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  1. IC: Yaushe - Shut Up

    "First of all, there's nothing wrong with vans. Second, I can change if I want to. I just don't want to. Because vans are cool. Third... I died by being crushed under this van. I don't know how it happened, but... guess I got an upgrade."

  2. IC: Yaushe - Van Time

    Yaushe didn't particularly like decisions about who was climbing in the van being made without her, but in this case, she wasn't all that bothered, given the circumstances. Once Triage had closed the doors behind him, Yaushe figured that it was probably easier to speak up now rather than later. "Hey, what's up?"

  3. IC: Yaushe - Welp

    Well, that sucked. Turned out it was all over already. Some part of her felt relief that she didn't have to worry about being damaged or scrapped, but-

    She felt something thud against the dashboard. She froze, and then felt whatever it was heave in quiet sobs. She tactfully rolled up the windows as she parked near the crowd.

    "Hey, you... uh... okay?" Since there was a crowd nearby, she kept her voice down, drifting through the air conditioning system like a whisper. She figured the thing to do would be to offer a hug to Mega, but her current form made that kind of hard to do. She settled with unclicking Mega's seatbelt to rest it on her shoulder. Yeah, that'd do. Yaushe wasn't too good at this sort of thing, but-

    Tap tap

    "Uh...anyone in there in need of help?"

    There was someone knocking on the door. She hissed at Mega, "We got a visitor. I can, uh, tell them to go away, if you want?"

    OOC: @Tarn@Dane-gerous (the whisper isn't audible outside the van, it's not her usual creaky machine noise voice)

  4. IC: Armani -  Time To Investigate

    Armani gave a cheerful nod to the guards, and then stood in the doorway, taking care not to cross the threshold.

    "GREETINGS!" she called into the room, her impressive voice kept just loud enough to be heard over the conversations of the spies. "APOLOGIES FOR THE INTERRUPTION, BUT ARE ANY OF YOU  FREE TO ANSWER SOME QUESTIONS REGARDING TODAY'S INCIDENT?"

  5. IC: Matilda - Matilda's Home

    Matilda wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, and glanced at Garuda.

    "What, you full?" Matilda joked, mouth full of pie.


    IC: Armani - I'm Sorry I Done Did You Like This Armani I Don't Know How To Investigate Things

    She gave the guards a reassuring smile. "Nothing to worry about. I am just following some loose ends about the situation, that's all. This was, after all, a very strange and worrying turn of events. I would rather understand them fully before finalising my reports."

  6. IC: Yaushe - Rescue Party

    "If you're sure." Yaushe checked her systems. Functional, wheels were well balanced, everything was in order. It helped with the fear of running headlong into danger. "Honestly, you'd probably make this a lot easier. Don't think a lot of people would want a voice like this trying to talk them into a van with tinted windows and Skak-Techs. speakers..."

    She revved the engine. Systems were go.

    "I'll be real, I've been taking it easy most of the way here. If we're gonna be avoiding people looking to... take heartlights? Ew. If we're avoiding them, I reckon I'll probably have to kick it up a notch. If you wanna change your mind, make sure you do it quick."

  7. IC: Yaushe - Near Po-Koro

    Yaushe's wheels turned a little, then her struts groaned as her wheels turned back. "There's probably... people there. People who need help."

    She groaned again. "Look. I can take you to a rest stop or something nearby. You don't have to be a part of this. But... despite current appearances... I'm a Toa. Of sorts. If people need help... well, at the very least, I can try and get a couple out of there."

    Being scrapped was a daunting risk, but...  wheels or no wheels, she had a duty.

  8. OOC: To be clear, Yaushe falling off the vehicle was, IC, unintentional and she is obviously seeking to rejoin her friends. OOC, it came from joking about getting Yaushe to Po-Koro, which then became how to get her to Po-Koro, and then figuring a little van adventure never hurt anybody. She will be back to join the Mahryo Bros.

    IC: Yaushe - Near Po-Koro

    Yaushe stopped expertly, taking in the sight of the smoke, but did not turn around. "... Looks like trouble."

    OOC: @Dane

  9. IC: Yaushe - The Scrapshop

    "I'll still do your delivery. I'm... sorry. Look, this is weird to explain, but... Maybe it's better if I showed you. I think the visual part helps."

    There was a soft click as the door facing Mega opened, swinging to reveal...


    The driver's seat was empty. There was no arm to open the door, either. There had been no sounds of movement from within, just silence.

    Machinery moved, and the source became far more clear- and far more confusing.

    "I'm no murderer. Whatever you saw down there was mine. Or... was. Sorry for... overreacting. It's a touchy subject. Bit too soon."

  10. IC: Yaushe - The Scrapshop

    Yaushe's chassis shook a little as she slowly regained her composure. So she still had... well, so what? She'd just... get a proper clean later. Somewhere they don't ask questions, she guessed. Her vents hissed a few times as she took a few breaths of air.

    "... Sorry. I overreacted. These dang lifting things make me nervous, that's all. Just... ignore that other stuff."

  11. IC: Yaushe - Oh Gross

    "... It's still on me?"

    Her fluids went cold. Mega might notice the whole vehicle stiffen.

    "Oh. Oh, Great Spirit, I thought it was all gone. It was meant to be all gone. They said it was gone, Great Beings, why is it still on me?!"

    There was a noise, a lengthy groaning that carried a strong notion of dread.

  12. IC: Yaushe - Uncomfy

    "Mhm." Yaushe was struggling not to rattle. Why was she shaking? Sure, it was weird still being in the van for once while being lifted, but... but she wasn't going to fall. And if she did, it wouldn't hurt her, just... just...

    "Hey, uh. I- I mean, the van's all secure, right? Completely secure?" Even with her odd voice, Mega might pick up that Yaushe was sounding a little too concerned for what the situation called for.

  13. IC: Yaushe - Wasn't Sure That Would Work

    Yaushe vented a sigh of relief and rolled onto one of the lifts. She hated these things ever since she accidentally crushed herself from falling from one, but tried not to tense up as she felt herself roll onto it. "Thanks."

  14. IC: Yaushe - Oh No

    "... No, that's okay. Don't mind staying in here while you work."

    Yaushe, truthfully, hated staying in her vessel for repairs. While it didn't hurt, the feeling of having her parts removed or messed with was very uncomfortable. But she couldn't simply step out of the car. For one thing, she'd need feet for that.

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  15. IC: Yaushe - Uhhh

    "Yaushe. Look, it's... really important. To me. And I don't have a curtain or anything up, so... this is gonna have to be a trust thing."

    She was beginning to wonder if it'd be easier to just tell the mechanic. But, the few times she'd had to explain before, it took so long and left her a little concerned for reasons she couldn't place. Distrust was probably at the centre of it. At least with her friends, she was relatively certain most of them wouldn't sell her off or anything.

  16. IC: Yaushe - The Scrapshop

    "A few of my friends are Skakdi," Yaushe rumbled out. "But... sure. Whatever. I just need somewhere to wait for my buddies to find me again. I figure this Po-Koro place seems a good enough town for that. But... Is there any way to do this without you... looking up front?"

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