for him to regain his fellow Matoran's trust? A simple 'sorry' isn't going to cut it.... he must've actually done something..... 3) What would happen if Kanohi Komau (Mask of Mind Control) was attempted to be used on a Bohrok? Bohrok are being 'Mind controlled' by the Bohrok queens... so would it work? or would you be opening your mind to the whatever controlling power the Queens are using? would it backfire? These are just some of the questions I've attempted to answer when creating the timeline of events for MNOLG1.5 I'm interested to hear what your opinions are on these points. So put yourself in the developer's position and ask yourself..... "if I was writing this story what would I make happen?" (If quoting please do not repost this entire post... its long, delete what you don't need)
  3. The Battle Engine is finally in a playable state!! Yes that's right, a mere 10 months of working, programming and debugging on my free-time has finally produced a result that I can show to all of you loyal (and patient) fans. Is it done yet? no.... but I'm getting really close! I still need to add more Terrain types, Player Units, Enemy Units, Animations, and sounds to the game. All of the fundamental components of the game are finished though, including Map Generation, Map zooming/rotation, pathfinding algorithm, Unit Movement, Unit attacking, Computer AI, and pages of pages of code that make it all work. [Download Here] Screenshots: In Anticipation of incoming questions, here are some answers up front: This cool, but what is it? I was looking around at how a lot of games all had their own battle systems, and thought "why not add one to MNOLG 1.5?" This minigame will be used throughout the rest of MNOLG1.5 whenever a battle with the Bohrok ensues. This is taking you a long time, do you regret devoting all this time to just one minigame? Despite how long this has taken I still believe that it is worth it, and here's why: After making the Snowboard minigame, I realized that one-time-use minigames where going to be a pain to keep re-inventing over and over. So I decided to spend extra time making one well-built minigame that can be used over and over again without having to make anything from scratch. That is why I usually refer to this as an 'engine' not a 'minigame' I can use this framework to quickly create a lot of unique battle games without much coding at all. How Easy is it to make / modify a map? It's actually quite simple because I've not only built a game engine but I made editors for it as well. This way generating a battle event will be super simple for me later on. The editors are the .xlsm excel files in the game_grid folder. Map Editor: game_grid_terrain_rev6 This will modify the map and unit placement. Press the "Export ALL" button on the 3D Map Tab to save all changes to the map. Unit Database Editor: game_grid_unitdata_rev8 This will modify unit attributes: damage, speed, attack range, etc... There is another excel file: Unit Stats Explanation that attempts to explain what some of these stats do, and how other unit characteristics are calculated. Press the "Test Export" button on the Export Tab to save changes. Wow Nuparu77, your so cool! Thanks for taking the time to not play Minecraft and make this awesome game! Aw gosh, thanks so much. You know its little thank-you's like this that make it all worth it. and yes, coming home after a long days work and not just zoning-out and starting up Minecraft may be one of my toughest mind-over-matter challenges yet. Battle Engine? That's nice... Now when will the next chapter be released?!? I cannot give a definitive answer to when the next chapter will be out, I've tried giving definitive answers to Indigogeek and some others but, something always comes up be it real life or a bug in the game that takes me a while to trace/locate/find/and squish. And before I know it I'm way past the time I thought the task would be done. One of the main reasons I haven't been able to accurately pinpoint release dates is because of this battle engine. I've never made a minigame this big before. However once this Battle Engine is officially complete I should be able to more accurately predict release dates for the remaining chapters. In fact I'm playing around with the idea of actually trying to release a chapter every month, maybe put up a "development progress bar" or something. Your last post was on Jun 24th, 4 months ago, why don't you talk more? [Lame excuse that makes it sound like I'm not lazy]...I uh, have a bad internet connection...[/Lame excuse that makes it sound like I'm not lazy] Seriously though, I usually just relay things to Indigogeek, which is great because it allows me to focus on programming and developing this game. I do read the forums quite frequently though, and usually answer technical questions or bug reports. Is someone checking your grammar/spelling? yes, I have people fixing the grammar and spelling issues. However I am not going to make a special release for just those changes. The spelling and grammar issues for chapters 1 and 2 part 1 will be fixed when I release chapter 2 part 2.
