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  1. yep. hey, sorry for not getting back. i can't really find all of my krana right now, but if you're still interested in the Bohrok-kal, i'll throw in whatever krana and krana-kal i've got for free.
  2. of the ones you listed, i have instructions for everything except Onewa Hordika, Boggorak, Suukorak, the Piraka, the Inika, Pridak, Kalmah, Carapar,and Hewkii Mahri. as far as a deal goes, i could take off a good chunk off the shipping costs for all those sets. yeah, i'll get pics up when i can. kinda busy with school and other things. i don't think anyone's asked about Pohatu, so he's yours. i have his instructions, but they're not in great shape (the front page is missing, and i think one of the birds i had at the time chewed it up a bit, too). i might have some additional kraata for the mass-released Rahkshi lying around (i think i have a full set for the brown one, too). i only bought like three of the blind-packed kraata sets, so i could have a couple of those too. any blind-packed Kanohi i might have are long-gone, though, sorry. i'm sure i've got some Rahi, but they're not together and i'm not sure if they're even complete. for just one Bohrok i don't imagine it being more than $5 or so, but someone's already PMed me about the set of Bohrok-kal.
  3. y'know, if i'm remembering right, i have quite a few krana and krana-kal (especially Lehvak-kal's) from when i collected them. i can dig 'em up if you're interested.
  4. i'm pretty sure Sidorak is 100% complete. I'll have to dig around for Keetongu's red spinner, but otherwise he's complete. Roodaka is missing those orange eye pieces and that glow in the dark stud for her mouth. EDIT: actually, she might not actually be missing them. i'll have to do some digging for them, but i'm pretty sure i've got them somewhere.
  5. i'm pretty sure they're all good, but it's no big deal, i'll clean 'em up for you if you want them. let me just check to see if they've got any cracked sockets or anything
  6. so once upon a time i had an okay revenue stream and i could afford to buy stuff. now i don't and i can't. so that means i'm selling some stuff! what an original solution. I guess the main deal is i've got a bit of Hero Factory stuff and a lot of Bionicle stuff, and i'd really really (really) like to get rid of as much as i can! please. HF: Breakout Breez - $10Breakout Furno - $10Breakout Bulk - $10Breakout Rocka - $10Breakout Stormer - $15Voltix - $10XT4 - $8Brain Attack Furno - $10BA Breez - $8BA Bulk - $8BA Rocka - $8 (no instructions)BA Stormer - $10BA Evo - $8BA Surge - $10Frost Beast - $10Scarox - $8Dragon Bolt - $15Aquagon - $8Ogrum - $10Chi Eris - $10Chi Gorzan - $10Chi Cragger - $10Chi Razar - $10Chi Worriz - $10Furno Mech - $10Stormer Mech - $10Rocka Mech - $10Bionicle: All six Toa Mata - $5 eachAll six Bohrok - $5 eachAll six Toa Nuva - $5 eachAll six Bohrok-kal - $5 eachAll six Rahkshi - $6 eachAll six Toa Metru - $6 eachAll six Vahki (with doubles of the red and blue ones) - $6 eachAll six Toa Hordika - $7 eachAll six Visorak - $7 eachAll six Piraka (eyes may or may not still light up) - $8 eachAll six Toa Inika (Hahli's weapon needs a new battery, the rest are fine) - $8 eachAll six Barraki - $8 eachAll six Toa Mahri - $8 eachAll six Phantoka - $8 eachAll six Mistika - $8 eachAll six Glatorian - $8 eachAll six Glatorian Legends - $8 eachAll six Stars - $4 each Nidhiki (x2) - $13 eachKrekka (x2) - $13 eachDume & Nivawk (I've got a set of both and then just Nivawk) - $13 for both, $10 for just NivawkSidorak - $13Roodaka - $13Keetongu - $13Axonn - $13Irnakk (just the parts to build him, no extras) - $13Umbra - $14Vezon & Fenrakk - $16Kardas (just him) - $35Nocturn - $13Hydraxon - $13Maxilos and Spinax - $15Gadunka - $13Mutran & Vican - $12Icarax - $13Toa Ignika - $14Takanuva - $15Vultrax - $13Mazeka - $15Rockoh T3 - $25Jetrax T7 - $35Axalara T9 - $50Tuma - $13Fero & whatsisface (x2) - $13 eachCendox - $14Kaxium (sp?) - $25Baranus - $30Thornatus - $45I've almost certainly got some pre-2004 big sets, but i'm not sure if they're complete or what. i'll figure it out later. please PM me if you're interested or post here or whatever. the prices are kinda set where i want them to be, but if you wanna buy like a ton of stuff i'll probably cut you a deal or something. thanks for stopping by!
