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    Hello all, My main hobby/lifestyle is Parkour and Freerunning, Bionicle is still one of my all time favorite series, but, I enjoy Video games such as Halo, Guitar hero. I Have a lot of sets (almost all of them). I mainly focus on getting Collectibles such as Masks, Krana, Kraata, Kanohi nuva, such as those. I have gotten almost all of the collectibles that i want i still need some krana kal, and kanohi, i got the most of the kraata from Screenguy but i still need about 28 of so of them to finish off my collection.

    My latest adventure, I'm attempting to obtain the ever so infamous Platinum Avohkii! So please check out my trade topic and if you want anything, i can basically say i have it!


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  1. Sorry to ask about this again, but if you're still doing that ultimate Bionicle collection thing, I could give suggestions/help on the making of it. Like maybe just focus on making it a G1 collection thing, rather than also including G2 and it's several one-of-a-kind masks. You'd be much closer in "completing" G1 anyway, for obvious reasons. And I imagine you're in tune with the alternate model database topic, so I can totally continue to work on that and list and sugg...

    1. TommyG


      ...est/find out builds for certain models. Bricklink's also your friend there. I quite like this concept of "everything" collected of Bionicle if you're still to do that and can totally help you with like, some of the alternate models listed like the Fikou Nui and QftT Scorpions.

    2. TommyG


      Oh also, something of note is that the Visorak Dark Gold face piece was also apparently produced in the newer 2006-on Brutaka gold. http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?i=6256892

      So that's another piece if you dont already have it

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