  4. Sorry it took me so long to reply, If anyone is having trouble saving their game for the downloaded version of MNOLG1.5 follow these steps: 1) Open the game 2) Right Click anywhere on the game screen 3) Select Settings 4) you should see the menu above, select bottom tab with the folder and green arrow. 5) Make sure the slider is not at zero. Q: How much file space should I let flash use? A: One save game is about 2KB (that is really small for you who aren't sure how big a KB is) So I would set the limit at 100KB.... unless your computer is really cramped for space... in which case you have bigger problems than being able to save you MNOLG game.
  5. Open the Debug menu and change the text language to English (yellow button at the bottom of the panel) Do the numbers on the trees exist? Do they change when you move to another section of the forest? Which entrance to the forest did you use? the one next to Ta-Koro? or the one between Ta-Koro and the beach? What version of the game are you running? As takua123 said, were kinda using everyone as beta testers. I release the game with bugs, and then fix them as people find them.... well, try to anyways...
  6. I've Talked with Tazakk If we would have known each other before we started our own projects, a collaboration may have been possible, however as it stands, the story that he has envisioned and the one I have are different. So using his animations would not be possible without drastically changing my plans for MNOLG1.5 However we are sharing any custom drawings that we create as well as advice on Flash programming / editing. ....and speaking of custom drawings.... I'm working on the isometric Bohrok view for the Battle Engine. I'm finding that tracing is actually quite easy, so from now on whenever I want to draw something all I got to do is take a picture from the correct angle and trace it.
  7. You don't need to draw anything perfectly, just get a decent representation so when I draw in it Flash I have something to start from.
  8. GREAT job. There was one more matoran that didn't make it out.... keep talking with all the matoran around Ta-Koro, one of them will mention the last matoran. Then report to Whenua who is missing. But stabby-stab is just so cool.... lol, I'll take this into consideration. What do you mean? the image overhead is a rather crude back angled isometric view. In fact, I am upgrading it at the moment. I mean something like an overhead view, to match the released preview of the battle engine. I don't know how good you are at art, but drawing up some views like these for the Bohrok would be really helpful. NOTICE that there are only 2 unique views, the other two are mirror images. Upper Left and Right are Mirror images of each other. Lower Left and Right are mirror images of each other. So something like this might work well for both lower Bohrok images: PS: My computer is having issues.... so I'm in the process of upgrading to a much MUCH faster pc!
  9. Actually he gets older by 10 years every post, until about 8 posts from now, when he turns 5. I suspect time travel shenanigans. LOL ... I guess with this post I'm ten years older. The Bohrok is already recolorable inside flash. All of the body parts are actually gray. As you can see in the image above, on my sidebar I specify an alpha (transparency) along with a RGB value for the given movieclip. Gray is the color I use because the lighter the color the more effect the RGB value has on it. This is why as long as you get a concept drawing done I can re-draw it inside flash where I can manipulate it around in the game. Also here is some more Bohrok stuff I have. For your remix, just wondering, how did you get the audio? Because extracting the original .mp3's from flash will give you the best quality and access to each individual sound track. LeKoro_Band
  10. I'm only using 200% and 50% movement speed for testing purposes. Don't worry, the final release of the minigame will have balanced movement speeds. For me to use a sprite in the game I need it to be drawn in flash. However it is simple enough for me to re-draw anything you draw in flash. I will need to draw an isometric view of the Bohrok to use in the minigame, as you can see here the only Bohrok views that the original game had are front-facing. I plan to add in new units as the game progresses. The Gukko force will be playable units in the battle engine after Le-Koro has been reclaimed. (Chapter 5-ish?) And boxors could be playable as soon as Chapter 3. Thanks! I'm only eleven and a half years older than half of a quarter century. or if your bad at math, my age is my current number of posts read backwards. Saving in chapter 2 should be possible. The post was old, there used to be a button on the debug menu that would add the bird-flute from the original game to your inventory. Now the only way to get the flute is to know a cheat code for the debug menu. Eventually Takua will get this item back... maybe after Le-Koro is reclaimed. Interesting idea... and it would be simple enough for me to do this. I'll try to remember that this would be a good improvement, remind me if I haven't changed this in the next release. I can guess, but I do not know how long it will take me to finish the battle engine, because I have never made anything like this before. However, after I finish the battle engine I'm planning on making regular releases. (update every month, or every two months, or something)
