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  1. The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Pretty solid. Cried at two parts.
  2. This Is The End. I haven't laughed harder than that at a movie in a while.
  3. Whoops, this is TV. Perception S2:E2.
  4. Missed 3. Favorite one was Braveheart.
  5. The Amazing Spider-Man backwards is about a giant lizard who revives a police officer by stabbing him then removing the powers of other lizards via gas and a boy who leaves the superhero business and becomes "only friends" with his girlfriend. He also has his powers cured by a spider bite.
  6. Saw this a couple of days ago. Brilliant, I must say. The basic mechanic is so simple, yet I'm amazed that we're just seeing it now. On a side-note, grabbing a link from Kotaku isn't the smartest thing to do.
  7. Onua from 2001 was my first set.
  8. trying to get that final comic out. harder than i thought.

  9. halo 4 = awesome

    1. Makuta Matata

      Makuta Matata

      I've heard differently, but maybe I'll give it a go.

  10. Fine I'll stop saying Spider-man.

  11. FireEmblem


    i don't care what anyone says, spider-man would win.loved how deadpool's all "i'll follow you after i'm done being in here." funny stuff, man.
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