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  1. I voted temporary, just because the mask would be OP anyway, but honestly the Avohkii's peacemaking power (and the Kraahkan's emotional powers, too) were never really seen in-story, it was just something we learned in descriptions of them.
  2. He cannot use Kanohi Nuva since the Ignika devolved him back into a regular Toa so he could use the Golden Armor during the Journey's End arc. Of course, while a Mistika he still wouldn't have been able to access them (none of the Toa could) because "the walls of Karda Nui were too thick" or something like that. The real reason is because of the conflicting needs of the sets vs. the story. The Kanohi Nuva were relevant in 2002, after that they couldn't be emphasized that much because Lego had stopped marketing mask collecting. It creates a weird situation where (if you're going purely based on BS01, for example) the Toa theoretically have access to all these powers, but they're never going to use them in the story. I voted for yes, Tahu's masks really are lost forever in the lava, because that's just what happened in the story. It gives the attack on Ta-Koro weight.
  3. My storage right now is haphazard since I just moved. I just want to settle down and get all my sets properly displayed like I've always wanted.
  4. I'm still collecting. It makes me happy. There are a few sets I'd still love to get my hands on, like Lesovikk or the regular blue Jetrax T6. It's mostly Kanohi and Kraata I collect nowadays, though.
  5. I tend to default to Greg canon, so I voted 8. I'll admit the Earth Tribe thing was handled awkwardly, but at the core I like the idea of them.
  6. This was a very sweet, wholesome story, and it fit in canon. It was a pleasant and enjoyable read.
  7. Keep in mind, the Dark Hunters were the ones who released the Kanohi Dragon in the first place. You can't fault him for not letting the city be extorted. But I do appreciate what a complex character Dume was. You have to consider, he was Metru Nui's only Turaga. I don't think it was the case that he was mean whereas the Turaga of Mata Nui were nice, he just didn't have the time to go be everyone's friend. That being said, it is interesting how, even if he wasn't evil, Makuta acting like him in disguise didn't really set off anyone's radars, either.
  8. Have you considered using Bricklink to get more pieces? I love the Tohunga head, too.
  9. It looks beautiful! Can't wait to see the finished product.
  10. The prototype Squid Launcher looks flatter than the final one, so there might have been enough space.
  11. My big takeaway from this is that apparently the axle in Ehlek's claw was supposed to be part of the piece. Smooth Ehlek will haunt my dreams.
  12. In a vacuum, Tohunga is a pretty cool word and I'd probably prefer it over Matoran. But knowing what I do, I have to prefer Matoran.
  13. He looks epic, very creepy and alien. Especially his swords, which is what they're supposed to look like. I also like the shield hat: terrifying, and functional.
  14. The weird thing is that... TLR Strakk is just nothing like Strakk otherwise. Strakk is, if anything, too coldly detached from fighting (like only helping for money). Him attacking Ackar is stupid. What did he think would happen?
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