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  1. IC: Yaushe - The Scrapshop

    Yaushe racked her brain. She... she would have had a wallet, right? Or some money, somewhere. She had gone to get repairs done before ending up in this mess, after all. She must have had some way to pay. She flipped and unflipped light shades, opened and closed compartments, opened the glovebox-

    And realised she had no way of handing anything over.

    "I don't know," Yaushe said. She could potentially make do without her radio- the thing was busted, and the only reason it still was busted was because getting out of the desert seemed a more pressing issue than fixing the radio- and she could sense her wallet in the glovebox, a more tempting offer to make, given she had no idea about this mechanic's skills and didn't want some hack jabbing a screwdriver around her insides. But either option would require the Matoran to get in the van. In the front seat, no less.


    "I... wait. My wallet's in the glovebox, I think. I'll open the door for you, but I... I have to move to the back of the van. Don't look. I'm... very shy. Yeah."

  2. IC: Yaushe -  The Scrapshop

    Skakdi techs...  the term floated to the forefront of Yaushe's mind, along with some descriptors. Maybe she'd used them before?

    Wait. Scrap. Uh.

    "Scrap? I. Uh. Hm. What do you mean by that? I fell off the transport without much in me- on me. On. My person. I don't know if I have scrap."

    OOC: @Dane

  3. IC: Yaushe - Impromptu Road Trip, No Roads

    Oh thank goodness. Yaushe might have lost the bulk of her memories, but she sure knew a garage when she saw one. She picked up her careful pace until she pulled up  to the garage, and the figure. Hopefully, as the figure was Matoran-sized, they wouldn't be able to see in the front seat.

    She cracked the window a bit for appearances and said, in mechanical noise that hopefully sounded just close enough to a person, "Hey. Fell... I mean, my... van, fell out a transport. You happen to have wheels for desert travel? Or know where the nearest settlement is?"

  4. IC: Yaushe - Later, Nerds

    Yaushe was so distracted by thinking about the sick prank she'd pulled on the robot that she didn't notice her handbrake wasn't on. She had an idle sort of notion that she thought she'd been rolled further forward in the transport, which turned into a lurch in the pit of her tank as she felt her back wheels drop off, followed by the front ones.

    Thankfully, she landed right side up, on all fours. Not so thankfully, the transport was still going, from what she could see. By the time she put these facts together, still rattled by the sudden shock, they were well on their way... wherever they were headed.

    She could follow them. The transport had left identifiable marks in the sand... but who knew how long those would last, with the wind? And she hadn't fared too well with her current tires. She definitely didn't want to break down out here. So, with a hiss of hydraulics that sounded roughly like a word that would get her banned from BZPower.com, and motions like the vehicular equivalent of a tiptoe, she carefully made her way, hoping to find a road nearby. Roads typically led somewhere, and wherever that was, hopefully she could get word to her companions to pick her up. Or a nice undercover parking lot to nap in. Either way.

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  5. IC: Yaushe - lol

    NU-8020S would not hear anything further from the van, but might feel as if it were looking at her somehow- likely with an emotion best described as "yeah, what're you gonna do about it?". Yaushe was holding in laughter as best she could. Somehow, despite the robot not having all that much of an expression... she still couldn't get over the look on her face.

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  6. IC: Matilda - Matilda's House

    Matilda, meanwhile, settled in to eat some pie.


    IC: Armani - Well Then

    "Of course." Armani glanced back to the doorway. "I understand that this may not feel very serious. They are your fellows, after all, acting under orders. I do understand that. But, be that as it may... betraying the trust of our people is a very grave matter, indeed. Thank you for performing your duties regardless of the situation. I hope to see the matter resolved as quickly as possible. On that note, would you mind if I spoke to them briefly?"

  7. IC: Yaushe - Desert

    Realising no one else was likely going to dissuade Triki from throwing himself headfirst into whatever this entity was going to do (though NU did seem to be trying to send the being off), she resigned herself to having to speak up. Engine noise and metal sounds came together to grind out, "No solicitors. Ain't interested."

    The phrase felt... not familiar, but known. But surely she'd feel more deja vu on the situation if it were a regular occurrence to have beings such as this selling things. Nevertheless, they really didn't need Triki getting it in his head to go poking around looking for hearts.


    @Toru Nui@Edelgard@Nato the Traveler@xccj@Jakura Nuva

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  8. IC: Armani - Things That Make You Go Hmm

    Armani walked up to the wide open doors, and looked inside, before looking to the guards. "Hmm" was her first comment on the matter. Her stance and expression was not of anger or annoyance, of course, and she addressed the guards politely. "Hello there! This seems a rather unusual place to keep detainees caught committing a criminal act, even if under orders. Might I ask what prompted this odd arrangement?"

  9. IC: Yaushe - Still A Van

    Yaushe was keeping quiet, now more out of figuring it was easier if she didn't have to explain her current situation, when something moved in the edge of her spectral gaze. She subtly quirked a mirror to the window to see... what was that? It had wings, and eyes, and... tongues...

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  10. IC: Matilda - Dangit Garuda

    "You knew I was going to go get dinner- you know what. Never mind." She walked in and set the pies down. "We have a visitor, so make sure to share."


    IC: Armani - Spy Time

    The spies were probably her best lead. She headed down to where they were detained.

  11. IC: Yaushe - Northern Desert

    Yaushe had noted with annoyance that Mahryo had left her out of his list of companions when asking about the newcomer's approach, and as such didn't reply to Triki. After a minute, however, she did give him the decency of taking her hand brake off so he could roll her onto the ramp.

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  12. IC: Yaushe, Northern Desert

    Gears ground against gears, fans whirred, pistons fired, and from it all came words, shaped by machine noise somewhere deep within the van. "I keep telling you, wheels aren't gonna cut it out here. Second time that's buckled now. We need treads. Sand's too loose."

