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  1. SkullKid
    Hey everyone.....
    One thing you may not know about me. I can sing.........I think. Well, at least well enough to get the only musical part in my school Play of Robin Hood, so that must account for something.
    Anyway, I'm feeling really festive, so I am Holding Song Requests. I will record myself singing Christmas Songs of YOUR CHOOSING!
    However, I ONLY WILL TAKE 3 REQUESTS FOR THE NEXT 5 DAYS. The first will be recorded, and posted on the 11th, the second on the 18th, and finally, the last one on the 25th (given that the forum's are open).
    So, request away!
    Song list.
    1. Grandma Got Ran Over By a Raindeer- Ballom
    2.Stars of Glory- Krayce
    Sorry guys. I've been busier this holiday season, so I can't......sorry.
  2. SkullKid
    Today was an eventful day. After many failed attempts to meet up, Me and Lady Kopaka, the ONLY BZPower member that I have met, spent a lovely 3 and a half hours together.
    It was really, really, really fun. We went and got Ice cream and talked, walked around and talked, went into a bookstore and talked, walked back the way we came and talked, sat on a bench in front of a church and talked.
    So, yah, we did ALOT of talking. But, truthfully, that's the best part.
    I got to talk to here about tones of stuff, but the most prominent thing we talked about was The Glitch in the System Universe. I got to actually dive into the thoughts and inspirations of this great epic. Plus , I got to add a couple of my thoughts about the epic too. I even got a bit of an inside scoop as to what we might be seeing this coming in the Sequal.
    I won't tell you much, but we might see a relative of Captain Yuuzian int he coming sequel.
    And that, is the only scoop i will tell yah about.
    I also got to also personally watch her draw the beginnings of Philo T'sak.

    So that, my friends, if anything, is my Gloat for the day. I GOT TO WATCH LADY KOPAKA DRAW! BE JEALOUS!
    Now, I just wish I took more pictures. Oh well.
  3. SkullKid
    Re: Eat your Brains
    By Jonathan Coulton

    Heya Tom, it's Bob,
    From the office down the hall.
    Good to see you buddy,
    How've ya been?
    Things have been okay for me,
    Except that I'm a zombie now.
    Really wish you'd let us in.
    I think I speak for all of us when I say I understand
    Why you folks might hesitate to submit to our demands,
    But here's an FYI - you're all gonna die, screaming.

    All we wanna do is eat your brains
    We're not unreasonable,
    I mean no-one's gonna eat your eyes
    All we wanna do is eat your brains
    We're at an impasse here,
    Maybe we should compromise.
    Open up the door,
    We'll all come inside and eat your brains.

    I don't wanna nitpick Tom, but is this really your plan -
    Spend your whole life locked inside a mall?
    Maybe that's okay for now,
    But someday you'll be out of food and guns,
    And you'll have to make the call.
    I'm not surprised to see you haven't thought it through enough -
    You never had the head for all that 'bigger picture' stuff.
    But Tom, that's what I do,
    And I plan on eating you, slowly.

    All we wanna do is eat your brains
    We're not unreasonable,
    I mean no-one's gonna eat your eyes
    All we wanna do is eat your brains
    We're at an impasse here
    Maybe we should compromise
    Open up the door,
    We'll all come inside and eat your brains

    I'd like to help you Tom,
    In any way I can.
    I sure appreciate the way you're working with me.
    I'm not a monster Tom - well, technically I am...I guess I am...

    I've got another meeting Tom;
    Maybe we could wrap it up.
    I know we'll get to common ground somehow.
    Meanwhile I'll report back to my colleagues,
    Who are chewing on the doors.
    I guess we'll table this for now.
    I'm glad to see you take constructive criticism well
    Thank you for your time, I know we're all busy as ######.
    And we'll put this thing to bed,
    When I bash your head open.

    All we wanna do is eat your brains
    We're not unreasonable,
    I mean no-one's gonna eat your eyes
    All we wanna do is eat your brains
    We're at an impasse here
    Maybe we should compromise
    Open up the door,
    We'll all come inside and eat your brains.
  4. SkullKid
    Remember when I told you how fun my last camp was?
    Well this past week, I went to another camp, a Boy Scout Camp. And let me tell you, it was (censored word).
    It was hot, humid, and I was outside the WHOLE time. Plus, I was an older scout, which means I had to help control the younger (an much less mature) scouts in our troop. Some of the scouts were fine, others were a pain in my backside. There was only one reprieve from the horror of this camp, and that was my down time drawing. I drew a total of 4 drawings. 2 of them were requests from fellow scouts which I promptly gave to them after I was done.
    The other 2 I drew on my own.
    One of those can be found in this topic.
    The other can be found right here!