  11. UPDATE 1/26/13 The Battle Engine is coming along nicely. The map editor is finished, and the unit database editor is nearing completion. That's right, I'm not just making the mini-game but also building editors for it so that I can re-use it throughout the rest of the chapters without any additional programming. The game can robustly load in all map data (map size, terrain types, & tile elevation), place units on the map, and load unit data. Map Editor screenshots showing the elevation-map and the terrain-map: The numbers in the elevation-map define how high that tile is, and the numbers in the terrain-map define the type of terrain that the tile is. (0=Grass, 1=Mud, 2=Path) Screenshot of what the game currently looks like: The grayed-out unit in the center is selected and his information is showing up on the side-menu. The menu isn't completed yet, all of the unit data is loaded into the game, I just haven't set up the menu to read all of it yet. All map navigation systems are working! Such as: map panning, zoom in/out, and rotating map (only snaps to exact North,South,East,West) Zoomed out all the way: Map rotated so that East is facing up: The compass on the lower-left of the screen displays the direction that the map is facing. The next step in the development process is to work on making the units move around. I already have a path-finding logarithm written, so I just need to integrate it. Currently I only have Grass, Path and Mud terrain types. These 3 basic terrain types will allow me to test for Slower/Faster/Unchanged movement speeds. For example: units should be able to travel twice as far if on a path, only half as far on mud, and grass offers no movement hindrance/benefit. Once I have the basics worked out of course I will expand this to account for the different unit types. (Example: Ga-Matoran travel FAST in water, whereas every other Matoran will slow down.) Long story short: Finished: - Map Editor - Map loading from editors - Units loading from editors - Map manipulation <-- took me forever to finish this - Basic terrain types Working on: - Unit database editor - almost done - Loading unit characteristics from editor - almost done To Do: - Unit Movement (path finding code already written) - Unit Attacking sprites - Player Turn / Enemy Turn functionality - Enemy AI (path finding code already written) - Add more unit sprites - Add better-looking / more terrain types Estimated: 65% completed
  12. My replay is going to be short... I'm locking myself in my computer room and limiting all social interactions (including forums) until I make major headway on developing the game. Anyways, the discussion has been fun to read, and has given me lots of insights. My Perspective: As you all know, I'm working on a fighting minigame that will be used throughout the rest of the game. It's probably not going to be completely cannon, but I'm assuming that every village has their own fighting style that is more or less balanced with all the other villages. Ga-Matoran are better at dodging but have lower Hp, Ta-Matoran have more Hp but are less agile, Le-Matoran specialize in ranged attacks, Onu matoran do better in tight spaces thus specializing in Melee attacks, etc... My thoughts on the Army vs Guard debate: I'm assuming that every Koro has its own guard. (Group of defending Matoran) and as shown in the first MNOLG they only preserve their own Koro, and do not interact or team up with any other Koro's guard. An Army, in my opinion, would have to consist of a group of matoran not just defending but going on the offensive, moving throughout the island wherever the Bohrok threat is the greatest. Not tied down to a specific Koro, but helping all of them. A second united-matoran effort... with the Chroniclers company being the first. and I'm going to stop there before I give anything important away. These are just some of my thoughts. I want to try to make this game as epic and interesting as possible, so I agree that there should be more action in this game that in the original.