    Yaushe was not in the best of moods. Sand kept getting in her grill, her wheels weren't made for traversing loose desert sands, and she'd elected to stay in the van for these repairs, given that Triki was only fixing a wheel. With a hiss of air rather like a tired sigh, she... well, she couldn't quite look at Lueiji. He was sitting on top of her. But she focused her senses on him. "'Course there's more than desert. Gotta be. Why would I have wheels that don't work here otherwise?"

  13. IC: Armani - Investigation

    Armani excused herself from the room after a nod in return, and once she was out, she briefly pondered her next steps. Speaking to the spies, perhaps...? Though, what would she learn? She knew they had been ordered by their superior, followed without question... But there was something to this, she could tell. Who were Coyle's informants? Why did he seem so unbothered about them causing such a catastrophe? She mused on this as she descended the stairs.


    Hi, I'm a newcomer to the game so hopefully this is all fine. Let me know if I have to fix anything.

    Name: Yaushe
    Species: Toa (former), spirit (current)
    Faction: N/A

    Brief Description: Most often seen as a van-like vehicle, though can sometimes be glimpsed as a tiny spark of static electricity when switching vessels. She retains the morals of a Toa, refusing to kill or allow someone to die. She can be a little bitter and sarcastic regarding her current state of existence.

    Background/Occupation: Yaushe is- or rather, was- a Toa of Electricity, who had taken her vehicle to a mechanic for repairs. With her Iden, she was inspecting the interior of the car for damage or signs of dodgy servicing when disaster struck. She woke, her spirit having jumped into the nearest vessel it could find: the vehicle itself. Her memory is hazy around the details surrounding her death, and just about blank for the time before that. She did, however, retain enough of her memories to know the body crushed under her car was once her own. She's elected to stay with the mechanics who were around her when she woke up, both for lack of any idea of what else to do and also because they're able to patch her up if something happens. She prefers to stay within the vehicle, but will begrudgingly switch vessels if required (such as for repairs or being required to go indoors), being nervous about the consequences of being in a vessel if it is destroyed.

    Flaws: Yaushe insists on keeping her vessels in top working condition and does not like to be in anything fragile, due to a persistent fear of what might happen were she to be without one. She is also often hindered by a lack of hands in most usable vessels. She is still deeply disturbed by having to witness her own body buried- moreso that she was not able to bury it herself.

    Powers and Equipment: Yaushe retains a little of her elemental power when in a powered mechanical vessel- likely due to the presence of electricity already in the vessel. The amount of elemental power she has access to is related to the amount available in a vessel. Unlike regular Iden users, something about the nature of her unfortunate accident has limited her to only be able to inhabit vessels within close range of the one she is currently inhabiting. Her inability to float around as a free spirit is either another side effect of the accident or a psychological issue, a mystery she doesn't know the answer to and isn't keen at all to find out. The vessels she possesses have to fulfil the normal rules for Iden users- either mechanical or "empty" (lacking a spirit).

    Her new state does come with some benefits, such as the retaining of her elemental powers to some degree. Vessels she inhabits also have a heightened resistance to damage from electricity, and she is able to interact with them (eg. being able to drive her van around while inhabiting it, being able to move motors and gears in vessels she is currently inhabiting, etc.). She is also able to communicate with the living world in her vessels, even if the object she's inhabiting lacks a speaker or other means to make sound. She's a very good driver, and due to her affinity for it, thinks she might have been doing something relating to driving really fast in her past life.

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  15. IC: Matilda - Home

    Matilda frowned a little at the mess, that undoubtedly she was going to have to clean up. "Hey, Rudy. Making a mess, I see."


    IC: Armani - Top of the Tower

    She smiled brightly. "I believe I have some matters to attend to. Until we meet again, friend."

  16. OOC: Gonna try and post here more often, sorry about my absence. Also I'm just gonna reply where I left off, hopefully nothing's happened to circumvent that. I'll check after posting, because I like to roll those dice.

    IC: Matilda - Finally Home

    "I'd appreciate that. Thanks." They arrived back home with their pies. Thankfully, the house wasn't on fire. Yet.


    IC: Armani - Top of the Tower

    Armani's player had forgotten a lot of the context of the immediate conversation. So Armani patted Hakkzan's shoulder- again, carefully- and stood from her seat. "Of course, Your Spikiness. And remember: if you have need of me, even if only to talk, you need only say the word."

  17. IC: Armani - Top of the Tower

    She put an armoured hand carefully on Hakkzan's spiny shoulder, and offered a brighter smile.

    "Mistakes and bad choices are things we all make, Your Spikiness," she said. "What matters is what you do about them after they are made."

  18. OOC: Sorry, have been busy as of late

    IC: Armani - Top of the Tower

    She sighed. "You may well be right, unfortunately."

    These rumours still perplexed her. There were people who sought to gain from New Atero breaking out in civil war, of course, but was it anything more than a simple rumour gone awry? She gave Hakkzan a tired smile; these mysteries could wait. "I appreciate your honesty on the matter, Your Spikiness. Even if it came after the fact."


    IC: Matilda - Walking Home

    She nodded absently. "Sounds fun. I was thinking of going exploring sometime, myself. Look around some more, for... for someone. Something."

  19. IC: Matilda - Bakery

    She smiled, paying for the pies and picking them up. "Yeah, definitely."

    After thanking the baker, she started heading back home with Voyin in tow. "Seen anything interesting in the wastelands recently?"


    IC: Armani - Top of the Tower

    "Hmm." That didn't settle her concerns, but she nodded anyway. "I do hope this gets remedied. The last thing we need right now is civil unrest."

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