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  1. IC: Yaushe - After All This Time...

    Yaushe's voice crackled to life from the bridge's speaker. "I just climb on in, I guess. Settle in. Makes flying and driving a bit easier, actually. Like I'm moving my own body instead of pulling levers and flipping switches on a machine. Though I, uh, do that part too."

    As if to demonstrate, she flipped one or two switches, to no apparent effect.

    @Toru Nui@BULiK

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  2. IC: Mega - Yaushe's Van

    Mega was going to ask Navu what exactly that look was for, when Triage spoke up. "Well, we heard her over the comms. Or, I assume it was her. Haven't actually heard her voice before, but she did say her-"

    Berys' call interrupted her, and despite everything, she smiled. Thank goodness... she hoped this wasn't some kind of trick.


    IC: Yaushe - The Taku

    Only a little annoyed she'd been ignored- it was the calling of a ceasefire, after all, and she was more than happy to stop the fight, herself- she was more concerned about the call put out. The Matoran had agreed? She'd assumed that the attacking party was the one that couldn't be reasoned with, given the circumstances, but... Well, she was hearing it from one of the people firing on the ship, she assumed. They were surely going to be a little biased... the same way people aboard the Taku were going to be a little biased their way.

    Something familiar tugged at the back of her mind, but she couldn't for the life (or death) of her figure out what.

    Instead, she focused her power and willed the storm to disperse. If the fighting was over, that was all she needed to hear. Clouds gave way to stars once more.

    She'd never had this magnitude of power at her metaphorical fingertips before. It was... strange. Usage of it was tentative, because she felt as if she was going to overexert something... but never did. She hadn't wanted to push too far; she'd never taken over something this big before, and didn't want to find out the hard way what the limits were.

    She looked around, and noted the very damaged ship below them. In the gunfire and rush to protect the ship, she hadn't really registered much else except protecting those on board.

    "This is Yaushe, currently... flying the Taku," she said over the same radio frequency she'd received the message from. "I see a damaged ship close to ground. Do you need assistance landing safely?"

    Might as well offer. Make a good impression for a peace treaty and all that.

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  3. IC: Mega - Yaushe's Van

    Mega nodded to Triage with a smile. "Thanks, pumpkin. I reckon that would've been thunder outside, by the sounds of things... and by the fact we got a Toa of Lightning manning the ship, apparently."

    Mega went to say something as Zsann wordlessly left, but was interrupted by noticing poor Navu wasn't doing well. She reluctantly left Triage's noodle-like arms to approach Navu. "Hey, it's okay. Just thunder out there."




    IC: Yaushe - The Taku

    It was almost as if things had settled. Nothing was exploding, she had one other ship to worry about but it seemed unable to use its main weapon. From the speaker in the pilot's seat came a sigh of relief. "Think it's almost over."

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  4. IC: Yaushe - The Taku

    Yaushe completed her u-turn and set about dodging stray fire with surprising skill. It felt natural, as if she had flown before... not as natural as the van, but...

    Her reverie was interrupted by the sight of one of the ships, the only one not crashing (let them have parachutes, or something...), firing on the village.

    They'd evacuated, hadn't they? Surely they had... but... she still had to try and stop the carnage.

    Power crackled under the Taku's mighty metallic skin as Yaushe tensed, feeling the stormclouds that had been gathering, and reached out with her power, calling for their aid. The heavens answered, in a voice that boomed loud enough to rattle windows on the ground:


    The Taku, under Yaushe's influence, shared in her natural resistance to electricity. Other ships, however, would find some of their systems facing electrical interference. Airships really shouldn't fly in storms, after all.


    IC: Mega - The Taku, Yaushe's Van

    Mega, who had turned to reply to Triage, instead nearly fell out of the van from the sound. "Gah!"

  5. IC: Mega - Taku, Yaushe's Van Sans Yaushe

    As Triage saw to his patients, Mega noted the Matoran curled up and panicking in the corner. After a quick glance at Zsann- still asleep, poor thing- she approached Navu and awkwardly put her hand on her shoulder.

    "Uh, hey there." Now, this was tricky. It was very hard to convince someone not to panic in a situation in which panicking was the sanest response. She settled with, "You gotta get yourself together, now. Panickin' ain't gonna help nobody."

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  6. IC: Yaushe - Taku

    Yaushe laughed a bit, sounding a little more like a wheeze. "Well, let's hope it's not the latter, yeah?"

    Yaushe kept gathering the stormclouds. Stars were starting to fade from the night sky under them. As a Toa, this would likely have been an incredibly taxing affair, but the Taku afforded her much greater power. She said to Berys, "I think I can throw them off a bit, get us some distance."

