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  1. Thanks!

    I'm glad some people remembered my birthday!


  2. So when do you plan to announce the winners of the Tyrant Powers contest?


  3. Its fine.

    Everyone is busy sometimes.


  4. Sounds like a plan.


  5. I would schedule something for this weekend, but i cannot honestly say i might not have a conflict. It depends on weather, and how much more cleanup is needed. Let me see what I am up against, and i'll get back to ya.

  6. I do certainly agree!

    You'd be the first person from BZPower (besides a couple of my friends) that i have met!

    We should totally schedule something!


  7. She said Yes to the GitS Audiobook, and Maybe to your thing.


  8. So, I talked to Lady K, and she says maybe.


  9. *finishing* go to the video website that cannot be named on this forum. Look it up there. Warning though. The language and humor can be a little crude.


  10. I think you are much mistaken to my real Identity, Binky Boy!

    You see, I do not play Duel Monsters. YuGiOh cards are worthless to me, just like the TV show.

    But why would i choose to portray a character from a TV show that i could care less about?

    Ever heard of YuGiOh: The Abridged Series?

    If you have seen the original anime, then you will love it. You need to g

  11. So, i guess you have heard of me Binky Boy!


  12. Episodes are up.

    You should check them out.


  13. "ANd I hold the REAL Millennium Rod behind my back!

    You know, i hope nobody looks in my general direction, because if they do my whole evil plan will be *censored*




  14. Not so much YuGiOh, as YuGiOh: The Abridged Series.

    You should look it up on the famous video website that starts with a you, and ends in a tube.

    Its really funny.

    Warning though: It can be a bit crude in its jokes.


  15. HAve you gotton Proto taken yet?


  16. You must have a smaller screen then I.


  17. How is it too long?

    The limit is 5 lines of text and one banner of a certain length.

    I have just that!


  18. Yes, but Thats the way you don't loose proto.

    Also, it's fuuney to see some of the reactions of the younger members who are not used to the April fools Jokes.

  19. Oh okay.

    Also......YOU GOT SCOLDED BY B6.



  20. Hmm...Email?

    I don't seem to recall.

    WHat was it about.


  21. Hi

    What's up.


  22. I plan to start very soon.

    I still need to talk to Lady Kpaka, to see if she still wants to do the Audiobook, but i plan to start the Podcast within the next week!

  23. Hey,

    Did you get my lines?

    Just wanting to make sure it got through.


  24. Got my Bookmarks today!

    Thanks again!


  25. I am more sure that the Bionicle serial podcast will restart then the GiTS.

    I'll will have to talk to LK About it.


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