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  1. Image links to Flickr. This was a little side project while I worked on a bigger version at about double the scale. Some sacrifices were inevitable, but I think it turned out decent for the scale.
  2. Here and there, wherever. I think all of the yellow shells were ordered through Bricklink, and the yellow System parts are from 4404 Land Busters.
  3. Image links to Flickr Back Brickshelf when public I don't have a ton to say here, I'll just quote myself from Flickr: Despite owning the 2010 Rahkshi, I completely forgot he was keetorange and not yellow. The canister lid is yellow, so not totally my fault. Anyway, I like the head, the body was a fair compromise given the restricted gray/yellow palette, and I very much gave up on the limbs. Sorry.
  4. Lots of connectors and a bit of a mess under there. This picture gives you an idea of what's going on underneath, basically just a dense lattice of axles going every which way, angled with fixed angle connectors when convenient but mostly with lots of pin connections (and a few ball sockets) allowing for the arbitrary angles needed. I didn't really realize what I was getting into at first so there isn't a strong central core that everything would attach to like there probably should be, instead everything just kinda hangs off the nearest axle I could get them connected to. If I had to do it all from scratch, I'd probably try to start with some kind of beam-based frame because all those axles hanging off one another are not really sturdy enough at this scale. Thanks!
  5. Thanks! That's the magic of choosing your photo angle and background color ; ) It's a bit more noticeable when placed on a white background and viewed from other angles, but like most of my builds it's grown on me. I just try to keep things real in my self-assessments.
  6. Haha, no worries. My brother had the exact same reaction when he first saw a picture. I do think it works a little better in real life, the extra depth perception helps... I think. Or I'm just desensitized after staring at it so much. I suspect the eyes are also slightly too round, and obviously the textures are all wrong. Ultimately there's not much I can do about it. Not that it's a perfect MOC, but the silhouette and shape is just about bang on (the nose is a touch low, I think, but that's all) so whatever is wrong is a bit too subtle for me to diagnose.
  7. It's been a while since I visited these parts. Such is growing old, I guess. Anyway, this is my childhood cat, built for the Bio Cup redemption round 1. I think you can pretty well see the three different phases of the build: the strong, simple shaping around the eyes from the initial table scrap phase, the more serious shaping and gap-filling around the nose and cheeks, and then the "Oh , do I have enough parts?" texture ignorant, gap-riddled forehead. Had to finally take apart this guy after almost 10 years because I needed the parts. That said, I am pretty happy with the overall result, probably because I hadn't really expected to be able to finish it. During the whole build I just kept waiting to run into some unworkable roadblock, but it never quite came. There's a few more photos in this Flickr album, and a complete gallery on Brickshelf (when public).
  8. Whoops, forgot to reply to these. I used to agree with you, but as I MOCed more I kept using more and more illegal/exotic connections because they simply allow so much more to be done with the parts. After the photo shoot, I don't handle my MOCs until it's time to part them out, so aesthetics are king to me. It just has to look good in pictures and on my shelf. And I may have exaggerated the fragility, there's only a couple parts that you really need to be careful about which are easy to avoid once you know how to handle her. The bigger issue is stability while posing which is a combination of being a fairly tall and heavy MOC with only single-jointed knees, ankles, and hips, and the small contact surface area of the feet. Plus I was trying to pose her with her feet close together, which didn't help with the balance. As for the knee caps, in general I think they improve flow, especially when she's standing straight. I think it would help if the larger HF armor on the shins were orange, as well. I think I'd need to order one more of those, though, so for now it's a no-go. I would have liked to make the entire lower leg and foot orange, but some parts don't exist in orange. Thanks. Not luck, just skill Thank you.
  9. Brickshelf Gallery Apparently It's been five years since I first put together the feet. Although she has been finished for about a year now, I just never got around to taking pictures. I wouldn't be surprised if there were more illegal connections than legal, and I'm not entirely kidding when I say that. As a result, and also due to her size and unstable foot design, posing her was somewhat challenging. And when I say "somewhat" I mean "very." This is probably my last MOC for a while, so I hope you enjoy it.
  10. Thanks. I won't comment on the financial situation of my family, but I will mention that this house was built up to its current state over the course of 25 years, largely personally by my father's own hands. That's part of the reason why this house is particularly special to my family. Haha, thanks. The issue is that the vast majority of my collection is Bionicle sets, so I don't have much system to work with. Every part of this house was specifically bought for this model. I would like to build up more of a system collection to get into more architectural and spaceship MOCs when I have a bit more time and money to blow on this hobby. My dad would love to have his house compared to Wright, thanks.