  7. i like Rocka 'cause Tom Kenny does a neat voice for him (when he still voiced Rocka i guess). i genuinely don't care about the story enough to have noticed that he tends to take down the main guys but w/e. i'd also say it's a stretch to say any of the other guys "deserve" to take specific bad guys, it's just how it works out. i think everyone's okay as far as base personalities go, though Surge can get annoying to listen to kinda quickly.
  8. ha, yeah the heroes themselves are pretty standard fare (i tell myself they all look so similar 'cause negative universe Hero Factory doesn't approve of promoting individuality or something but really it's 'cause i just wanted to mess around with the colors), but i tried to make their bios fun to read at least. happy to see you like them. and yeah, Stormer ended up with Core Hunter's color scheme 'cause red/black is traditional super evil guy colors, and i figure Stormer's a traditional super evil guy or something. these guys actually started out as recolors of their 2010 forms, but i thought, different timelines and all, they should look a bit different from their positive universe selves. i'm also fond of the Drilldozer upper body piece, and i think it creates a nice silhouette, even if it limits what you can do on the torso piece. i actually kinda really dig Nex's colors. it's basically his usual orange/green except reversed and dulled down. i ran through a few different ones but i can't remember any of them right now (i'm not too big on Surge's either, i might change it eventually). all the weapons are recycled from previous incarnations except Stringer's i think (basically because they were easy to make), but hey i'm glad they look okay. anyway, thanks for the feedback, guys.
  9. Or "Not Another Alternate Universe Story" (aka why i shouldn't mess around with LDD when I'm bored) So Hero Factory's story seems to (unintentionally) make our heroes in good ol' Alpha-1 Team to be really sinister from time to time. From Evo suggesting to murder a buncha mini-Reapas in Breakout or all the heroes not giving a toss about all those kaiju they sent into an acid bath in Invasion from Below, the normal "positive universe" heroes already make you raise an eyebrow from time to time. So ya' gotta wonder "wow if that's what the legit heroes are like then man what could their negative universe counterparts be like?" basically Preston Stormer is the field leader of the tyrannical Hero Factory, Dr. Makuro's secret police force. Stormer commands Alpha-1 Team with an iron fist, and isn't afraid to dispose anyone who stands in the way of his ambitions. He's also absolutely bonkers if you get to know him well enough. He even goes as far to keep the deactivated Hank Thresher's head on a post outside of the assembly tower, just to let rookies know what happens when they cross him. Dunkan Bulk is something of a genius when it comes to mayhem, both on and off the battlefield, and has earned his place as Stormer's loyal right-hand man. If the Alpha-1 team leader needs something or someone broken, or a brand new weapon for some especially painful breaking, Bulk is the guy to call. James Stringer (don't call him "Jimi") is something of a recluse, preferring to keep to himself most of the time. He's really a pretty contemptuous guy once you get to know him, and he's certainly not above modulating his voice to scramble your circuits if he's in the right mood for it (which is essentially always). Stormer hates him (so does everyone else), but he works well in the field, so it's probably best to let him run through his usefulness before turning him into spare parts, eh? Wait, what? You're tellin' me there's a Daniel Rocka on the team? You gotta be kiddin' me. Oh! Waitaminute. Oh, you mean that guy? Y'know, the grey guy, right? 'bout as boring as his color scheme? You think he's disappeared, but that's mainly 'cause he's so forgettable that once he's outta your line o' sight, your processor just deletes everything related to him? Yeah, I got no idea who you're talking about. Go bother someone else, 'kay? Mark Surge is a new up-and-comer that's tearing through the Hero Factory ranks (hopefully not literally). Stormer's weary of him; in addition to being a backstabbing opportunist, he's also "hyper-competent," whatever that means, and never misses a kill in the field. Word is he's got his sights on that Alpha-1 Team Leader position, and he's willing to wait as long as he needs to take out whoever's in his way. Natalie Breez is something of a sociopath who kills small animals