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  1. Lo, a rare iaredius! Fond of nebulae and Roman art, I have fused them. First made a glowing blue edged edit of dynastic emblem of the Comnenus dynasty, then made my own personal monogram. Tired of a plain black background with only this blue bird, I made the creature somewhat holographic and placed a befitting nebula as its background. Behold!
  2. Most scarce are my website visits these days, but I do enjoy new doodles. Post them at your pleasure, for eventually someone will see them and certainly will enjoy them. And it is always good to have stability be brought back to one's life, God bless.
  3. The toxicity and limitations of discussion is why I also departed this website. What you see now is a rare check up after Lord knows how long. Rest now in your Mauritanian bed Atlas, you deserve it.
  4. 1914 - Eschatology of War 1914 - Blind Leading the Blind Conspiravision: Deus Ex Remixed Devin Townsend Project - Transcendence Eternal Champion - Terminus Est Hu - The Gereg Sabaton - The Great War Juno Reactor - Shango Sinners & Saints: The Ultimate Medieval & Renaissance Music Collection Northumbria - Vinland Odiolab - Medieval Paleowolf - Megalithion Saxon - Thunderbolt Stamatis Spanoudakis - The Marble King Stryper - Fallen Estampie - Signum: Die Stimme des Mittelalters and some Nightwish songs. Next I get paid, you shall see Let There Be Nothing, by Judicator, and Oathbreaker, by Hoth here. EDIT: Judicator - Let There Be Nothing Hoth - Oathbreaker
  5. So the website has returned! Though I do not frequent this site very much, I am glad that something that was once a big part of my life is still kicking. I thought it was to be gone forever. Huzzah, I say! Let this site carry on to the distant mists of time. As a minute life update: my family is moving by the end of this month, recently tried sake for the first time, and I bought my first sword today. I will have you know it was nothing of weebish nature, rather it was a Roman Imperial Spathion. Stay thine katanas, otakus of the occident, I shall abide by hellene steel!
  6. What the... I love this. If you ever have other crazy ideas that can be captured in a drawing, please bless the world by doing more. I know this specific drawing harks to antiquity, but you still got your wits about you!
  7. Many under Roman Imperium (government/rule), with some time after being conquered and newer generations having no connection to the their older kingdoms, would find themselves loyal to the status quo. While the legions existed, there tended to be more loyalty to the general that paid the soldiers rather than the polity itself (it is this reason why the commander-in-chief in the US is elected by the people, albeit without the risk of tyranny that direct democracy would create as seen in ancient pre-Roman Athens). Due to the amount of civil wars this contributed to, this was restructured and legions done away with, but it was around the same time that the germanic foederati states were founded inside of the Imperial borders (reminiscent of tumors TBH), the mass foreign populations flooding into the military service combined with the puppeting of those West Roman Emperors in late antiquity by "barbarian" kings (the very same that ruled some fo these foreigner reservations) and corrupt politicians, made for an disloyal military that when the time came and the strength of the Imperium dwindled to such an extent that they forwent tradition and set up their own kingdoms. To counter this with the historical timing of these things, you would either need to elect your nominal military commander (completely unhistorical) or root out the corruption. In the East Empire, before the twin imperium system was thereafter abolished, this was just done and the corruption conspiracy was destroyed and it allowed the Roman Empire to survive for nigh another thousand years. At the end of it, its the small things in this world that build up and make up the bigger picture that we all see and effects us. Anyway, about national unity. Again, the sharing of the Latin imperium and its military dominance is what first created this, but after this began to wane, there so happened to be a replacement that had been seeded back in the early days of the