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  • Birthday 06/05/1995

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    Arizona (USA)
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    -- I enjoy writing when I have inspiration.

    -- I like to draw, with both pencil and computers.

    -- I like Metal, Electronic, and medieval folk music

    -- Non-denominational 'Protestant' Christian, Progressive Old-Earth Creationist. Some training in Christian apologetics. I don't look kindly on rigid, bureaucratic religious organization.

    -- I really enjoy history. I also study cultures, ideologies and religions, not to mention the basics of multiple sciences. My specialty is the Roman Empire (First is from 27 BC to 1204 AD, second is from 1261-1453 but I'm well read on other areas too.

    -- Fantasy and Science Fiction stories usually interest me. Working on my own lore presently.

    Have any questions? PM me. God bless y'all.

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