    It's basically Poseidon fighting a giant rock......giant/monster/troll/thing. In water.
    Who will win. I'm taking bets now!
  5. SkullKid
    So, yes. This past week i have been away at camp. And what a fun camp it was.
    It was alot of ......
    banana boating,
    movie watching,
    food eating,
    book reading,
    (gasps for air)
    Yes, I had alot of fun. During camp, alot of things happened, but one of the highlights was the oppurtunity to go see Robin Hood. I was very concerned after I heard the Critics reviews. but after i saw this film, I realized Seto Kiaba's Famous saying is true.

    Wait......I'm not sure that's how it goes...... .
    That being said, Robin Hood was a great Movie. I'm not sure who Payed the critics off to give it such bad reviews, but i loved it.It makes total sense, and the storytelling is fabulous. Plus, the action sequences and humor really pull this movie together.
    In other news, I have mastered the Elusive Black Forest Cake Recipe (take that GLaDOS).
    Also, If a new episode of the Bionicle Serial Podcast is not up by today, please start throwing eggs at me. Seriously.
    That is all my good chaps.
  6. SkullKid
    Okay, I'm sure most of you have heard of know Crystal Matrix. He was the Founder of Biosector01 for those of you who don't.
    Well, Today I decided to Investigate the Hero Factory Website. I don't plan on getting into this line, as I am getting older and slowly shedding my Lego Obsessed cocoon.
    That being said I went to the Testimonials page, and I found something interesting.

    I found this.....intereesting to say the least. I know this is prbably just a coincidence, considering the name is one letter off, but a funny one at best!
    Here's a link if ya don't believe me.
  7. SkullKid
    Yo, everyone on the face of the planet.
    Here's a little update in the Twisted World of SkullKid.
    Flood update: 3 weeks since last Post.
    Well, Nashville is still recovering, but it is a lot better.
    West Nashville is now traversable by car. Unfortunately though, there is still a lot of damage there.
    My Youth group is planning to do some Clean up on Wednesdays, so I will (finally) be able to contribute to the cleanup.
    My basement is now cleaner than it ever was. There is a lot more room down there "sniff"
    But, after a lot of......expensive purchases for a new water heater, washing machine, dryer, air conditioner, etc., life seems back to normal.
    Prince of Persia:
    Having not played the video game, I am free of any Fan-based influences that might have previously influenced my viewing if i had played the video game.
    And i can honestly say.....it was okay. Not great, but okay. The effects, stunts, and characters were all excellent. I especially liked Alfred Molina's character, Sheik Amar. Almost every line he said cracked me up.
    But i feel that the story lacked......depth. It had potential, but i was left unimpressed. The ending was also.....bland too me. Whether it is like that in the video game, I do not know. But it seemed like lazy writing by the movie or the video game company to me.
    Either way, it was so-so. If you are a fan of the series, this movie is very much for you. But as for the rest of you, it is best saved for a DVD rental some time in the near future.
    Expect updates on Bionicle Serial Podcast sometime this week. I am now out of school, and will be able to work on it much more when i am not on vacation.
    I am thinking of Writing an Epic. I am confidant i want to do an Bionicle Alternate Reality story, but i cannot seem to decide which change in the storyline would be to most drastic for me to start writing.
    Well, that all.
  8. SkullKid
    I'm about to reveal a nice bit of info to you guys, that i probably should not, but i will anyway.
    I live in Nashville, Tennessee.
    And, 2 days ago, Nashville, Tennessee looked like this.

    Yes, since we have not gotten the National Publicity we need at this time, I feel obligated to share this news with you.
    On Saturday, May the 1st, It started to rain. I was on a nice Boy Scout National Jamboree Training Camp-out (I had too take a gasp after typing that out), and at 6:00 in the morning, we were forced out of our tents to break camp, literally 30 minutes before the rains came.
    And when it started raining, oh did it rain.
    Non stop.
    I took shelter in one of the two Dining Loges that were in this campsite, along with over 200 other scouts. It was packed, and it smelled. Bad.
    I was stuck in that dining hall for 10 hours, with little to do.
    Fortunately, they decided to end the Campout early, after they heard about the flooding beginning in Nashville.
    My Dad, thank God, was able to come pick me up, and drive me back to Nashville.
    Unfortunately, this was not the worst part of my weekend.

    Sunday, was the worst. We just stayed indoors, riding out the storm, getting updates as they were posted.
    My Dad has a house on a hill, so house damage was not existent, but my moms house......that's another story.

