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  1. Very much os.....and....I wanted to apologize about the audiobook.It is mostly my fault for trying to tackle two projects at once, and I am sorry......very much. I feel bad that we only go to release one chapter...........

    Maybe this summer, since I will be kinda low down, I'll record the text all through, and only after that, maybe I can resurrect this project. But that all depends, so I

  2. Aww! You sound so Old when you call me dearie. And its not your fault at all. It's completely understandable.

    I would call you, but I lost my phone......around the time me and you met up last fall.

    Oh well......I'm on Spring break right now, so if you ever need a break, from, well, everything, I'm available for hangout sessions :P.

  3. We kinda lost contact, didn't we. Whats up!


  4. Only the ones that really tick me off! :P


  5. Got it. I'll let you know if there is a problem.

  6. Merry Christmas My friend!

  7. Merry Christmas my friend.


  8. So, during meeting with Lady Kopaka today, I learned about you, Beliwa. I'm sad to have not been around to know you when you were with us. I wish you a good place in heaven, where I'm sure you belong. I In your honor, I am going to read all of Crossroads now. Lady K says it is amazing. Rest in Piece, and know that you still receive remembrance and prayers down here.

  9. Enlighten me......3 days till what.

  10. Okay, I know this is Kinda abovious, and correct me if I am wron, but are all of your new avatar's Scott Pilgrim vs. the World related. And is it possible to get a group shot of all of your avvies?

  11. Hey.

    I responded to your comment on the Jamboree Topic.

    Take a look if you have the time!

  12. Hey.

    I responded to your comment on the Jamboree Topic.

    Take a look if you have the time!

  13. Hey!

    Updated the Jamboree topic with a bit more info.

    plus more people have posted now!

    Take a look.

  14. Krayce,

    I can't take over for you until you announce your temporary absence and my temporary take ove- I mean, replacement leadership. COuldj'a make a topic in the editing department about that PLEEEEESE!


  15. My friend recommended Trigun to me too. Thanks for the tip.

  16. Found the Chapter 7, so no need to find the link.

    Tell your sister thanks from me!


  17. So I have been watching CowBoy Bebop. Good show.


  18. NOOOOO!

    But there are no Lady Gaga songs that Rhyme with SHOES!


  19. No, if its only a small buzz, I should be fine.

    SO, I'm Gonna be gone for the next week for camp. While I'm gone, could you do me a favor and go ahead an record chapters 7 and 8 of the Gali Nuva for the Bionicle Serial Project, so I can edit it when I return. Thanks.


  20. A little late, but I thank thee none the less.


  21. Bakura: Marik, that doesn't rhyme.

    Marik: SHUT UP, I"M LADY GAGA!

    Hehe! Glad to see another fan.


  22. Yo's!

    Hey, never gotta mention this to you, but i am glad your on the BNG team.

    Its gonna be fun.


  23. Well.....

    It was fun while it lasted, you and i being the same age and all.

    Oh well.....

    Happy Birthday.


  24. So , for the next 5 days, we are both 17.

    Happy early Birthday.


  25. Yo!

    Thanks for that!

    Even early Birithday wishes are nice.


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