for fun. She's not much of a talker, either, but apparently she hangs around with Surge quite a bit. He might think it's she wants to be his second-in-command or something, but the truth is she'd probably chop him to bits as soon as he takes out Stormer. Why waste all that energy if Surge is happy to expend his own, y'know? Julius Nex is a new addition to the team, and he's something of a mad inventor... if, y'know, his inventions were of any use. No, he's far more content trying to see if he can fuse two separate heroes into one body or give a captured criminal two or three extra heads because he thinks it'd look neat. Word has it he's working on his next masterpiece. Calls it the "Brain Bug" or something. Who knows where that's gonna lead? William Furno was one of Makuro's most exciting prospects, but a glitch during the the development of his H-core resulted him being a bumbling moron who couldn't hit Bulk at point-blank range. He talks a big game, for sure, but let's face it, the only place he's going is the assembly tower - right next to Thresher. Nathan Evo is a whiny little creep who looks to adamant failures like Furno for advice. He's not really into pursuing criminals, either; he feels his time would be much better spent skewering infants or something. Weirdo. --- So yeah, they're not the most impressive Hero MOCs around (i guess i was going for a set-style approach?), but hey they're for fun and stuff. I've got some "villains" around too, but since the bios are probably more impressive than the actual guys i figure i should work on those first.
  10. i always figured that since Bulk is pretty much the new orange-ish guy, Nex is kinda redundant, and Lego doesn't really see the need to make the two or three new molds/recolors that a whole new Nex would need? ditto with Stringer, except he's more the redundant orange-ish/yellow-ish/bluish guy.
  11. So TRU has this wave for sure in California. Saw everything except Evo Walker, Jaw Beast and Stormer's mech. Also, they've got a BOGO sale and they haven't marked up the set prices (yet), so that's pretty timely
  12. bumpin cause i still want a Core Hunter. i can live without instructions as long as the dude's complete (ditto for XT4) sorry, i'm not really into the whole mocing thing right now. just lookin for the standard retail stuff.
  13. wait, sorry, what do you mean you "don't do shipping"?
  14. so yeah i kinda accidentally got into hero factory recently (whoops) and need to play a lot of catch up for now, though, i mainly wanna track down the Breakout waves, and work my way back from there. asking around here 'cause Amazon and Bricklink aren't too friendly with asking prices (i'm not really looking to pay more than the set's retail price plus shipping) anyways, so these are the sets I'd like to pick up. i don't need the bags, but i'd prefer to have the sets complete with instructions unless otherwise noted. (also items in bold are sorta priority wants): 6222 Core Hunter6229 XT4also this isn't a set, rather a sorta odd request, but you know how when the Hero Recon Team was a thing you had the option to build a hero with that super special blended black/silver 2.0 chest piece? yeah, i'd like to track one of those down too.so yeah, if you've got one or more of these please let me know either via pm or a post here. thanks for stopping by
  15. Yeah, I still have no idea what was up with the quotations, but I'm glad you held off on reading it 'til they got fixed (and even then some of the spacing got mangled without my noticing. Hopefully I fixed all that now). My original plan was actually to start in the middle/near-end of the Ta-Koro fight scene, but it wasn't coming out well at all, so I figured I'd just scrap it and start elsewhere. There were a couple other ideas, including with a sort of intro to Makuta, but none of them worked as well as I'd have liked. Like I said earlier, even if the Toa don't quite resemble their canon selves right now, I'm hoping that they do end up becoming more familiar over the course of the story. Po-Koro's ending was actually a super last-minute addition 'cause I started liking the idea of the attacks on the villages happening simultaneously so I bumped it up. I don't think the resolution will be dealt with really early, but the plague hitting off-screen should be able to work. Thanks for checking up, by the way. I've started on the next part already, so you'll definitely get the Ta-Koro resolution then, along with meeting the rest of the Toa.
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