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  1. I like to think of G2 as being a prequel to G1, actually, because I'd hate to think the Toa Mata from G1 after all their experiences ended up reduced to simpleminded idiots. I guess Lewa gets his element changed and Pohatu learns to lighten up.
  2. They weren't abandoning the Matoran, though. They fully intended to come back and rescue them, it was just that when they made their initial escape to the island of Mata Nui, they didn't have the means to carry 1000 Matoran pods. And they knew that without the Mask of Time there was nothing Teridax could do to the Matoran in the interim.
  3. Funny you should suggest that they 'kill 'Teridax because the main article in the Toa Code is actually "Toa do not kill". Nothing against running away. Also I don't think there was anything in Vakama's vision that persuaded him per se, it was just that by that point he'd come to trust his visions after several others had come true, and so had his teammates.
  4. Well Water and Ice are separate even though they're different forms of the same substance. Also in G2, Stone lets you control sand. It always bugged me that G1 didn't allow that.
  5. As with Gali and Pohatu, I drew Lewa and Kopaka 2015, both in their current and their classic colours. Meant to post these here earlier but forgot, oops. Click the thumbnails to check out the full pics!
  6. The problem I have with all the 2015 Toa is the use of multiple metallic colours; silver, gold and gunmetal grey. I understand it's done to save making parts in new colours, but I think they would really benefit from just one of each.
  7. I posted them on my Tumblr and DeviantArt, yeah. Pohatu's already done, Lewa is on the way... but I've only been making these because I'm in a Bionicle mood; if I start forcing myself to make the other 3 they'll turn out rubbish. So we'l see.
  8. Similar to my previous take on Pohatu, here's Gali. And in her classic colours: I tried something a bit different for this piece - I took a photo of the actual set and digitally traced over it. It’s a testament to the new sets’ flexibility that I was able to achieve an organic-looking pose.
  9. Thanks for the praise! Personally I'm not overly fond of the 2001 colours, though the 2015 set could use some improvement too. I think adding a colour as well as burnt orange - maybe reddish brown - would do wonders for it.
  10. I was under the impression that both regular AND gold masks grant elemental power, there's just a difference in power levels. Even the Protector masks grant minor elemental power.
  11. On a whim I decided to draw Pohatu Master of Stone. I wasn't impressed by this set to begin with, but it's grown on me! Also I thought I'd slap the ol' 2001 colour scheme on him for comparison: Click both images for larger, higher quality versions!
  12. - Perhaps the Lord of Skull Spiders can use mask powers by simply being in contact with masks? - The mask might have been created to keep the Skull Spiders under control, they may have been a threat/nuisance to the people of Okoto in the past. - Masks can be made with powers other than elements - Makuta wore the mask of control, that's not an element is it? (Also until we get confirmation, neither is Creation in this continuity)
  13. It actually always irked me that it was left so vague, since it's such a significant story detail. "How did Makuta manage to administer a virus that affected a vital part of the giant robot's systems that logically must have been defended in some way?" "He just did"
  14. I suspected this, but this is the first I've heard of special attacks. Do we know exactly what these attacks are? They're listed as "signature moves" on the character bios on BIONICLE.com, and also on the relevant BS01 pages. For example, Pohatu's "moves" are "Kaboom-erang" and "Sandstorm", while Tahu's are "Lava Dash" and "Flame Spin". I don't see these 'signature moves' listed?
  15. If you are a master of water but can't breathe under-exactly-that-water-you-can-control... I get your logic but I would think it would be an ability worth noting separately, like Kopaka's cold resistance.
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