  7. IC: Yaushe - Taku

    The speaker nearest Berys crackled to life; Yaushe had worked out how to use only one. "... Sorry. I was getting really jumpy, strapped down in the cargo bay, and... well, there are other people in there, you know?"

    She paused, and then added quickly, "Not that you're not a good pilot or anything. I just... I think I've done a lot of this sort of thing. It gets kind of fuzzy. And, hey, turns out your airship can generate a lot of power, huh?"

  8. IC: Mega and Yaushe - Taku

    Mega nodded,a little shakily- though trying to show a brave face. "Alright, pumpkin. Just like Po-Koro."

    She helped him carry the two, towards the van, who was...

    Freaking out, as it turned out.

    Yaushe shook as gunfire rattled the floor, and yelled in alarm from the laser fired right through. One of the bullets had ricocheted off her, thankfully not doing much more than scratching her paint job, but that was FAR too close for comfort.

    Mega tugged at the back door, and it took her a moment to register and unlock the door. Mega set someone down. "Yaushe, can you look after these folk?"

    No answer.


    "Who..." Fear was giving way to panic, and from there to anger. "Who is DRIVING this thing?!"

    "Uh, not sure, darlin'-"

    "People are getting hurt in here, and what is GOING ON I can't just SIT HERE-"

    Sparks were beginning to jump from her wheels. Mega wasn't sure how to comfort her- they WERE in a flying ship with a hole in it, after all. "Settle down, Yaushe-"

    "Settle down?! There's a HOLE!"

    The van was... glowing.

    "That's it! Whoever's out there had better cut it out, there's a STORM COMING!"

    A flash from below the van, and then sparks branched along the floor, the walls, the ceiling-

    Yaushe _sunk_.

    It was like going from a house to a coliseum. It stunned her for a moment, suddenly the world felt so much smaller, she was afloat, she could feel controls that almost felt familiar but she couldn't figure out why-

    "All set, Toa. Fire it up."

    Yaushe tried not to look behind as she tilted the controls of the airship. She was sure she didn't want to know, all that mattered was finishing the job.

    - Had she flown one before?

    Next, she realised, was the electricity. Airships could generate much more power than a van, and she could feel it buzzing through her new body like blood, thrumming with life, ready for action.

    She felt someone in the pilot's seat, pulling on the controls. She shook them off in the politest fashion she could muster.

    Then, she realised there was a speaker system. Which was good, because she was pretty sure people were going to be very confused.

    People on board the Taku would hear a voice through the speakers. For some, it might sound a little familiar, but instead of machine noise forced into Matoran speech, it was a real speaking voice. A little rough around the edges, but still, a recognisable voice.

    "Hey," the voice said. "Name's Yaushe. See if you can get that hole patched up. I'll try and stop us from getting any more of them."

    As she began evasive manouevres, increasing altitude as she finished the u-turn, she concentrated, feeling the atmosphere, electricity crackling across her hull. Pulling, pulling...


    In the air, storm clouds were rolling in, seemingly out of nowhere.

    Better keep yourself tethered.


    OOC: sorry this is rushed. Will prettify it later. Also got permission for am become airship and triage bunny

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  9. IC: Mega - The Taku

    It didn't feel right to be huddled up in a warm van while all this was going on. She headed to the closest of the two NPCs who had strapped down Yaushe, and said, "Look, I ain't gonna be much help fightin- don't think my gun's gonna do much against an airship- but I'm pretty handy 'round a wrench. Anything I can do to help?"


    IC: Yaushe - Also on the Taku

    She closed her doors to keep the warm air in, and then noted Zsann's distress. She had the sudden, odd desire to offer some kind of comfort- a hand on the shoulder, a hug, anything- but... she had no hands, no arms, nothing.

    She did the best she could, bringing her seatbelt around in some kind of pseudo-hug. Poor Zsann.

    She had come to realise that she couldn't do all that much from inside the van. At least, nothing to help the fight outside. So, instead, she just tried to muster some warmth out of a seatbelt's embrace.

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  10. IC: Yaushe - The Taku, Cargo Bay

    Yaushe emitted a lengthy sigh, in the form of a drawn-out groaning strut.

    "Yeah," she said. "A lot. You ever had a 'burger'? Don't remember what they are, exactly, but I remember they were great."

    Her reverie was interrupted by a chill, and for a single horrified second, she thought it was the cold she felt briefly when jumping between vessels, like somehow she was drifting out. But she quickly realised it wasn't that kind of cold, it was physical, it was real. She fired up her heater for Zsann.