Empire, Christianity. For a long time, the Roman Empire's domination over church affairs across its borders and beyond made their strain of the faith the national unifier. It is only with the religious dissent of the early papacy (not for noble reasons mind you, look up the Donations of Cosntantine) that this unifier was splintered. After most of the Empire's land had been gone from dominating the mediterranean world to just holding out in Greece, modern-Turkey, and south Italy in the course of just less than 200 years, and Greek having been the dominant language of the east mediterranean since Alexander the Great until the Caliphates, and Latin having been 'hijacked' by 'uncultured barbarians', the Roman Empire in its medieval Hellenization became xenophobic to things not-Greek. Classical Latin was still treasured but later variants were scorned upon as children tainting a masterpiece painting. This would lead to Europe, or "the Emergent West" as Emperor Manuel Comnenus would call them, living in a different reality from the Roman Empire, and vice versa for them (this along with a clash of egos would lead to the Great Schism of 1054, a debate that wouldn't be settled until the Empire's destruction in 1204). So they had achieved nationalism, but with their military might, and after the battles of Manzikert and later Myriokephalon, the weight of its legacy, and their general advancement, they became haughty and prideful in the face of the 'child' nations that surrounded them, which didn't make them any friends aside from a distant Ruthenia (divided, pre-Russia). Ever since Venice, a former vassal of the Roman Empire, was hired by the Emperor Alexius Comnenus and their subsequent assisting in Crusader transport, Italians (westerners) had come to dominate Roman economics, and his grandson Manuel had been open to Westernization (even hosting jousts in the ancient Hippodrome circus), which to the Romans was appalling as they were just 'barbarians' and Rhomania was the holy pie in the sky, so the last Comneni, Andronicus Comnenus exterminated the foreign merchantile class in a genocide of "latins" to purify the country of these 'vampires' but the Italians and French had two revenges, one being a war and the next being the later Sack of Constantinople in the failed fourth crusade of 1204. Ever since their foundations in mythic times the Romans had been haughty and looked down upon their neighbors, even the Greeks (though to a lesser degree) of whom they by seeming-fate had shifted over to adopt and become over the course of a thousand years (a detail that will always fascinate me). They felt superior (some more than others), and for a long time backed it up (longer than anyone else in-fact, and that fact is what makes them important), but in the end they fell to the trap of death and demise that all things mortal shall succumb too, like all civilizations and even this very cosm we presently inhabit. Now, as for philosopher monarchs, the Roman Empire had a few of these. Vespasian was idealistic, but perhaps not a philosopher. Marcus Aurelias was indeed a philosopher. So too was Leo VI Makedon (the tortured soul). Many emperors after its complete Christianization ahd to dabble in theology seeing as to the theocratic nature of their job, but some were more enthusiastic about this than others. The thing is that the Roman Empire always seemed to be at war, at first to spread its own glory across the world, then to keep its economy afloat in order pay for all the people they absorbed, and later on after they lost most of this land they had to continue to fight to survive against near-constant invasions and civil wars, and so because of these things barracks emperors tend to be more common than taking time to do deep thinking while you gave military control to a general who very well could jsut take the army you gave him and jsut make himself emperor. Doesnt' mena amny fo them didn't see the value in such stuff though, so they promoted wise thinkers, so logn as they were not heretical or did not become corrupt and succumb to treason.
  8. I have a discord server. Check out the profile if you want to look at it.

  9. As a subtitle to this post, I have discovered the term for this passing of realized, prophecied divine power in a polity, Translatio Imperii.
