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  1. When the Ignika made its own Toa body in honour of the 2 Toa who sacrificed their lives using its power, it gave itself a yellow/black body. Is it possible this body could resemble that of the first Toa to use it? Based on these colours, could that Toa (who we know is male) have been a Toa of Stone?
  2. In its heyday, Metru Nui was known to have its shady Matoran who had to be dealt with by Vahki. When Teridax, disguised as Dume, called every Matoran to the Coliseum to be stuffed into Matoran Spheres, could there have been some such Matoran who refused, and then somehow escaped the Vahki (most of whom were too busy marshalling Matoran in the centre of the city) and gone into hiding? If so, how do you think they would have managed over the 1,000 years thereafter? Odds are slim that any would've survived, especially after the island's invasion by Visorak, but until then I could've seen them becoming looters, claiming whatever was left behind for their own, under the delusion they could live freely and prosperously without being pressured by Vahki or Toa. Even during and after the Visorak invasion, some may have adapted and learned to survive in hiding, possibly in an abandoned section of the Archives. What do you think?
  3. According to BIONICLESector01, Ta-Matoran can handle extreme heat. However, it also says Su-Matoran can handle more extreme heat than Ta-Matoran AND handle bright light. This begs the question, what can Ta-Matoran do that Su-Matoran can't? Or are they just inferior to Su-Matoran in every way?
  4. 1: 2007 was not a very good year 2: Clone sets are awesome.
  5. IKR? But Midak is the only one who's monochrome, and that Matoran is monochrome.
  6. In the Bohrok Online animation Le-Koro Liberated, one of the Onu-Matoran piloting a Boxor is monochromatic black with a black Pakari. This description also fits the MNOLG1 character Midak, the Ussal tender. Does that mean Midak was one of the Boxor pilots who battled in Le-koro? He is more accustomed to light than other Onu-Matoran, so he'd be more capable of fighting above ground, strengthening my argument.
  7. And what's wrong with their exclusive masks?
  8. Your article says "unofficial", but I don't know. With Faber's connections it could lead to another round with LEGO given time. In the interim, if something does come of this, I wonder if we could get buildable characters we can add to our own collections. Re. story, I remain loyal to G1 and a potential continuation/soft reboot. But I also see enormous potential inside the MU; we do have 101,001 years of MU existence to work with. Those guys know how to design a versatile lore one can do a lot with, so there is no reason whatsoever not to use it.
  9. Then why does it say on BS01 that some left the island to go on their own adventures? The reinforcement Toa from the Toa/Dark Hunter War I understand, but the article specified the Toa Mangai, which I assume meant the ones who fought the Kanohi Dragon.
  10. I have two questions re. the Toa Mangai. The first is more a story idea because I'm a control freak and want a say in the canon I could see the naming of Naho Bay after one of the team's Toa of Water being a pattern. I think more locations on Mata Nui could also be named after other Toa Mangai in their honour. My ideas are below: Hura-Mafa River, which flowed from Mount Ihu to Naho Bay, could be named after 2 of the 4 Toa Mangai of Ice, Hura and Mafa (not sure which, nor can I figure out the names of the others)Lake Kanae, a lake located in the jungles of Le-Wahi and Kanae Bay where Lewa washed ashore, could both be named after the Toa Mangai of the Green, KanaeThe Motara Desert, in Po-Wahi, could be named after the Toa Mangai of Stone, MotaraPapa Nihu Reef, off the coast of Onu-Wahi, could be named after the Toa Mangai of Earth, NihuI could also see a few landmarks named after significant Matoran who didn't make it to Mata Nui, just like how Mount Ihu was named after Ihu the Ko-Matoran seer. For example: Leva Bay being named after a Po-Matoran called LevaTiro Canyon being named after a Po-Matoran called TiroThe Kumu Islets being named after a Ga-Matoran called KumuIs it still possible to submit stuff like this? At the very least I think it'll be good for discussion. My second question involves a contradiction I found on BS01. According to the Bionicle Encyclopediae, after the Toa/Dark Hunter War, "Several of the Toa Mangai left the city for other islands, in order to have new adventures of their own." The remaining Toa Mangai except Lhikan were then killed by Eliminator. But according to BS01's table detailing each Toa Mangai, ALL of the Toa we don't know, plus Naho, are deceased and couldn't be revived in the Red Star, implying they all remained on Metru Nui and were killed by Eliminator. If some left the island before that culling, how did they die in such a similar manner? How do we know they're not still out there?
  11. As you know, Skrall have black armour. But they also have a second colour, such as red, maroon or lime green. What I want to know is, what, if anything, do those secondary colours mean? Are they like clan colours or something?
  12. Ideally an extension of some sort to Gen 1, be it a continuation, a soft reboot, or an episodic gap-filling exercise of things that happened during the events of Gen 1.
  13. "Keep in mind that if Star Trek fans had, as a group, said, 'No point in talking about this anymore, it's never going to come back,' it never WOULD have come back." -- Greg Farshtey
  14. But even Toa had primary Kanohi. That's the question: Makuta did not have primary weapons; did they not have primary Kanohi either?
  15. Feb 21 marked 10 years since I joined BZPower! And it completely slipped my mind to pay a visit! I'm so sorry! :'(
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