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    Like many other people here, I love to read. The Bible, Bionicle books, Halo stories, Lord of the Rings, To Kill a Mocking Bird, are some of my personal favorites. I'm also a Christian, but since they don't really like us talking about religion I guess that's all I'll say about that. I would have to say that music/singing is a HUGE part of my life. At any time of the day you would probably catch me humming some kind of tune. I haven't picked up an instrument yet but I hope to do so someday. I like a ton of bands. Some of the top ones right now would be Linkin Park, Mika, DC talk, Toby Mac, Kutless, Tenacious D, Green Day, Red Hot Chillie Peppers, and Chevelle, along with many others. I also like classic, some country, jass, saulsa and some types of pop. In addition to Bionicle, I am really into the Halo universe. The books and the games create a whole new experience for me. Look me up on Bungie.net if you want to see my stats. Or you can send me a friend request. (my gamertag is BlueIncendia if you want to play, just tell me your from Bzpower.) I also really like the Machinima videos that people upload. Arby N Chief, Matchmaking and Pre game Lobby are some of my favorites. I am also very interested in rocks and minerals. Swimming is also another thing that I love to do. This summer I will be doing a lot of bodybording in L.B.I. New Jersey. If you are still reading this I have to truly admire your dertermination. :p<br /><br />See you around!

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  1. In appropriate amounts they are amazing. Too much of one color can ruin a color scheme though. Except trans-purple. Everything needs to be trans-purple.
  2. I loved the complexity of the story and how every aspect of the world was filled with information. Be it the names of the masks, rahi, species of beings, islands and all the artifacts of power. Everything had a title and a purpose. It was truly a universe that someone could immerse themselves in and as a child I loved it all.
  3. I remember my first time being exposed to Bionicle. It was early 2000 right after Christmas. I had received some new sets for the holiday and a little catalog had come with them showing off all the new sets for the coming season. I browsed through it with enthusiasm because I loved Lego and then all of the sudden...BAM There they were, all six of the original Toa Mata standing united with the huge title BIONICLE behind it. IT BLEW MY SEVEN YEAR OLD MIND AWAY. Days passed and I kept turning to that page just staring at them wanting to get them so badly. My mind was buzzing with the possibilities these sets had. I can recall how excited I was when my dad took me to Toys R Us one sunny afternoon some weeks later and I was able to get Onua and Pohatu as my first ever Bionicle sets all those years ago. Every set I got had a story and feel to it. Takanuva, Vakama Hordika, Matoro Inika to name a few, all were such cool experiences. Even with the new wave of sets me and my best friend drove all over our state hunting down as many of the new sets as we could find. So while it may be over Bionicle and Lego were able to give me some cherished memories that I'll always have.
  4. Very nice Gundam. The smooth transitions between system and technic make it look very sleek and uniform. Great job!
  5. Happy birthday BZ it's been a great run so far. This site is the best!
  6. Entry #1 Entry Name: Lucernia Entry Picture: https://www.flickr.com/photos/128183477@N05/15620825906/in/set-72157646673284443/ Full Album: https://www.flickr.com/photos/128183477@N05/sets/72157646673284443/
  7. Hmmm my moc uses the Infected Hau from the 2001 Muaka and Kane Ra set is this part allowed? Also would it be allowed to use a blacklight to make fluorescent parts glow?
  8. I'm kind of excited for this reboot but I am quite sad as well. I traveled with the Toa since 2001. I watched, read and built their way to victory. I saw Kopaka being reborn on the beaches of Mata Nui, I read when Lewa gets corrupted by a Krana. I remember Tahu challenging Zaktan in a bladefight. I recall Gali Nuva fighting to gain her Kakama. My eyes were glued to the screen when I watched Pohatu save Hafu. I can still feel the despair when Onua's strength was siphoned by the Rahkshi. After so many adventures and challenges I almost feel as though a good friend has suddenly lost their memory. I understand that they needed to reboot the story to bring in more fans but I still feel resentful when they assign "quirks" to these new Toa. The original six already had relatable flaws that made them feel real. (and they were much more subtle and intriguing). Like I said, I am excited, but part of me will always be saddened that they didn't continue the stories of my childhood heroes.
  9. ^This sounds like such an amazing plan.^ It's funny but I had a feeling that it wasn't the end for Bionicle and I rode this hype train all the way to the station of happiness! I can't wait to see what the sets look like. P.S. Looks like Bzpower has a new spinny on the way, how kind of TLG to animate it for you guys already XD
  10. I love the unified theme of this Toa team. I also really love Xyleke and Kolasi for their color schemes. Sometimes simplicity is the source of beauty. : )
  11. I would so love to have one of these beauties. The Kaukau looks so official. Awesome job!
  12. How much do you want for 1 protodermic Kau Kau Nuva, 1 proto Kakama Nuva and 1 proto Miru Nuva?
  13. Well I believe this year I will go without buying any of these sets. This idea is interesting, but it takes the concept too far away from that of Bionicle's for me to be interested.
  14. I'd have to say my favorite would be Onua Mata's original black Pakari. It was one of the first masks I ever saw and I loved its shape. Onua was also my first toa ever. Oh the good old days...
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