  10. Let us know what you decided to pen. The tales writ by thine mind have been fascinating in times past.
  11. Mortal Kombat 11 Game's story was great, and I like the customization, but the game feels like a slight backwarding from MK10. Where is Takeda dude? and Kronika's design lacks inspiration given her stature in the pantheon. Crusader Kings 2 My go-to game if you have frequented the topic long enough. With the release of Holy Fury, Great Works, and Iron Century (those last two content add-ons being free) there has been a lot of new stuff to try out. Created the HRE as Otto Liudolfinger "the Great", but as the realm historically was nto called the Holy Roman Empire at this time i decided to go with a German spelling for Roman empire, Romisches Reich (I was blessed that sweet sweet Translatio Imperii by the Papacy, yum). Umayyad Caliphate of Andalusian Cordoba enslaved the Christian resistance in Spania and invaded Aquitaine, and the Pope called for a crusade over a century earlier than our time-line to liberate Aquitaine. I partook in the liberation and my son Liudolf Liudolfinger was awarded being a duke. Decades later after squabbling with heretical kings and vikings, a new Crusade was called for to liberate the enslaved Christians of Egypt (who their lot had not yet been entirely economically draiend by the sharia humiliation tax and not been forced to choose between death or islamic conversion). I partook in that, Otto now being in his 70's and owner of a lush beard. while this was happening, Liudolf had his titles robbed by a greedy Occitanian King (who by now had expanded his realm by liberating Catalonia), who became paranoid after being humbled by conquering invasion of Gaul by heathen Denmark and an opportunistic Venice, so now exiled and titleless, Liudolf became my benefactor for my deeds in the Nile. Otto's Romisches Reich ended up being the primary polity to aid in the endeavor, so Liudolf Liudolfinger became King of the Crusader State of Egypt, effectively making him a German Pharaoh. We shall see if our catholic Liudolf will be as schismatic about religion as Roman Emperor Heraclius was, whose caesaropapism was so tyrannical that the Coptic Egyptians invited the Rashidun Caliphate to conquer them, ensuring the enslavement of their poor countrymen and their very own descendants when funds eventually ran dry). Now I am presently given the choice to continue playing as Otto "the Benelovent" or as Liudolf "the Holy". Kingdom Come: Deliverance Playing in the Holy Roman Empire in CK2 made me have an itching to try out Kingdom Come: Deliverance once more. Last time I played it I got distracted with other video games and never got back to it. I am restarting from the beginning so as to prevent psychological disenchantment, which is a crime in of itself as the game's atmosphere is indeed enchanting. if you ahve patience i reccomend this game to any who like open-world RPGs (like Elder Scrolls), just don't expect magical stuff. Oh, and God bless Father Godwin, the best parish priest of all the land, man is a legend, lmao.
  12. Two weeks ago, i ordered CDs and came to forget the parcels twain. Then they arrived hours before my birthday (Wedn). So in a sense, I gave myself a surprise birthday gift, haha. Where Stories End, by DarkwaterHuman, by Darkwater Bought these for the Symphony X feel they have. While good, Where Stories End has a list of songs where one sounds similar to the next. Why I Bleed still stands as the best on there, the song that led me to buying the album. Haven't gotten around to listening to the physical product itself, but I remember enjoying Human a lot more when giving it a taste a month prior on YouTube. We'll see if that is the case after-all or not upon a relisten.
  13. Fields of Sorrow, by Darkwater Need more RJ Dio fans in this world.
  14. The website still had strength after Bionicle's intial demise due to just how inspirational and impactful it was to so many people's childhood. BZP survived from the powerful fumes of legacy. The source of the website's demise ties directly to the underwhelming performance of Bionicle's G2 run. All focus went to the new run but was pumped up by shallow hype, as it turned out to be a let down. Gone was the steady pace of legacy fumes as it was shoved aside by a quick interest spike that as quickly went away and took with it all the previous interest when G2 died so abruptly. Poetic really: Bionicle created BZPower, and Bionicle ended up killing it.
  15. Been a while since I have bought music. But I needed some new tunes, so I went to a local music shop (best to try to keep your money local and fuel the state economy) and got some new stuff. Vol. 4, by Black SabbathSabbath Bloody Sabbath, by Black SabbathSabotage, by Black SabbathMagma, by Gojira
  16. Hello folks. I have a Teepublic store. It mostly covers obscure history stuff but I also publish designs that I like (including the UDD). Its not much, but the extra 2-5 bucks that comes my way each purchase is nice. Thank you for visiting. https://www.teepublic.com/user/iaredios
  17. I feel similar to this. I would have to aim to become a professor in history, and I am not sure if I want to teach for a living, and considering my specialties (medieval and late antiquity history) it may be too 'controversial' and I may have to both fight the system while working just so I can teach. I have other skills, but not only am I not sure if anyone ahs use for them, but also seeing how volatile society is becoming and confusing propaganda lies I see through just makes me want to retreat into a cabin where I would grow for my own food and medicine, and live near a small town for necessary purchases.
  18. A cool artistic design featuring a dragon and a wing with technic designs. Horn layout reminds me of Pokemon.
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