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  1. The British mathematician G.H. Hardy, known for his contributions to number theory and analysis, was an avid cricket player. In fact, he was such a devout follower of the cricket scores that his friend and colleague, the economist John Maynard Keynes, once told Hardy that if he had paid just as much attention to the stock fluctuations, he'd be a very wealthy man.
  2. Hello everyone,This was a MOC that I made in March 2011 for a contest elsewhere.I've always admired the natural beauty and harmony of Asian architecture, and after seeing so many beautiful MOCs over the years within this genre I thought it was about time that I delved into the realm too. A lot of this was also inspired by Zen fountains. flickr C and C much appreciated.
  3. High-resolution pictures have been on Brickset.com for a while now:http://brickset.com/browse/themes/?theme=FriendsI am actually very optimistic for this line. Many of the pieces in these sets can easily be integrated with typical System parts and aren't the overly juniorized elements that have plagued lines such as Belville. Furthermore, I really appreciate the number of pastel colored pieces that we'll be getting from this line. I'm sure these will have their applications in MOC building.Although I was initially disappointed with how the figures turned out, I do have to remember that this is a line designed for young girls, and not for your typical male TFOL or AFOL. I actually like these a lot better than the Belville figures, as the Friends figures are indeed much closer to minifigure scale. Consequently, the models are closer to minifigure scale too - a definite plus.We'll see how the sales go, but from this first impression, I think this has been LEGO's best attempt yet.
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  7. Tzu-Kai is a demon born from the flames. A powerful warrior, he is notorious for the enormous path of destruction he leaves behind in the Bionicle Universe. I am primarily a System builder and don't work with Bionicle too often, but when I do, I always try to incorporate System elements into the model as a way of showing the compatibility between the two building systems, however different they may seem. I also love Bram spheres, so I just had to stick not one, but two on the weapon. flickrComments and constructive criticism are most appreciated.
  8. I sincerely think LEGO Architecture is a brilliant concept for both as a theme and for MOCs. I would like to see some more global representation within the theme, as most of the Architecture sets have been of American landmarks, and it would most certainly be nice to see the line go more global (I personally would like to see some Asian and more European landmarks done). I am not too fond of the skyscrapers such as the Empire State Building or the Sears Tower. This is not to discredit the sheer wonderment of these buildings, but because I don't think they're particularly fascinating to render in LEGO at the scale it was designed in. Aside from the high quality packaging and a novelty printed tile, they pretty much can be built even with bricks from a small collection. I believe it would have been more appropriate to render those buildings at a larger scale, although I would imagine that the price would skyrocket as a result. My current favorite, which likely won't change, remains the Fallingwater replica. Architecturally it is a beautiful building, and despite LEGO elements being geometric, I feel that the organic nature of the building was rendered quite beautifully at the scale it was designed in. The value of the set as a parts pack is also unquestionable, but frankly I adore the set too much to have the heart and will to take it apart!
  9. This is stunningly beautiful, you must have tremendous skill to create something sculptural like this out of Hero Factory and Technic elements. The technique employed for the hair is ingenious, to say the least. It is a pity that the pieces don't exist in these colors, because it would be wonderful to see this rendered out of tangible elements. But even in the digital realm, this is a MOC to see in amazement and awe. Fantastic work.
  10. For the purposes of sharing MOCs or referencing certain LEGO sets/pieces, are links to sites such as flickr, MOCPages, Brickset, or BrickLink allowed? I ask only because all of these sites have some sort of discussion board or commenting function as appendices to the site, but none of them are actual forums in their own respect. In addition to the fact that all of my MOCs are uploaded solely to flickr and MOCPages, and it would be easier for me to instead post a few pictures and then be able to link directly to either my flickr gallery or MOCPage.Thanks for your time.
  11. I would say that the forums being down increased my interest in both LEGO and Bionicle. While that may have been because I was never too active on BZPower before (will strive to remedy that ), I think the temporary loss of a website to frequent daily allowed for more time actually building with LEGO, and less time sitting in front of the computer screen. Having another community to share my creations with upon the forums' return also fueled my greater interest for the hobby.
  12. Introducing the fine leader of the Smurf Village, Papa Smurf!Standing at fourteen inches high, Papa Smurf was a quick build over a seven hour period and used up close to a thousand bricks. Had to run out to Toys 'R' Us to pick up some basic bricks in bulk seeing as it ate up whatever stash of red and blue I had left!Sculptures are always a spontaneous build for me; I never actually plan on making what it is I want to make. I was attempting to build some kind of head with a pile of blue and white bricks, when suddenly I was reminded of a certain blue character with memorable white facial hair. That's what happens when you build way after midnight.The feet are attached to the legs via turntables, so they can be positioned in different (albeit limited) ways.The eyes were offset one half-stud to get the optimal spacing between them.I brought this with me to BrickFair 2011 back in August, and was subjected to kids going 'Smurf! Smurf!' for the several hours the public came to visit. It was coincidental timing as well, considering that the 3-D Smurfs movie came out shortly before BrickFair. In any case, this was a challenging but fun model to work on, and there certainly is room for much improvement. But that's always been the joy of working with LEGO bricks :)Comments and constructive criticism are much appreciated!
  13. Hello, This is a very nice, solid construction. The Hero Factory elements are seamlessly integrated into the body, and they are certainly nice details that help to accentuate different areas on the MOC. I particularly appreciate the hand design; that armor piece meshes quite well with its fingers. A job well done
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