    Monday, we awoke for the damage report.
    5 feet of water, by the end of this flood, was sitting in my 10 foot high basement at my mom's house.
    This was our storage area. A whole bunch of sentimental objects of mine and my family's was destroyed, or soaked beyond repair.
    But it was not just where I lived, the flooding was everywhere. Downtown was flooded by the Cumberland river. Most people living by streams or creeks were flooded. Highway 100, a major road, was closed in several areas.
    It was pretty bad.
    West Nashville (for those of you who are familiar, the Bellview area) is all but non-existent at this point. Most of it is flooded. I know my friends house was totally flooded, and he had to evacuate.
    After hearing the extent of the Damage, I felt very blessed that we had not totally wiped out.
    We started to clean out the basement, by pumping water out. By the end of the day, we were able to salvage some stuff, but most was gone.
    We left the stuff out overnight to dry. as a lot of it was still soaking wet.
    On a brighter note, I've never seen our basement cleaner.
    Oh, and we here are out of school until further notice......Which is a good, and bad thing. We'll have to make it up later.
    So, today, i spent sorting through old stuff. Oh, the Nostalgia.
    Form me cleaning, and going out and duping stuff with my truck, its been a rough day.
    But at least I got to end with an episode of LOST.
    Guys, keep us in your thoughts and prayers over here. And if any of you BZPers are also in the Nashville area, and had Flood impact, feel free to post here, and know that you are in my thoughts and prayers as well.
    Thanks guys.
  9. SkullKid
    Today was mostly boring.
    I scrubbed most of my furniture down, plus cleaned out my ornament box.
    Who knew Christmas Ornaments held so much water.
    Some nice people from a church close by us brought our neighborhood lunch, which consisted of chicken, rice, two triangles of Pita bread, and a Greek salad.
    That was pretty sweet.
    The second half of the day, i took my truck out and gave A LOT of stuff to Goodwill.
    Plus i went to Sonic for Happy hour and got my whole family large sized soda's.
    The professionals finished cleaning the basement, so now it is all dry.
    Hopefully, we can start moving stuff back into the basement tomorrow.
    I'll post pictures soon, I promise!
  10. SkullKid
    Man, my arms are killing me today.
    I had to do a lot of heavy lifting today, cleaning out my basement.
    Tons of cinder blocks, wooden beams. You name it, I carried it.
    Fortunately, someone invented the wheelbarrow, so taking the junk out to my front yard was not that bad. Just tedious.
    So, along with heavy lifting, and cleaning salvageable stuff, i have had a very busy (and sweaty) Cinco de Mayo.
    Some good news though. We finally got some professionals to clean out the rest of our basement. Most of the stuff in storage was already taken out, so after these guys are done, I hope to see my basement sparkle......hopefully.
    I'll post pictures of my basement in a few days. My mom took plenty of pictures (mostly for the insurance people).
    Ohh, and i also saw a couple of helicopters fly over y house. That was pretty cool.
    Oh, a totally seperate note, I have restarted my audio podcast creations! I am right now working on 2 more chapters of The Glitch in the System audiobook. Hopefully, I can have those done within the month, God-willing.
    Also, I have restarted my Bionicle Serial Podcast. One of my Cast members had to drop out, so Me (now voicing Sarda), Krakuaofsonics (Now voicing Kopaka), and ultrahamster (now voicing Lewa) have replaced him in the roles.
    However, I am still in need of a Lovely Lady willing to voice Idris. Its a small part, and she does not appear in later serials, so if any of you ladies out there would like to voice a character temporarily, let me know.
    The link to my topic is here. Take a look if you have the chance!
  11. SkullKid
    So 5 days ago, the eventually inevitable happened.
    I got a driving ticket.
    I had to get up at 5 in the morning to go to a Wrestling tournament with my team, and i had to be at the school by 5:45.
    Apparently, whenever it is early in the morning, for those of you who do not know, some traffic lights dd not change colors.
    Instead, it blinks either yellow or red.
    If it is blinking yellow, that means go slow, but you do not need to stop.
    If it Blinks red, you treat it as a stop sign.
    This, unfortunately, I did not know, and, as far as i recall, was not taught this in driving school.
    So, i start to drive, and eventually, I make it to the blinking red stop light.
    At i drove though without stopping. That was my fatal mistake.
    It just so happened that a Police car was not to far away when that happened, an i was pulled over.
    In my defense, I did not know about the blinking red light rule, but my excuse did not seem to phase the officer.
    He told me that i should go back over my rulebook. (what rulebook?)
    After that remark, he asked me to see my license, but oddly did not ask for my registration.