  11. I think this is my first foray into the system-based creations forum. I don't do much of the system thing. I'll just go ahead and copy/paste what I wrote up on Flickr below the pictures because it's pretty long and I think it covers just about everything. The pictures link to their Flickr pages, and there's a couple more pictures in my photostream there, and there's even more pictures in the linked Brickshelf gallery once it goes public. Many many years ago (middle school, I think), I decided I wanted to build my [parents'] house out of Lego. I put it together in LDD, but that version, built over about 5 years, was about three times the size of what you're looking at here with a full interior. Unfortunately, I forgot to back up that particular folder when I upgraded my computer and lost it. This past summer I decided I wanted to give it another go, but I wanted to build it for real. So I spent my summer designing this in LDD at a scale that I thought would be more doable as a poor college student. Still ended up a bit on the large side, though, so I asked my brother if he would help fund this project as a Christmas present for my parents. He agreed, so I spent another couple weeks designing some proper foundations for it and figuring out the most economical way to build it. Ordered parts in early October (cleaned out the dark orange plates and black 2x4 brick lots of a few Bricklink shops), and finished building it sometime in November. Some parts used for the roof don't exist in dark brown, so we committed heresy and spray painted the whole roof. Turned out pretty well. A few minor adjustments were also made after these pictures were taken to make some parts sit better, so those sagging planks on the upper deck don't sag anymore, and same goes for the roof ridge on the highest roof. You'll also have to forgive the bed sheet background. I would have cut it out completely, but those folds in front would make that a bit awkward looking. The roof hips on the eastern wing unfortunately do not mesh together as well as intended because I failed to account for the pretty significant bending that apparently happens when you put a bunch of 1x2 tiles on a single layer of plates (probably not helped by the paint). You'll have to cut me some slack on that; I'm new to system MOCing. Still looks okay, I think. You can see how they were supposed to come together in the renders in the Brickshelf gallery. The most inaccurate part is the extension onto the deck on the eastern wing which is supposed to be a screen porch, but is as yet unfinished on the real house. Only the floor has been framed, so I just went ahead and did my best estimation within the limits of the parts. I think I've rambled enough, so I'll end by saying that I'm pretty pleased considering it's my first proper system build since elementary school, and my parents seemed to really enjoy it. They just need to figure out where to put it. Brickshelf gallery with a couple more pictures, WIP shots, and a few of the renders I used when proposing the design to my brother. Specs: I haven't gotten the exact number yet, but the total part count came in right around 5,000 parts. Dimensions of 17.5 in x 15.5 in x 8 in (44.7 cm x 39.1 cm x 20.5 cm). Scale is 1:72.6 (1 stud = 2 ft). I think that just about covers it, let me know what you think.
  12. Well, I can't say I've been active for the last few years, but it's still kind of a bummer. The 2015 Toa were awesome, even convincing me to pick up a couple despite my current lack of MOCing time just because they were so well done. However, I've disliked pretty much every set not part of that first wave and I haven't kept up with the story, so it's not that disappointing to me. I would like to take this opportunity to commend the team behind it for all the effort they put into trying to bring back the magic of Bionicle. I mentioned the first wave was fantastic (probably one of the best Bionicle waves ever, nostalgia notwithstanding) and I quite liked the art direction of the animated story last year and the return to its simple "magic robots on a mysterious tropical island" roots (not that I hated the complexity of G1, it grew with me, but there was a lot of unnecessary and questionable stuff there and nostalgia is a heck of a drug). They unfortunately never really recaptured the mystery and spiritual nature of it entirely and the sets plummeted in quality after the first wave, so I'm not too surprised it failed to recapture the sales figures of G1. It seemed like, at least at first, they fixed a lot of my gripes with where G1 ended up going, and that was great to see, but they weren't able to keep it up. I guess I'm now old enough to have seen my favorite childhood toy line be born, grow up, die, get revived, and die again. Almost depressing to think of it that way. I'll be retreating back to my dark age now.
  13. Man, the timing almost couldn't be worse on this one. My winter break starts the 18th. Maybe I'll do a marathon build session to get something in, but I'm not sure I'll be able to finish. Either way, I'm pumped for Star Wars, so this should be fun. Good luck to everyone.
  14. We'll see iif this is answered in time. By 12:00 PM, I assume that means noon rather than midnight?
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