  13. So it seems that some people are still having trouble solving everything.... I dunno, maybe I should try to spell things out more... I don't want to because I feel that the challenge level is just about right. I definitely don't want this game to become too simple, and have people just whip through it without needing to stop and think. Anyways, what suggestions do you guys have about things that could be changed to clarify some things, but keep the challenge as well? The idea of changing the Le-Koro hut to a vertical-pan is a good idea. Right now that room really has no use... so I might be lazy and change it around when the story demands something there. Any chance you could make a higher-res version of that? I want that banner as my wallpaper... Sure, here is a folder that I will dump any desktops into from now on. Scaling images up in Flash is extremely easy. I had made the Boxor image a while ago, just never used it until now. and it's actually the second slightly-doctored up image I made. This one was the first: Please use spoiler tags for spoilers only. -B6
  14. Two things: One, I assume you mean "an" engineer? Two, "I'm an engineer, not a poet." You should've said that, seeing as your username is Nuparu and that's one of his quotes. I should have! Maybe I can make a banner for that...
  15. Text when talking to people is usually stored in a text file separate from the .swf movie these text files can be changed easily with an excel speech editing tool I made.Text in a cut-scene is currently stored internal to the source .fla file, and can only be accessed/changed if you have Flash CS5 or CS6 software. I'll PM you with some more info.
  16. Wow, back from thanksgiving break and I'm welcomed by real thought-provoking comments! 1. Nice idea. I just have to keep in mind the time-frame. When the Po-Matorans have the boats Pohatu has long since descended with the other Toa to face the Bohrok queens. 2. I really like the idea of giving the Bohrok a physical location! This will definitely give them a feeling of presence on the island! 3. I like the way you lay out the Toa's abilities. You've given me an idea. If we expand on how you've broken down their abilities by separating elemental powers and mask abilities, it might help further classification. For example Tahu uses raw elemental powers frequently whereas Kopaka strategically uses mask abilities. I like the idea of gradually adding destruction to the island. Partly because from my perspective this will be relatively easy to implement because I can gradually add stuff without needing to do a bunch of stuff all at once.Also, it would be fun to put some Bohrok Va running around in the background. I Agree.What aspects of the original MNOG are you worried about detracting from?I know that the original game was set in a much more peaceful time period, thus a main theme from the original game needs to be changed. Which is unavoidable. lol... I'm and Engineer. I can run circles around people in Math, Physics, and Thermodynamics.English is not my strong suit.... never was. However you are right, it needs to be fixed. Not sure how I'm going to do it yet. My original plan was to follow Bionicle's script.... and that's still the plan, however I've decided to take some creative liberties in order to enhance the expiriance.Takua jump-kicking the Bohrok was put in for two main reasons. The first is to tell the player that in my game a different fighting-style is going to be used by each group of Matoran. In contrast to the original game where everyone mostly used a disk.The second reason is I wanted to make Takua a jack-of-all trades because he has traveled around the island much more than any other matoran. Is he as good as an Onu-engineer at building things? No. But can he figure out how to fix the bridge machine? Yes. He is nowhere near as good at jump-kicking as a Po-Matoran who lives and breathes Kolhii. But he can do it a little because he has been immersed in every villages culture to some degree. What do you think? I know it isn't cannon, but that's my reasoning.
  17. Wow perfect timing. I just spent last weekend working on a fix for this exact issue, because apparently internet servers are case sensitive as well. So you have 2 options: You can wait for me to complete the streaming version which will be up on The BioMedia Project..... Soon. Or you can help me out by beta-testing my current fix and reporting any errors that you run into. Download 2.1.2 As fun as the game is..... after you've played through it like 50 times, you tend to get bored of error proofing. So by playing through it you would be really helping me out. Just remember save every so often in case you run into an error, and report it if you do. (Issue list or PM me) Right now most of the problems are on the internet server integration side of things... Such as game-buffering issues and linking the save games with the BMP user account database. So playing this version locally should be fine. PS: Just realized that the first post of this topic was reset to an earlier one when the forms went down.... will re-update it soon.
