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    *Programming<br />*Computer Art<br />*Guitar (Fender)<br />*The Beatles<br />*Making fun of stupid people<br />*Playing TBRPGs<br />*Physics<br />*Chemistry<br />*Video Games<br />--Megaman<br />--SimCity 4<br />--Half-Life<br />--An Untitled Story<br />--Leppy's games<br />--Hamurabi<br />--Super Star Trek<br />*Reading<br />--A Confederacy of Dunces<br />--Harry Potter<br />--A Series of Unfortunate Events<br />--Pendragon<br />--Inheritance<br />--Catcher in the Rye<br />--Bionicle<br />--Foundation<br />--The Martian Chronicles<br />--Nemesis<br />--I, Robot<br />--Dreaming in Code<br />--Fahrenheit 451<br />*Web Design<br />--XHTML<br />--CSS<br />--Javascript<br />*Star Trek

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  1. Your sig says 'Momotaro-Chan', right? I just wanna see if my Japanese-reading skills are up to scratch.

  2. Dokuma's and Nuju Metru's blogs are personal favorites.
  3. Good idea. Maybe the flagship could a Star Cruiser, like an Avenger, which are supposed to be used for that.
  4. Momotaro

    Starship Name

    USS Lincoln USS Savior USS New Jersey USS Ahl (look up David Ahl) USS Mauchly-Eckert
  5. A collection of some old, but great, text-only computer games. My favorites are Hamurabi and Super Star Trek. Hamurabi is a crude simulation of an ancient city-state, Sumer. You allocate bushels of grain to plant and grow more, feed to your people, and buy more land. It's challenging, but can get addicting. An interseting story behind it is that the real name of the city's ruler is Hammurabi, but the second 'm' was dropped when the game was put into David Ahl's book of BASIC computer games, in order to limit the name to 8 characters. (BASIC is an old programming language.) Super Star Trek is, like Hamurabi, famous, though not to the same extent. You take control of the USS Enterprise, traversing the galaxy on a mission to destroy the Klingon ships that menace the Federation. Every game has randomized locations of stars, starbases, and Klingons; number of stardates until the Federation is conquered, unless you defeat the Klingons; and number of Klingons. You can control the amount of energy available to shields and phasers in battle, as well as firing photon torpedoes that destroy Klingon ships in one hit, as long as your defined trajectory doesn't make it miss. Captain Kirk's crew even talks to you, responding to your orders. It's a really cool game, and you can be playing it for long stretches of time without even realizing it. Though I prefer this version, a more complicated version with Romulans, supernovae, and automatic trajectory calculation, among other features, can be found here. The rest of the games are pretty great, too. Just because they don't have graphics, it doesn't mean they can't be good!
  6. Momotaro

    New Things

    Woohoo, 4th of July So, my birthday is on the 12th, followed by Captain Picard's the next day. I really don't have any idea what I want though... :/ But, on the other hand, my cousins from Colorado are coming over and I'm celebrating both my and my aunt's birthdays, so that's a plus. As for books, Pendragon is over, Harry Potter is over, Hitchhiker's Guide is over. I've got the second half of Sherlock Holmes to read, but after that my library's run dry. Any book recommendations? Kk, geek stuff. Um. Haven't been doing much pixel art lately, but I've been working on my fic, playing SimCity, and doing other stuff, so it's all good. The major thing I've been doing is working on an XHTML template for a business me and my dad are starting, which kept me up late a few nights in a row (not a bad thing, I love that kind of stuff.) I'd just link to the site, but since that isn't allowed, I'll just give the template. How does it look?
  7. This. Also, you should be able to use the mask powers of the masks you collect, and when you change masks, there needs to be that sound effect from MNOG. And Kapura flatulence. Somewhere, somehow, we NEED Kapura flatulence.
  8. Momotaro


    Because Metru Nui is awesome.
  9. I'm pretty sure you win, then use whatever is beaten by what you last used. Also, start with rock, because almost everyone starts with scissors. So, you do rock, scissors, paper, rock. That's what works for me, anyway.
  10. Could I get one with Charizard, Zapdos, Beedrill, Snorlax, Kadabra, and Hitmonchan? Thanks.
  11. Protesting? Or, perhaps, cheering?
  12. Momotaro


    What do you mean, wasted?
  13. Momotaro

    Yayshmor It Snow

    Wow, did it snow everywhere on Earth, or do you all just live on the east coast? We're supposed to get somewhere around two feet. It's awesome!
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