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  1. Fair. My head-canon for the colour plot-wise is that the grey-green was a product of age - I know other old characters haven't changed like that, but the Great Beings could have made him out of different stuff (like real metal for his armour or some proto-protodermis), he might not wash and be covered in moss and dust, or he might just have changed his armour in the span of 100,000 years. TBH I just couldn't stand to make him grey, the Phantoka ruined me, and neither green nor grey work that well with the gold of the mask IMO. With the claws I was going for a kinda stylised look, but if that doesn't work for you then that's fine - ideally he would have had Hydraxon claws in gold, but I don't have the pieces for that. Thanks
  2. There's a member on here with the username of Tom.

  3. I tried to follow Greg's description, but it wasn't working so I did this instead - mostly inspired by the Mask of Creation itself. This is my first MOC since Bionicle's return, and it was fun trying to fuse multiple building systems and still have a coherent outcome. It's a fairly straight-forward build, formed around a shadow matoran torso - which I always felt had wasted potential. Feedback welcome, if you want a closer look at anything let me know and I can take some more pictures.
  4. Let's see... Canister setsMataNuvaMetruHordika & HagahInikaMahriBarrakiPhantokaMistika(I have every Toa except Lesovikk) Titans2003200420062008 Small setsMetruranStars
  5. Very clean, very stylish. The colour scheme is nicely understated and the proportions are great. It can be awesome to make massive MOCs with complex colour schemes, but sometimes it's better to keep it simple and get as close to perfect as possible, and you've done a good job here.Although I agree with Bacon! that a translucent stud in the Inika armour would make a great eye, which seems to be lacking at the moment.KUTGW
  6. I watched the first three episodes, and although it's done well, it doesn't really seem like my kind of thing. To give it a proper chance though (without having to watch all of them) what do you guys consider to be the best episode?
  7. Massive spoiler warning, but I think you need to read this. » Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «J.R.R Tolkien Dies.
  8. @Dr. Giggles: he can't, but he convinced them to keep the story going, and he updates it (when he has time to write) on bioniclestory.com

  9. Foolery


    I'm against sexism, but there are certain aspects of feminism which I hate. So if I encounter an annoying feminist, that wikipedia page will make good ammunition to put them in their place. Any feminist against masculism is just a sexist in disguise.
  10. I doubt it, sight is our most developed sense, and the majority of the digital world is visual for that reason. Long bodies of text will always be better written down, because it gives you much more freedom to navigate it, it would be difficult to manage the speed of the voice even if it is made easier to find the part you want. Talking is easier than typing however, so it may be the case that we speak to the computer and it get's turned into text for us so it can be read easily by us or others.
  11. I eat whatever I like, it just takes skill. I've also met a number of girls who find braces particularly attractive, but I still can't wait to have them taken off. They're just so annoying, they make your mouth all awkward and I cut up my tongue on a regs from trying to get food out of them. My teeth weren't even that bad, they're coming off soon though
  12. I think it's time for a practice argument, what's your topic of choice?
  13. I initially thought that he should have all of them, but looking at that list, it would be a bit unnecessary. I think he should only really have a handful of the basic ones To go alongside his fire power: Lightning, Fragmentation, Plasma, bonus Heat Resistance (making him totally immune to fire) Cold Resistance and Heat Vision. General: Teleportation, Gravity, Power Scream, Quick Healing, Illusion, Accuracy, Dodge, Cyclone and Density Control (and possibly Stasis Fields). Ones that he definitely shouldn't have: Darkness, Shapeshifting, Elasticity, Mind Reading, any of the '_______ Control' ones, I think any those would either unbalance or overcomplicate his plotline.
  14. I've been working on my book for a while, and I've got a website which I've been using to promote it for when it's finished. This website has been in my sig for a while and my sources tell me that 14 people have seen this from bzp, so you could have seen it yourself, it has extracts, character bios and an old version from a while ago, but it could have more... I want to do a bzp style short story competition, and I was thinking about also posting it in COT, here. I literally only came up with this idea five minutes ago, but I'm set on doing it. Winners will be canonised and I might use any of the characters from the winners as well, you'll get credited and I'll include a link to your website, blog or social networking profile, you'll be able to show my site to your friends so they can see that you won it. so just giving a heads up and scouting for opinions, here it is btw
  15. iTunes, everything else is for silly people. it's a nice idea though, here's my try at the cba edition: Morning Rain - Trisector Early morning in the town of Quahog, Peter Griffin went out in the rain to get something from the shop. Out of no where, he was tripped from behind. Airborne - Marcus Intalex he flew through the air and landed with a skid Headlock - High Contrast Remix before he could get to his feet, the giant chicken had him in a headlock Survival Of The Fittest - Utah Jazz he wrestled free and got into his stance, it was survival of the fittest now Evah - Jonny L thus ensued a fight scene that seemed to go on forevah Transporter - Logistics as they were fighting, they caused a large vehicle crash Chemicals - MRSA one of the vehicles was containing dangerous chemicals, which spilt on the giant chicken who sizzled an died. Peter walked off towards the horizon, battered an bruised. Inspired by Family guy, music from This Is Drum + Bass [Disc 1], mixed and selected by High Contrast, all rights reserved.
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