  18. Hey the forums are up again! Awesome! UPDATE 11/10/12 Progress is coming along on the 'Battle Engine', however the programming is turning out to be harder than I originally thought it would be. I have no real training in programming, I'm a Mechanical Engineer not a Computer Science major or anything of the sort, so back in College I never took any dedicated programming classes. Therefore most of what I know is self-taught. The Battle Engine is a large game that requires efficient code so that the game doesn't lag. Up until now all I needed to do was write code that gets the job done and not worry about how sloppy it was coded. However this will no longer cut it, and I'm having to do a lot of reading/learning on top of developing the game. Here is an image of what the game currently looks like: I've made the map out of square pistons that can be raised or lowered to create virtually endless terrain layouts. I'm making a level-editor in MS Excel that can be used to create the map data files. Here is a screenshot of the Elevation-Map editor in excel for the above image. the numbers in the excel sheet tell the game what height that tile should be raised to (in pixels.)
  19. Thanks for reporting this, I thought that I fixed this when I found and erased Drag and Drop code left over from the original game, but if you downloaded the game recently than you must be using version 1.2 and the problem still exists. I'll see if I can re-create this error on my end and fix it.
  20. It is actually a remix of that soundtrack called 'Ice Attack' by Trance-Canada over at OCRemix. I chose that tune because I got the idea for the minigame from the snowboarding section in Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Ice Cap Zone. Controlling the Toa inside the exo-armor, sounds interesting, although I'm not sure how I would implement that. Flash is really only good at doing 2D games, so either top-down or side-scrolling. The only 3D type game that I could really try to make would be something similar to the Kahu minigame in the first MNOLG. But I agree there should be some type of minigame where you get to control the Toa inside the armor. lol, I love making episodes and writing dialogue for him because it can be so funny! Progress is happening!I've ironed out a timeline for chapters 2-5 (it looks like there may be 6 chapters total) I'm still working out the details but the overall flow of the story is there. I decided to break each chapter into two parts and release the game part by part. This will allow me to release updates more frequently, although each release will have less gameplay. I decided to structure my updates like this for two main reasons:1. Unless I open this up as a group project (which I'm seriously considering) and get some other programmers to help me, this will take a long time to produce and quicker updates will hold everyone's interest more effectively.2. Feedback! The bug reports that you guys submit help me immensely! The reason that the initial Chapter 1 release had so many errors was because I developed it almost entirely by myself before releasing it. So hopefully splitting the game into smaller parts will help me deal with bugs when they are fewer and more manageable. I've probably completed 25%-35% of the next release (depending on how much work the next minigame takes me to develop.)I start my first full-time job this Monday, so next week I should be able to better estimate how long until the next update.
  21. Ok, here is an update on where I'm at on my end.This past week was the last week of classes, next week is final exam period, and I graduate on May 4th. Yay, done with College! :happydance:I have been mostly working on planning out the story for the next chapter, fixing any bugs that you guys find, and thinking about how I would go about converting this onto a group project.Rubber will meet the road after next week sometime, being as I will have entire days that I can dedicate solely to progressing this game!However, I will not just disappear in the meantime, I will be doing my best to remain active on the forums and respond to all of your PM's, comments and suggestions.speaking of which, here are some responses: I have a roughly planned out the story all the way though the end of the game, however only a small part of it is finalized. I don't want to spoil the plot for the game, so I will only be sharing details of the my story through PM's. If you want to help out planning the story send me a PM and we can discuss what your ideas are. As for the Bohrok animations, I plan on trying to keep them as original as possible, maybe only splitting them into parts but keeping the content the same. Wow now here is someone who must've found my project on the other forum. I think that the child version was much more funny than the current version, but very incorrect. Although, it's a perfect example of how I animate. I just kind of animate and don't think about where I'm going.... It's also why I'm spending a lot of time storyboarding the rest of the game so that I don't get sidetracked again and go off on some pointless tangent.
