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    I have many interests. If you must know, yes this is going to be another one of those long lists. <br /><br />Favorite BZP Artwork III Comics:<br />Dark709's Comics<br />Nuparurock's Comics<br />Gavla's Comics<br />Live, Learn, and Lawsuits (now 3(L)squared)<br />IIMT - Tapika's Comic Emporium<br />Darcsyde's Comics 2.0<br />The few true comics of The One True Terton<br />Bluh Bluh Huge Emporium (Shadonix's Comics)<br />Any of my own work<br />Biocryptid21's BS01 Comics 2.0<br />TOG's Comics<br />Worlds Beyond the Horizon of the Mind<br />The Lazy Life of A Comic Maker 2.0<br />The Asylum<br />Tinr's Comics<br />Jalla's Comics<br />Supernova Comics<br />Imagenatory<br />Civil War<br />More later...<br /><br />Music (bands):<br />(in no particular order)<br />Franz Ferdinand<br />The White Stripes<br />Three Days Grace<br />Raconteurs<br />Our Lady Peace<br />Matthew Good<br />Linkin Park<br />The Beatles<br />AC-DC<br />All American Rejects<br />April Wine<br />Blue Oyster Cult<br />Boston<br />BTO<br />Cheap Trick<br />Def Leppard<br />Disturbed<br />Europe<br />Foo Fighters<br />Foreigner<br />Golden Earing<br />Green Day<br />The Guess Who<br />Jimi Hendrix<br />Led Zeppelin<br />Neil Young<br />Paul McCartney & Wings<br />Pink Floyd<br />Queen<br />Red Hot Chili Peppers<br />Rush<br />Supertramp<br />The Trews<br />Tom Petty<br />Trooper<br />U2<br />Weezer<br />The Who<br />Oasis<br />Beady Eye<br /><br />Books:<br />TLotR<br />The Hobbit<br />Silmarillion<br />The Children of Hurin<br />Unfinished Tales<br />Redwall (the whole series)<br />The Sight<br />Star Trek Q&A<br />A Long Way Gone<br />The Tortilla Curtain<br />Star Trek Mirror Universe: Glass Empire<br />Garfield comics<br />Star Trek Vanguard: Precipice<br /><br />Movies:<br />Avatar (best movie ever)<br />All the Star Wars<br />All the Star Treks<br />Both Transformers movies<br />Titan AE<br />TLotR<br />Men Who Stare at Goats<br />District 9<br />Cloverfield<br />Badboys 1 and 2<br />Rambo 1,2,3<br />Alien 1,2,3,4<br />Predator<br />AVP<br />Serenity<br />The Alamo<br />Master and Commander<br />Master of Disguise<br />Space Balls<br />Monty Python and the Holy Grail<br />Austin Powers 1,2,3<br />The DaVinci Code<br />Angels and Demons<br />Attack of the Killer Tomatoes<br />the first 3 Bionicle movies (haven`t seen the new one yet)<br />Inception<br />The A-Team<br />Scott Pilgrim vs. The World<br />Kick-A**<br />and many more...<br /><br />Games:<br />Star Wars Battlefront II<br />Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen<br />Battlestar Galactica<br />Super Smash Bros. Brawl<br />Beatles Rockband<br />Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II<br />Call of Duty: Black Ops<br />Uncharted II: Among Thieves<br />The New Super Mario Bros.<br />Borderlands<br />LittleBigPlanet<br />Battlefield: Bad Company<br />Battlefield: Bad Comapny 2<br />Medal of Honour<br />more later...<br /><br />I`m out of stuff for now. More later.

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  1. Man. This is an amazing start! Keep it up! I had comics at the end of the good ol' days. Then life got busy and they just went by the wayside. You can still read them here though, strangely enough, lol Sometimes I feel like I could get back to making comics, but I rarely have time even for writing my novel and making music... You've gotten me all sentimental and nostalgic now, lol I will keep an eye on these though! I'd love to see where this series goes :)
  2. Sooooooo...... My music has vastly improved since I last posted 4 years ago. Released an album recently:
  3. Wow! What a throwback! I didn't think this would still be on the second page of the forum! Sorry I never got around to finishing this... But, as you can probably guess, life took over. I've been so busy these last 4 years! I graduated university in 2017, been working on making EDM and writing my novel, and I got a job! It's always fun looking at these from time to time though, and if I find the time, I'd love to finish the story arc I started all those years ago! Until then, please, read and comment! I'd love to see what you guys have to say
  4. Woah hey, we have the same birthday. Happy b-day, my dude.

    1. Kazi the Matoran

      Kazi the Matoran

      Oh hey, lol Nice! Happy very-belated birthday! I haven't been on here in over a year :P

  5. Heh... Still busy with school. Thank goodness I'm graduating this year! Possibility of comics coming back a bit over the summer.

  6. lol, thanks man Likely won't be any new comics until at least the Christmas/Holiday break. Super busy with school at the moment
  7. Sorry about the lack of content lately. I started and lost all my work on the character sheet and school has started up, so I've been busy with stuff.

  8. Mmmmm, oil! Yummy! *barfsimmediately* Never mind, lol XD
  9. I love how hilariously problematic these robot suite malfunctions are XD
  10. And yet another good one! Never stop, man. You're too good! I need to step up production on my comics
  11. From this past winter, my own unique brand of glitch hop! https://soundcloud.com/t-mg9/infinite Enjoy!
  12. 2.5/5 Becoming more and more familiar with you, seeing you around a lot.
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