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  1. Licence and registra-...

  2. Oh please, not Left 4 Dead 3. I personally have a strange felling that they'll announce Opposing Force 2. It will be the best thing in the universe.
  3. Get behind me Doktor!

  4. This is the beast troll ever. And I'm his 1337th profile view :D

  5. Portal 2 was recently announced. *WORD THAT WOULD BE BLOCKED BY WORD FILTER* Yeah!
  6. Nice TF2 avatar. Guessing you play the Spy? :P

  7. http://www.bzpower.com/forum/



  8. Which Metal Gear games do you have/like?

  9. Sniper Wolf no Sniping!

  10. I see you like MGS. Raiden in MGS4 was awesome.

  11. Are you the Tokaru that made the Toa Impruva? I love those MoCs.

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