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    I'm hiding in a hollow tree
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    Last updated: September 18, 2008<br /><br />BZP:<br />One of the funny things about when I first joined BZP, is even though it says I joined in Jan. '08, I was actually a member here back in 2006. I just lost my old account and had to start new : / (thanx Sis >_>)<br /><br />Random PMing (good way to make new friends :P)<br />Spam fights<br />MOCing (I'm not that good IMO)<br />Bionicle art (There's so many cool artists here)<br />RPG<br />Trying to beat Setsuna in Profile Views<br />Attempting to catch up to Turakii in interest length<br />My 2 fave Bionicle characters are Kopaka & Tahu (I can't pick between them) <br />-<br />Life:<br />God 1st, life 2nd & dreams 3rd<br />-<br />Random song quote:<br />"Hey, all I want is what's real<br />Something I touch & can feel<br />I'll hold it close & never let it go<br />Said why...Why do we live this life<br />With all this hate inside<br />I'll give it away, 'cause I don't want it no more<br />Please, help me find a place<br />Somewhere far away I'll go & you'll never see me again"<br />-<br />Music!<br />(in no particular order)<br />Linkin Park (One of the best!)<br />Seether<br />Disturbed<br />System of a Down<br />Chevelle<br />Staind<br />P.O.D.<br />Lacuna Coil<br />Evanescence<br />Evans Blue<br />Flyleaf<br />Audio Adrenaline<br />Project 86<br />FF5<br />Toby Mac<br />Relient K<br />Godsmack<br />Papa Roach<br />Rammstein<br />Hoobastank<br />Creed/Scott Stapp<br />Saliva<br />Drowning Pool<br />Slipknot<br />3 Doors Down<br />Powerman5000<br />Hans Zimmer<br />John Williams<br />Incubus<br />Rise Against<br />All American Rejects<br />Eiffel 65<br />Weird Al<br />Metallica<br />Trapt<br />RED<br />Puddle of Mudd<br />Weezer<br />Sum41<br />Serj Tankian<br />Nirvana<br />Thousand Foot Krutch<br />Green Day<br />Daughtry<br />Demon Hunter<br />Switch Foot<br />Jeremy Camp<br />Decyfer Down<br />Skillet<br />Lifehouse<br />Kutless<br />Killswitch Engage<br />Korn<br />Mudvayne<br />Stone Sour<br />KJ-52<br />Seventh Day Slumber<br />Pillar<br />Plumb<br />Disciple<br />Three Days Grace<br />Sevendust<br />(more to come)<br />-<br />Movies/shows:<br />LOTR<br />POTC1-3<br />Kingdom of Heaven<br />Gladiator<br />I Robot<br />Chronicles of Riddick<br />13th Warrior<br />Final Fantasy<br />Red vs. Blue<br />Star Wars 1-6<br />~<br />Invader Zim<br />Avatar the Last Airbender<br />Naruto<br />Red vs. Blue<br />(more to come)<br />-<br />Games & consoles that are my fave:<br />PS3-PS2-PSP <br />Halo (computer,online. My name's Spartan777 if anyone's interested)<br />Assassin's Creed (Fave! Altair rules)<br />Uncharted<br />Resistance:FoM<br />Star Wars Battlefront 1 & 2<br />Red Faction<br />Resident Evil series<br />(more to come)<br />-<br />So far that's 2,328 characters, so I've still got some catching up to do :P

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