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    Probably stabbing someone.

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  1. Ey bro, still breathing? :P

    1. Twilight Avenger
    2. BioCry


      TWI! :D


      In a way, you could say I'm still breathing. But, I won't be for much longer...

    3. Twilight Avenger
  2. Hey bro, you can change your name and pic, no need to keep it now :P

  3. Hey! You haven't responded to my phone calls, my emails, my texts, my letters! Just kidding, how have you been?

    1. Twilight Avenger

      Twilight Avenger

      Not good, to be honest. =/

    2. Twilight Avenger

      Twilight Avenger

      Also, feel free to change your name back to normal, May is over anyways. :P

  4. Shad, where the heck are you?! Get on skype pl0x.

    1. Rarity


      D: You live! I'll probably get on tomorrow

  5. Twilight Avenger

    GIMP 2.8

    Sad to see you're quitting doing the comics, but I'm looking forward the new ones. Think we could chat soon in skype?
  6. Get on skype as soon as you can, pl0x.

  7. Get on gmail ASAP. I got a task for you.

  8. Bro if you are still around, make sure to tell me please.

  9. Man if you could get on Gmail someday it would be awesome kthnxbai. >.>

    1. Vartemp


      I know. I just come on at the worst times. :b

    2. Twilight Avenger

      Twilight Avenger

      Do you go online everyday?

  10. I need to talk to you, try to get on gmail please.

  11. Get on WLM sometime. I need to talk to you.

    1. Twilight Avenger

      Twilight Avenger

      I'll probably be online all weekend long, so you know where to find me. :P

  12. I liked the way you made me look like in the comic. It's my classic WOOT! pose. Well done, bro. Eh, my other alter-ego was busy elsewhere slaying some newbies. That's one of the benefits of having two alter-egos. >However...I never said Twilav doesn't hate V-day too.
  13. I wanted to let you know that I've refrained from telling you Happy Valentine's Day.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Twilight Avenger

      Twilight Avenger

      Thanks. It seems that everyone else was busy being dead to do it this time. :P

    3. Dragonfly the Luminescent

      Dragonfly the Luminescent

      I believe, whether we're alive or dead, we've all learned by now. :P

    4. Twilight Avenger

      Twilight Avenger

      You'd better have learnt... e_e XP


  14. Dude I get on WLM more often pl0x, I need to talk to you. >_> BTW, so you don't have to send me a PM, I'm up to being in your comics again.
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