  22. It wouldn't be hard for me to implement something like this, the only issue I have is if I can make it fit into the storyline in a logical fashion. This game takes place in a time of a life-or-death struggle with the Bohrok. Wars are being fought, landscapes decimated, villages lost, matoran being controlled by krana. I don't think that it fits to have the chronicler doing mundane or daily tasks while all this is happening. Yes if you need to get an item, like a heatstone or something, the chronicler can travel in order to pick one up. Maybe he can even buy it from a trader if they have the audacity to charge the Chronicler for something that he needs in order to save a village. Doing repetitive and daily tasks I feel only fit in a time of peace, and this is not that time. MNOLG 2 did a great job of showing the day-to-day life of the matoran, but this game does not take place in a time where day-to-day tasks are being done. I feel that the pace of this game should be that of the Chronicler running from one battlefront to the next, aiding the Toa in a rescue misson and then hurrying back for an attempt to recapture a village, sneaking vital information to the front lines, or scouting ahead to track the movements of the Bohrok. If I'm going to make a minigame I feel my time would be better spent on one where you are defending a village against all odds or piloting a Boxor and Pwning Bohrok face, instead of gathering bamboo. I want this game to be more like MNOLG 1 where YOU are put right into the heart of the action, in a period of chaos and adventure, where Heroes are born and remembered for what they do and the sacrifices they make. Sorry I ranted a bit there Great idea, just how would it fit the game's mood? Maybe instead of gathering bamboo or shells you and a few other brave matoran return to a battlefield in the dead of night (in order to not be discovered) and collect Bohrok parts so that you can build/repair Boxors.
  23. Sorry, I mentioned this in the first post for this topic bit not on my update post. I will add this glitch to the issue list for you. I believe you have to go to the beach and click on the statue, lots of people are having trouble with this is the conversation with Jaller when he meets up with you unclear? The Po-Koro Overlook employs panning in both the X and the Y directions. Double panning across the sky.... such a beautiful thing. I'll keep you in mind when I need someone to help editing, I can always send you some source files if you would like to see whats under the hood of this game too. PM me or something. Episode 10-6: Jaller and Takua stop mid step. - Got it. Turn around twice in the Hall of Prophesy in Ko-Koro. - What do you mean, can you give me a mapname? Le-Koro Suva is confusing, I didn't realize there were two paths there. - I assume you are talking about the path to the clearing with Lewa's shrine? Sorry, maybe I'm just tired, could you please clarify. Character development was my highest priority for this chapter, glad you liked it. One of my favorite characters is the deaf souvenir guy in Po-Wahi, I had so much fun rewriting his dialogue. Ok, I'll go through and make these corrections. Thanks! Someone is doing it right, starting with the original! I'm planning on adding the Boxors because they play a vital role in this story, in fact I've introduced Nuparu in the first chapter to help lead this in. I've been playing around with the idea to make a minigame where you get to pilot a Boxor too... I wish that I had Takua do more with the engineering lab in the first chapter, I will try to work this in later on. The tunnel to Ga-Koro... maybe it should come out on the beach outside the gate somewhere? I meant to remove the lava-board.... until I thought of a use for it.... oh well I guess I'm stuck thinking up something, any suggestions? Maybe the Bohrok melt down an area and you have to get across. I will definitely be adding the Boxors as I do plan to incorporate the Bohrok animations into the game. Path past the cablecar... hmm... where should it lead... The engineering lab is actually a map location in the original game, you can view it by going into the original game's files and clicking on "XI.4-W.swf" The door was always shut though because the room was incomplete. From what I can tell it was supposed to be a place to repair animals... a weird idea, I can see why it wasn't included. The Turaga body parts were originally there and I just never removed them. And I think I copied that room as a starting point when I was making Nuparu's hut. This game, assuming that I am able to finish, will conclude with the defeat of the Bahrag. At this point I'm not sure if I will be continuing through the Bohrok-Kal arc. MNOG II music.... I have a confession.... I never beat that game Back when it first came out I attempted several times but it always glitched up on me so I gave it up.I never made it past Ga-Koro. I didn't change Hafu's mask because he looks so much different with an updated mask... what mask is he wearing by the way? Mask of strength? I remember also not wanting to get him and Taipu's mask mixed up.
