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  1. Correct.

    A couple of months ago, I was in a Play. It was Alice in wonderland.

    I was the Mock Turtle!

    The other reason was the new Alice in wonderland movie is coming out soon!


  2. I'm aiming for an early march restart.

    Can't promise it, but it is my goal.

    A better question would be, do you know

    What a Mock Turtle is?



    You should try out though. You are just as good of a voice actor as me!


  4. By the way, you do relize you got the part of Takua in Rebirth chronicles, right?


  5. Hello!

    Man, i just relized how many different projects we lend our voices too.

    Crazy huh?


  6. Well, when you get it, please PM me. If you don't get it in the next week, something went wrong.


  7. Good I guess!

    Good to meet yah!


  8. Nikira.

    Did you get my check yet? Just asking.


  9. Uhh...Hi back.


  10. Hey, Erebus, can we get an update on the Tyrant Entry list if your not too busy?



  11. Hey, Swert, can we get an update on the Tyrant Entry list if your not too busy?



  12. Not much either.

    It snowed REALLLY hard where i lived. It was awesome.


  13. Hey, Bonesiii, can we get an update on the Tyrant Entry list if your not too busy?



  14. Wha-

    Oh, its you.

    whats up.


  15. Your very kind.

    Thanks for the comment.

    I you could, next time though, post it on my topic.

    That would be nice.

    Thanks again


  16. you need to make you sig smaller, or the moderators will get on to you. check out the rules and guidelins for mor information.

  17. Your EM entry might make it to the semi-finals!

    Check Bonesiii's Blog.

    They are having a tiebreaker poll between your entry and another entry.

  18. And how is Tobi doing today?


  19. COuld you resend those lines to me.

    I could not find them, and i would like to listen to the.

    Sorry about the messages, i have been busy lately, and i guess i just overlooked them.


  20. On a side note, i do like your new art you posted on you blog.


  21. Okay, I know your busy, so I'm going to go ahead and make the Audiobook Topic.

    I'll Probably post tomarrow, so if you still really want to do it, You need tot tell me by 8:00 tomorrow.


  22. Also, i was trying to finish up DoD7, and i relized you missed a line as Teridax.

    If you could, please record this line and send it to me.

    "Your shadow plays are impressive, tyrant – but never forget who is the true master of shadows."

  23. Pointers? You gave me a bunch of pointers. If i were to give you pointers, i would just be repeating what you said.

    Anyway, sounds awesome. Tell me when you start so i can audition.

    As for the Audiobook.....i'm not exactly sure. I'll tell you when she posts it.

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