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  1. Not to sound impatient, cause i know you are busy, but by any chance could You get that topic out in the next couple of days?


  2. Ah!

    sounds fun!


  3. Well thats good.

    So, whats you plans now that you are staying here.


  4. Were you gonna leave BZP?

    I hope you don't.

    You have comics you have to make, right?


  5. Not much. Whats up with you.


  6. Don't Worry, i remember you.

    Whats up!


  7. That is a good idea.

    As for the email, yes, and my responce is, yess, it would be great if you made some more of Into the Darkness.

    You did a good job with it, just make sure you keep the volume down.


  8. I have Laughter!

    Laughter at your face!

    You're naiveness surprises me with the force of a thousand suns that are kicking me in the back.

    Fawful is I!

    I, who have long awaited the day to get revenge on the green and red mustaches of stomping! I await that day!

    (long story short, I am Fawful from The Mario and Luigi RPG series.

    ANd i was just ki

  9. Thanks for the Audiobook tip!


  10. Just sent ya an email!

  11. YAY! Your a premier member now.


  12. Okay, i will have the first episoded ready for posting by sunday at most.

    Sorry for being lazy.

  13. Uhhh....


    Its fine that you added me to your friend list, but i prefer to become acquainted with people who add me.


  14. 2 of your topics are hot topics!

    You should be proud of yourself!


  15. I think i never thanked you for sending me your lines!

    Thanks! Sorry your email was acting weird.


  16. If your talking about Fade To Black, yah, i know what you are talking about.


  17. Nope.


    thats my email

    Sorry if this has been causing you a bunch of trouble.

  18. oh, i still check back from time to time, but i have been lazy.

    I havn't really been posting much on BZP as it is.


  19. Oh, nothing much.

    Random stuff.

    Podcasting has been slow sense school started,but i should have a new one up today, i think.


  20. No Problem. I know you are busy.


  21. Hey,

    Not to sound impaitient or anything, but a while ago i asked you a smeag for your komas and Tachi lines, and i do still need them.

    I know you guys are moderators, and a very very busy, but you guys are the main charecters, so just send them as soon as possible.



  22. HEY! Your not a Staff member! :P


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