  24. So many new posts.... Must Reply All The Posts!!! So to everyone who is commenting about the Grammar and misspellings; I apologize. Grammar is not my strong suit and my natural errors are only amplified when I have to animate while making dialog, please bear with me as I work though these errors. Oh man, I was so excited when I came up with that idea for Matoro, I feel like he didn't have too much of a character in the first game so I wanted to expand him. Being as he is out by himself trapping Rahi all the time, I thought it would be neat to give him a bit of an obsession (especially with the Rahi that almost ended him in the first game.) but then I started asking myself how far should I take this obsession... using explosives to trigger an avalanche... Plus I feel that extreme characters like Hafu's are so much more fun than average ones. I will have to study your reasoning more in depth because I came to almost the opposite conclusion in some aspects when thinking through this myself. Your reasoning does make sense though, so I will thoroughly consider this as I begin to plan out how the Toa will act in the upcoming chapters. Luckily we both agree on Tahu and he will be the first Toa that is seen, so I still have some time before I need to have the others ironed out. I will keep that in mind, although currently the only way to help with the animation grammar is to know a bit of flash, and have access to a flash editing program. However, anyone can help with editing the text when talking with people because that is stored in external text files. Try downloading version 1.2 this might solve your problem because it comes with a Flash Projector. If the projector I attached doesn't work, then try downloading one that fits your computers specifications from this site. It should be a simple matter for me to make the snowboarding game more difficult. So I can change it as well as keep the difficulty in mind when I make the next minigame. Glad you enjoyed the cutscenes, I tried to introduce and show as much of the matoran's character as I could in the short time that you see them. lol, I can try but I'm not sure if this game will ever become more than an "amateur game" I'm only one person whereas Templar had a whole team of artists and programmers working to create the original games. Unfortunately a lot of the odd navigation is inherited from the original game, and I am not skilled enough (yet ) to use the interface from MNOLG II so this is what I'm stuck with. But I think that as you're finding once you get used to the navigation, it isn't so bad. This sounds like a good idea, maybe even a FAQ for all of the common places that people get stuck in. Or what might be even better is a hint-book that doesn't outright tell you what you need to do, but gives you several hints first. I would be willing to check over and help with anything you want to writeup. I might be rolling out a Google site for this game soon because information is easily lost in a discussion forum, and a walkthrough would be a nice addition. I use Flash MX 2004 and Actionscript. Right now I am using the maze generating code from the original game, and this just picks two random "doors" from different "rooms" and links them together. I could make the forest into a Cartesian system, and it wouldn't take me too awful long, i just don't want the forest to become to easy to navigate because it's intent is to to be a bit confusing.
  25. Version 1.2 is out!! (See first post for download links)Unfortunately this does NOT contain any plot progression from Version 1.1, just bug fixes and various other modifications. Also note that due to changing around internal variables your old save games will not work with this update. Some changes include: - Hali has been added to one of the huts in GaKoro. - A wall around GaKoro should appear soon after delivering the letter to Nokama. - Kapura's speech has been updated, and I believe he gives you my first custom item. - TONS of bug fixes and spelling corrections. as seen on the issue list. I originally planned to hold off and include a storyline progression with the bug fix update. However this game getting put up on the news page caused a flood on new people to download and play it, so I decided to release an update with all the bug fixes that I have currently done. Hang tight though, because I am really close to releasing a storyline update as well.
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