    I gave it to him, and he went back to his police car to process the information.
    He walked back, gave me my license and ticket, explained to me the process to pay the fine, and then gave me a nice 3 minute lecture on how bad of an accident i could have been in.
    He then told me to drive carefully, leaving me to feel ashamed, miserable, and angry at the same time.
    I made it to my school on time, but just barely.
  12. SkullKid
    So, a while back, i started a Project with Lady Kopaka to make a Audio version of her epic, A Glitch in the System.
    Now, we are finally getting results. I am to blame for this hiatus in the project. I have been busy.
    Keep on the lookout for the Audiobook topic. It should be posted Sometime this week by Lady kopaka, And should have.....
    So, hold on to your seats, it should be up later this week.
  13. SkullKid
    The whispering of the wind, the swaying of the trees. A hammock, a hat, a partly sunny, seventy degree day. My picture of a perfect moment. A peaceful moment. I could be so
    small, yet it would feel like an eternity. I could just sit there, resting. What I would not give for that perfect moment. No judgment to befall me, not orders, no reason to worry. Is it
    too much to ask for one peaceful day, a day where I could do no work, just sit and rest.
    I guess it is. This moment has yet to reach me. It makes me sad, the inside is gloomy. I’m sure many a person has yet to have this moment. Some people think they have, but
    inside, they know they have not. Has anyone experienced this moment, this gleeful second of pure peace? Is it even possible to have pure peace? I’m sure it is possible, however
    fleeting the moment may be.
    But I wonder, has this moment passed me, and did I not notice it. That may be my minds greatest question.
  14. SkullKid
    I went to go see Where the Wild Things Are today.
    Its a.......interesting movie. Its very abstract; lots of symbolism.
    There is a few curse words in there that i thought was unneeded.
    But besides that, a very cute movie.
    So if you have read the book, and are feeling nostalgic, I'd recommend you go see it.
  15. SkullKid
    Well, i recently got the new kingdom hearts game for the DS, and i gotta say, it was pretty awesome.
    The Graphics are good (for the DS), and the story......Magnificent.
    Its a bit slow at the beginning, but it does get better as you move along.
    Gameplay is similar to the other KH games (minus Chain of Memories, which was card based), and runs very smoothly.
    And as a bonus, it offers a new section, called mission mode, which you can play as any of the 14 Organization 13 members, and a few others (my lips are sealed to who they are )
    What most attracted me to the game was the story. I love a game with a good story.
    I love the mystery behind it. But what really made the story for me, was the introduction of the 14th Organization 13 member, Xion, who bears a striking resemblance to Kairi (minus the black hair)
    And there is one scene in particular in the game, that almost made me cry.....literally. Its a very heart-wrenching tale.
    If you are a Kingdom Hearts fan, i suggest you pick this up.
    If you are not, it is a fun game to play, and you are sure to like it.
  16. SkullKid
    So, because my wrestling team always needs money (yes, i do wrestle, I could take you ALL DOWN!!!!) the team volunteers to work Vanderbilt Football games.
    And so, for 3 hours of my preacious life, i will be going up and down the ailes of the stadium yelling "PEANUTS, POPCORN, ICE COLD SODA'S" you get my drift.
    At least we get to keep any tips we get. 1 guy actually got 40 bucks worth of tips one time.
    the most i've gotten.........maybe 15 bucks.
    But yah, just another blog entry of me rambling.
  17. SkullKid
    Now that I am a PERMIER MEMBER!!!!!!, I can tell you all about everything that happens in my life, whether you like it or not!!!
    Just to give you a run down on what will be in my blog in the future, i will be showing alot more of my art, updates on my 2 BIG audio projects, Bionicle Serial Podcast, and GiTS Audiobook, and random facts about life!
    So, i hope you guys enjoy my blog!
  18. SkullKid
    Yah, so i tried to change my display name to SkullKid is Mayuri Kurotsuchi
    But it just so happens that that is too long.
    And because I am soooooooo stupid, i did not relize it till after i pressed the change button.
    Anyway, so for the next 45 days, i will be known as SkullKid is Mayuri Kurotsu......
    heheh......oh well.
  19. SkullKid
    Don't Step on my Blue Swede Shoes.
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^IF YOU HAD NOT GUESSED YET, CLICK ON THAT LINK^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    If you really like my MOC, and want to support it, or just want a large banner, here is a large banner I made up for that occasion.


    [url="http://www.bzpower.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=325465"] [img=http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/skullkid525/BBC59/dsc00016.jpg][/url]
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