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  2. We don leik yer gawdless kahnd heeyer

  3. So you can run and tell that, run and tell that, run and tell that, homeboy, home home homeboy

  4. That is awesome.

    But, it's Rage, not fury. Plus mine actually says Red Lantern. My sig does as well.


    Custom title?

  6. Hey, whatever man. I don't want to be repressed, and I don't want to be bound and gagged either.

  7. I forget B6 and Smeag. Friar Tuck was when I posted in a discussion topic of an BIORPG that had an "evil, atheist king imposing his beliefs on the believers".

    Of course Atheists are substandard so I got in trouble instead of the RPG Maker.

  8. I have no proto. I did tick off B6, Smeag, Friar Tuck, and this one dude who I got into this epic comment battle with over an avatar.

  9. Figure that out for yourself. Basically I ticked off a couple of people. :P

  10. They don't like TAA. Doesn't matter anyway.

  11. So how you explian this sucka? How do you explain the Xo Exia!

  12. Some smack talkin foos been sayin my names Dyslexia.

  13. Good job in Chicken Sources!

  14. I can has Red Ring?

  15. I don't actually live in Italy. I live in the US. The Italy thing is for Ezio.

  16. I'm gonna use that. Thanks!

  17. Even the Altair costume in AC2 has no ring finger. It's basically the model for Altair. They didn't bother to add the beard or finger.

  18. Do you have War for Cybertron?

  19. Plus, no missing finger! :D

  20. Yeah can't talk right now I'm t3xt1ng s0 much lawl. Yeah I hate that too.

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