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  1. Heh... Still busy with school. Thank goodness I'm graduating this year! Possibility of comics coming back a bit over the summer.

  2. Sorry about the lack of content lately. I started and lost all my work on the character sheet and school has started up, so I've been busy with stuff.

  3. All the attention my comics have gotten in the past week is so strange for me, especially since I was never popular even when I was 3 years into the business. I used to go months without seeing a single comment, but now? Thanks for the support and encouragement, guys!

    1. Ghidora131


      No problem! I didn't read many of the comics, mostly because my filter blocks the majority of image hosting sites. I can read yours, however. Keep up the good work!

    2. Kazi the Matoran

      Kazi the Matoran

      Thanks man! I will try to for as long as I am able!

  4. Remember when the comics forum had a lot of good stuff? Let's make that a thing again.

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    2. Ghidora131


      Still trying to find time to finish editing my extra-long comic to make up for the lack of them, and... The only browser that will run my editing program is the slowest one ever. Ah well... Hopefully will finish it by the end of the week.

    3. Lemony Lepid

      Lemony Lepid

      My new comics have some GIF work, that's why it's taking so long! Haha...

    4. Ghidora131


      New Comic is up!

  5. Still here, man! Just posted a new comic two days ago and started a music topic in the CoT Culture forum.

  6. To make a comeback and finish my comics with an epic story arch, or not to make a comeback and finish my comics with an epic story arch.... That is the question

    1. Lemony Lepid

      Lemony Lepid

      Don't end them! They look great!

  7. So my 5 year anniversary passed without me noticing.... lol

  8. Cloud 9 is no longer being worked on for this forum. No one showed interest, therefore I have no reason to continue wasting my time writing/editing it for this site.

    1. Canis Lycaon

      Canis Lycaon

      Okay, look at what I posted after you posted in the Describe the Sig of the member before you topic.

    2. Havelock Vetinari

      Havelock Vetinari

      How level-headed and mature.

    3. Kazi the Matoran

      Kazi the Matoran

      Sorry. I was in a foul mood. @Lupus: I saw it, and thank you for that, though I did that for a week and a half. There wasn't much that caught my eye.

  9. Beginning to think posting Cloud 9 was a waste of time. At the rate things are going, it'll be in some dark corner of the forums where it'll never see the light of day again. Just like nearly every topic I've ever posted. What is it? Am I boring you people with my imagination? If that's the case, I will gladly leave.

  10. I'm trying to make a comeback, and I was wondering if you're still interested in guest starring, even though it's been about a year and a half.

  11. Hey, I'm going to try and make a comeback. Did you still want that guest star position from a year and a half ago?

  12. Go to the Off-Topic Culture forum and read my story, Cloud 9, based off my old comic series, but now a projected future of humanity.

  13. Really shouldn't be doing this considering the amount of school work I have, but I've decided to try and make a comeback. Cloud 9 and What Just Happened are no more as they just take way too long to make, but my regular series will be back up in a day or so.

  14. Cloud 9 shall return when I have something done. Have a comic half finished. Just need tofind time to finish

  15. None that I can think of right now. I just woke up, and my brain doesn't turn on full until second period class at school. I'll et back to you if I think of something.

  16. Oh, ok. I get you now! Good idea!

  17. Happy Birthday Gav!

  18. You wouldn't mind if I stayed on as a PGS for when you release UDI 2.0, would you? I really enjoyed that! Also, if you want, I'm offering you a spot in the Comic Maker's Guild of Comic Making.

  19. Yes. I got started again on where I left off. The comic may not be a GIMPed up, but it'll still be good. Release date is unknown. Until then, check out What Just Happened 2.0; my latest dip into the world of MAS's.

  20. Happy Birthday Reznas!

  21. I think my province has the lowest education standards in the country. I don't mind, because I'm graduating.

  22. Oh cool, BC. However, you got my province completely wrong. I live in quiet old New Brunswick, where politics suck, shopping sucks, and the weather sucks. Everything else is fine.

  23. Happy Birthday Vahi!

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