    @Toru Nui

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  11. IC: Yaushe - The Taku, Cargo Bay

    Yaushe's player was floundering for an appropriate answer. So, Yaushe replied, "Nothing special. Fuel's more a backup tank, anyway. Mainly run on electricity... but you can imagine how hard it is to find a compatible outlet around. And using elemental power can get exhausting, honestly. How about you?"

    The last part was asked with, as near as one could tell,  a hint of humour.

    @Toru Nui

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  12. IC: Yaushe - Taku


    Yaushe's engine revved, and electricity lashed about her wheels- but it was controlled, and her power kept it from leaping at the others.

    "Some things, I don't feel as strongly attuned to my powers," Yaushe rumbled against her engine. "Smaller things, I think. Haven't been in anything much bigger than my van, though."

    @Toru Nui @A-tak-nid @Tarn

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  13. IC: Yaushe - Taku

    "Fatal crushing injury, if I had to guess. Turns out van lifts aren't all that stable in an earthquake. Woke up like this... and my old body was underneath. Not very alive. Or alive at all."

    Yaushe paused.

    "Preferred the van ever since. Not as fragile. And, since I can't remember all that much before this... it keeps me..."

    Storm's comin', Yaushe

    Keep yourself tethered

    "... feeling tethered. To my old self, that is. Pretty sure I lived in here before."

    @Toru Nui @A-tak-nid @Tarn

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  14. IC: Yaushe - Perfectly Normal Van Talk

    Curses. She'd ruined a chance to mess with Triage. Though, the first time she did the whole Normal Van trick, he'd looked like he was going to cry, and that would be pretty mean to do again.

    "You could say that," she said instead. "And yeah,  I'm a person. A Toa, in fact. Just missing the corporeal bits."

    @A-tak-nid @Toru Nui @Tarn

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  15. OOC: I'm assuming that the Taku has levelled out, will edit if this isn't the case

    IC: Yaushe and Mega - Taku

    To Navu, Yaushe rumbled and ground out, "I guess. Don't like being tied down, but... not much of a choice."

    "Wanna hop in my gun again, hun?" Mega asked Yaushe, climbing out herself. If Triage was looking her way, she offered him a smile and a wink.

    "Thanks, but guns don't really move on their own all that well, either. I'll manage. Not much else I can transfer into. Besides, even tied down, nothing beats my van."

    @Toru Nui @A-tak-nid @Tarn

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  16. IC: Yaushe and Mega - Nyoom

    Yaushe's engine rumbled, and she was about to say something else when the ground started shifting beneath her. Sure enough, the cables were keeping her in place like a big seatbelt.

    Mega chuckled a little, seated and belted, and said, "It's better than slidin' all 'round the place, ain't it?"

    "... I guess. Maybe. Little bit."

    @BULiK @A-tak-nid @Toru Nui

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  17. IC: Yaushe - Wheee

    Yaushe quickly determined she didn't like flying. The revelation came when she was about two metres off the ground. They were getting rather high, no dirt beneath her wheels, only a crushing drop below...

    Then they were moved, and her tank dropped as she moved into the cargo bay. Yaushe relaxed somewhat when her wheels touched the cargo bay's floor... and then she had something being strapped over her.

    "Hey!" she barked in surprise, the harsh crank of metal expressing more surprise than actual fury. "What gives?!"

    @A-tak-nid @Toru Nui @BULiK

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  18. IC: Yaushe and Mega - Big Greb

    Arnex would be treated to the sight of a van appearing to steel itself at the sight of the claw.

    "Y'awright?" Mega asked Yaushe.

    Yaushe grumbled back, "Your boyfriend's buddies better not scratch my paint job."

    Mega laughed. "Aw, don't worry. I can touch it up, easy."

    Mega recalled that, to do this, she'd need her workshop, and her smile slipped a little.

    @BULiK @A-tak-nid @Toru Nui

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  19. IC: Yaushe and Mega - Nyoom

    After a harrowing high-speed drive through the streets of Metru-Koro, Yaushe came to a controlled halt before the Taku.

    "... Thanks, Yaushe," Mega said after a few minutes, evidently a little rattled. She shook her head, peered up at the airship, and then turned to Triage. "Y' got a way of having 'em open up for us, darlin'? Or do we just give 'em a holler?"

    @A-tak-nid @Tarn @Toru Nui

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  20. IC: Yaushe - Nyoom

    "Right," Yaushe rumbled, checking her mirrors. "Shouldn't take too long. Hold onto something, if you want."

    After making sure everyone was buckled in (safety first), Yaushe's engines revved, and with blinding speed, she gunned it down the empty streets, swerving and drifting turns with expert skill. Thank goodness the city was evacuated. Even still, she had the brakes ready to go if necessary.

    @Toru Nui@A-tak-nid@Tarn

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