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    a dark box
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    .Card games
    .Fantasy - Elves, Fairies, other pointy-eared creatures
    .Music: (Heavy/Gothic) Metal, KPop, and whatever else I find interesting
    .Jester Hats
    .Technical stuffs, robots, etc.
    .Retexturing stuff for PC games

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  1. I stayed up until after midnight... baaaad idea :/

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    2. Toa of Dancing

      Toa of Dancing

      I don't have a job... Poor college student. I guess I still have a few months until I'm an adult anyways. =P

    3. Kaleidoscope Tekulo

      Kaleidoscope Tekulo

      Hah, enjoy not being old while it lasts. =P

    4. Toa of Dancing

      Toa of Dancing

      Lulz. I am. I don't wanna be responsible. X3

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