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  1. Well congratulations, you wasted your time. Now what's the next step in your master plan?
  2. No ups. No downs. Emotion gone. No blood. No soul. Automaton.

  3. 2/5 - Well, I was about to give it a 1.5 but I guess the chorus did redeem it somewhat by having a decent beat. Sorry, but I thought it was genuinely uninteresting in every other regard, and the vocals are just painful to listen to.
  4. I'm 17. Right. Right? Wait what, I'm 21? When the stuffing did that happen?
  5. Is that some bloody Little Witch Academia I'm seeing

  6. 2/5 - Yeah, I can't really say it did much for me. It brings back memories of GTAIV if anything, but it was never a track I would either stop on or pay attention to as it played. Not that I can't see the appeal.
  7. I find looking at the posters, credits, or Wikipedia tends to help. Then again, I already knew Paul Rudd from Anchorman and Friends. You nailed it.Hardly.
  8. Don't forget the architect. 100% busy building stuff, 0% aware what's going on. Have fun sending him to the gallows.
  9. Then I guess I know who all the other Piraka are then.
  10. Yeah, that'll work. Vote for the guy who was siding with one of the two architects still alive. There's no reason he'd think voting for Fishers wouldn't be worthwhile. Anyway, I'll vote for Pahrak and hope Voxumo changes his vote to the obvious Piraka in the room.
  11. I'm incredibly surprised that Kopaka and Melum are £19.99. I thought they'd be the same price as Mask Maker vs Skull Grinder, what with them being the whole little and large concept a second time. I'm a little more interested in them now, I have to be honest now that I know they're £5 less than I feared they'd be. I did expect Umarak to be the same price as Tahu and Onua though. They have the same size box so it seemed right.
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