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Status Updates posted by Onaku

  1. *Slithers into DMs* Hey baby, you ever seen a rahkshi fly at mach 5 straight out of the stratosphere and into the sun?

    1. Voxumo


      *Reports this to the cops* Yes Officer, I don't know exactly what he said, but I feel filthy after having read it.

  2. I feel out of my element...

  3. Back in my element :3

  4. Well it's been going well so far. Just have to hope it doesn't... oh, nope, there it goes.

  5. Finally. Earth. My element.

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    2. Onaku


      I have no ducks to give.

    3. Voxumo


      Lies, to be inclined to not give a duck, you must first have a duck to be inclined to not give.

    4. Onaku


      My inclinations are not tied to my possessions, plebeian.

  6. So much for Karma Houdini

    1. Makuta Luroka

      Makuta Luroka

      I built it up too much too fast.

  7. At first I thought your avatar was good ol' Obi Wan Kenobi sporting his Episode 2 mullet.

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    2. Ride Another Day

      Ride Another Day

      Geralt Roger Eric du Haute-Bellegarde.


      Or just Geralt of Rivia, The Butcher of Blaviken, The White One, White Wolf, Gwynbleidd, Ravix of Fourhorn, or sometimes called by common folk as Whitelocks.

    3. Onaku
    4. Ride Another Day

      Ride Another Day

      I'm a nerd when it comes to this. Expect craziness.

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    2. Voxumo


      Fiine, I didn't want to be here anyway.

    3. Onaku


      Then why were you here to begin with?!!

    4. Voxumo


      *Stutters and stammers* N... Nerds! *Runs off*

  8. Ohey nice Mandelbrot sig :D

    1. Taka Nuvia

      Taka Nuvia

      Hi there, and thanks! :D

  9. It was... inevitable

    1. Dane-gerous


      Coming soon, Danepak Smoked

    2. Onaku


      You filthy stinking liar

  10. Guardian of Ice, reporting for duty

    1. Dane-gerous


      Bloody snow brains.

    2. Onaku


      Darn stones-for-brains

  11. Finally, I think I've got my avatar just about right...

  12. And then the Onaku was gone... And Oko the Matoran arose once more

  13. Am I glad he's frozen in there and we're out here...

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    2. Onaku


      The caveman... he's the sheriff!

    3. Kovsorr the Collectinator

      Kovsorr the Collectinator

      ...and that he's the sheriff, and that we're frozen out here, and that we're in there and I just remembered we're out here. What I wanna know is where's the caveman?

    4. Electric Light Gunhaver

      Electric Light Gunhaver

      Watch me swooce right in!

  14. You know what? **** it. I'm Megatron now. S*** it, Autobots!

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    2. Onaku


      I have no need for earthly snacks, Jakura. I am a cybertronian, and I am in no short supply of energon!

    3. Jakura Nuva

      Jakura Nuva

      Alright, then, have the Cybertronian equivalent!

    4. Bonkle


      I'll just um.... go solve a mystery away from the deathly Cybertronian

  15. Don't be hasty.

  16. It may not be a fancy life, but it's a life.

  17. If you're waiting on a post from me, and it's been at least three days since you made that post, pm me. If it's been over a week, PLEASE pm me IMMEDIATELY.

  18. I am back from the prison of finals that kept me for so long. Time to enjoy Christmas.

  19. Busy with finals until the 14th of December. Don't hold your breath, you'll suffocate.

  20. Wow, there hasn't been any activity here for a veeeery long time.

  21. I've started school again, so if I tend to post less than usual, that's the reason why.

    1. silo


      excuses excuses onkoo

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