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  1. I hate it when the advertised size of an SD card is not what it actually is, and not jsut because of the natural loss... Advertised as 4 GB, is actually 3.8 according to Linux, and after one quick thing being used on it, it have 3.4 GB left. Just, what.

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    2. Blessed Blade

      Blessed Blade

      I have tons of music. I'd rather swap SD cards than connecting and manually swapping. =P

    3. >_<


      Yeah, but it'd still be nice to fill up a ludicrously large SD-card first, before having to swap to the other ones.

      But for that project of mine I still need it to be as fast and large as possible, partially because swapping the card out midway would cause the entire thing to go into a Code Red Meltdown

    4. Blessed Blade

      Blessed Blade

      Hahaha, that's very true. =P Yeah, a terabyte card would be nice, but I'd rather a speedy card than an expansive one, since I can multi-purpose it. =P

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