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  1. botor died.

    matoro died.

    lewa didn't.

  2. you know bones, why not go write a book on all of this stuff aready? how do you get these ideas? i agree with you on every thing.
  3. still, thats the name i call you by. better than la.

  4. 1-i see 3-great. 4-what you are now. 5-and what if i'm on the list? you never know. 8-well, you had better hurry, cause i hate waiting two minets just to look at some thing. 11-no mass effect? darn. 13-hmm, so staff can't do those type of things? i've lost all want to become one. then again, bones does. 14-well, spirit does.... 15-i liked the dvds better. much better sound.
  5. spam,spam,spam.

    thanks for making a birthday topic for me, luke! :P

  6. am, when will the topic for the CoT contest winner?

  7. ah, late commenting. 1-so you mean you didn't? 2-so, Minnesota.... 3-you liked it? sure hope those breaks were lunch breaks..... 4-i liked it to. 5-you enjoyed your three days of non-staffieness? 6-"if you treat one nice if life, do so in the internet" 7-oh, so that crie wasn't you i heard..... 9-how odd, i liked it to.
  8. happy birthday, la!

  9. say, i can't see your profile pic...

  10. hey le34, are you going to help with my movie?

  11. i've got as meny as anaken

  12. why i'm i about to do this in your pofile? because i felt like doing it.... fffooooodd!

  13. nice and a good writer

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