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  1. Last night, I had a dream that $7 bills existed and were legal U.S. currency. Take notes, America. Bills like that would really keep the wallet light!

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    2. Sybre


      The writers are missing some good opportunities here. This is a chance to redo Boba Fett; make him a more pivotal character somewhere in the lore.


      When it comes to survival, anime characters tend to give it their all. However, when only a bunch of heroes engage in that sort of massacre, it is indeed strange.

    3. B0ss Manducus

      B0ss Manducus

      This reminds me, are all of the episodes in the Clone Wars canon? Wookiepedia seems to state otherwise like omitting Barriss's crimes in the canon section or Ahsoka's encounter of Deathwatch.



      But then again, being branded the title of "hero" doesn't exactly mean you have the qualities of one. And that's what I like about the series. Each magical girl has their own agenda and reasonings for being a magical girl.

    4. Sybre


      Last time I heard, yes, at least The Clone Wars (the 3D one) was canon, but if Wookiepedia is saying otherwise one certain things, then maybe the majority of the show is canon.


      That is true. If each batch of magical girl is full of unique characters, then hey, I'll give the writer(s) props on that!

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